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    Simple Milk Tea / Chai

    Tea, also known as Chai in India, is the most refreshing drink I have ever heard of. I love tea and especially creamy Indian tea with or without spice. My evenings never get complete without a cup of tea. I just love to sip a hot cup of tea with some hot crispy snack. I may skip my breakfast or lunch, but I wouldn't miss my tea time. I like it strong and creamy!! There are lots of versions of an Indian tea recipe, this is a simple one.


    1. Milk - 1 cup
    2. Tea powder - 1 spoon / Tea bag - 1
    3. Sugar - 2 spoons


    • In a saucepan add milk, tea powder/tea bag, sugar and heat the mixture on low flame.
    • Stir using a spoon occasionally to avoid burning and boiling out of the saucepan.
    • When it turns creamy brownish in color remove from flame and strain.
    • Serve with crispy snacks.

    TIP 1: If you don't like too much of milk you can add 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of milk and prepare the tea.

    TIP 2: A cup of tea and Onion Pakoras or Vada will do a great combo!

    My favorite Tea/Chai is now ready!! There are more versions, but this one tastes great and creamy. Have a refreshing cup of drink!!

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    1. Ha! We also call it chai, we just spell it differently.
      And this is a very interesting approach on chai. I need to try this one and I expect myself to succeed even if I'm a terrible cook :) I love milk so I guess I'll go by the recipe.

      1. That's great!! You will enjoy this drink for sure, try it out and let me know the results....


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