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    1. Will link in my recipes soon


    2. Thanks Follow foodie do link in and make your recipes notable to others!!

    3. hi Divya. I Love your recipes. Keep up your good work. I am new to blogging. My link is poornirecipes.blogspot.com

    4. Hi Poorni, Welcome!!! Thank you so much for linking such delicious recipes to my collection!! Looks very delicious!!!

    5. Hi Divya! I really enjoyed your blog and I just posted my recipe Fish and okra on a bed of basmati rice..
      I too just started my blog :)


    6. I visited you blog Elham its very good!!

      Thank you for linking such a yummy recipe to my collection!!!

      Do visit again...

    7. Very delicious recipe DivyaGCP..
      Thank you so much for linking it to my collection!!!

      Do visit again and thanks for following!!!

    8. lovely blog dear...thank u for visiting my space...inviting you to join Fruit of the month-grapes , http://easy2cookrecipes.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/fruit-of-month-grapes-event_02.html

    9. very nice effort dear. I will link my favorite soon.

    10. Have linked two of my own favorites - one latest one, one old one. Thanks!

    11. Hi Shama Nagarajan, Viki and Pragyan! Thanks for dropping in!!

      Shama will surely join your event! Thanks for the yummy recipes!

      Viki thank you for linking such lovely recipes to my collection!!

      Pragyan your recipes are so delicious thank you for the support!!

    12. Thangai, I've just requested to put an ad to your Entrecard widget. I'm excited :)

      Can I ask you for a big favor and move the Entrecard widget a bit higher on your page?
      Thank you so much

      Kisses and hugs, my dear thangai :)

    13. Hi akka, Sure akka.. whatever you ask for!!!

      Hey I can see your ad Petro!! Thank you sooo much for the guidance and help.. :)

      Kisses akka:)

    14. Hi
      Thanks for dropping by and following.
      Will link my recipes..

    15. Divya..Is the linky closed..
      I don't see the any here to link my recipe.

    16. Hi Divya, I could not find the linky tool. Please let me know what to do.


    17. Hey Shoba and Aparna, thank you so much for letting me know about the linky tool being closed.. I've checked it and its working now!! please link your recipe sorry for the inconvenience friends!!

    18. Thanks for fixing the tool. I have added some of our favorites.


    19. Thank you so much Aparna.. The recipes are awesome...

      All 9 recipes looks fantastic...

    20. Hello Divya uploaded some of my recipes.

    21. Thanks Divya for giving us opportunity post our recipe on your blog. I was born in India but settled in UK. My life partner is british white and loves indian foods. I have been blogging from last 2 years but new to food blogging. I believe you are from South India. You have posted some very nice recipes here. :)

      1. Hi, thanks for linking such a lip-smacking recipe to my collection :) Yeah am from South India :) Thanks for the appreciation... Have a good time blogging!!! And good to know about you :)

    22. HEY DIVY... how u get these ideas.... poranthathula irunthe ipadithana.... so proud of u girl... nice innovative n humorous girl... ll link soon dear...

    23. Ha ha ha thanks Viji you are very humorous too :) And thanks for that yummilicious recipe going to try it soon :) Thanks dear!!

    24. Viji is right, brilliant kid you are :-) love u


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