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    Ginger Lemonade | Ginger Lemon Juice

    Lemonade, the cheapest and easy to prepare drink, is a really refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Its too hot here in Chennai (India) and am forced to concentrate on refreshing drinks. Adding ginger to lemonade gives a refreshing flavor. Everybody likes and knows how to make a lemonade but to get a good taste I have some tips for you. Lemon and ginger together helps to improve your digestive system and so apart from being a refreshing drink its a healthy one too! 

    1. Lemon - 1 
    2. Ginger - 1/2 inch long piece
    3. Sugar - 4 spoons
    4. Water - 2 cups 
    • In a bowl add sugar and water and mix well.
    • Then squeeze lemon and add it to the sugar water and stir well. 
    • Now crush ginger and add it to the lemonade, stir well.
    • Leave it in the refrigerator for a while.
    • Then strain it. 
    • Add ice cubes or lemonade ice cubes (to know how to make lemonade ice cubes see tip 4)

    TIP 1: Always mix water and sugar first and then add lemon to it. Never mix water and lemon first because the sugar will not get dissolved. Add ingredients in the following order always to get a perfect lemonade.
                1. Water
                2. Sugar
                3. Lemon
    TIP 2: You can also add mint leaves instead of ginger.

    TIP 3: Add more ginger if you want a stronger aroma and flavor. 

    TIP 4: Now for an extra delight; Instead of adding plain ice cubes you can add lemonade ice cubes to it. Follow the steps to make lemonade ice cubes.
    • Take 1/4 cup of lemonade, add little more sugar, say, 1/2 spoon mix well.
    • Chop lemon skin and add it to this lemonade mixture.
    • Add this lemonade mixture to the ice cubes tray. 
    • Freeze it.
    • Use it instead of ice cubes. 
    • As it dissolves it gives you the same flavor unlike ordinary ice cubes.

    Enjoy this drink on a hot summer day!!! 

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    2. Lemonade...one of the best drink to beat the heat....good.

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