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    Peas Carrot Pulao

    Pulaos are such a comfort one pot meal for me, can be made in minutes yet delicious and you don't need to prepare any extra sides to accompany it, and the mix of vegetables makes the meal more delightful and healthy. Carrot and beans together makes an awesome and healthy combo and makes any dish colorful and pleasant, this pulao is such an example and is a simple, delicious and delectable one, that I prepare very often. It has such beautiful colors and mild flavors and always makes lunch or dinner special. I have used some spices here like the star anise, bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin and fennel seeds which gives a mild flavor and pleasing aroma to the pulao.  A side-dish is not necessary but still you can accompany some spicy sides along with this if you wish. Some of the best pairing sides for this pulao are Chicken Chettinad Masala, Chilly Chicken, Chilly Beef or Vegetable manchurian. You can also serve this with chicken gravy and other spicy gravies or curries of your choice. This peas carrot pulao is so easy to prepare, don't be scared with the preparation method I have put here, I have explained each step well with all necessary details, read and you'll know.  So now lets see whats needed and how to prepare this delicious pulao. 

    (Serves 4 people)
    1. Basmati rice - 1.5 cups 
    2. Water - 2.5 cups 
    3. Big onions - 2 
    4. Carrots - 2 
    5. Peas / Pattani - 1 cup 
    6. Green chillies - 1 
    7. Star anise - 1 
    8. Cinnamon stick - 1 inch long stick  
    9. Bay leaf - 1 
    10. Peppercorns - 1/4 spoon (Optional) 
    11. Cumin seeds - 1/4 spoon 
    12. Fennel seeds - 1/4 spoon 
    13. Salt - As per taste 
    14. Ghee - 4 to 5 spoons 


    • Wash basmati rice in water three times, this helps to remove extra starch and avoids the stickiness between grains after cooking. Then soak the washed rice in water and set aside for 10 minutes.
    • Meanwhile slice onions and carrots into very thin slices. (I used a Slicer to do this. You can use a Sharp Knife if you wish but make sure its very thin). 
    • Soak peas in warm water for 20 minutes if its the dry and packed one. If they are fresh don't soak them. Slice green chillies remove the seeds and set them aside. 
    • Now heat the pan of a pressure cooker and add ghee to it. 
    • Then add cumin seeds, peppercorns, fennel seeds and saute just for a few seconds.
    • Then add the sliced onions and saute well until it turns translucent.
    • Now add bay leaf, cinnamon stick and star anise and saute. Instead of adding these spices in the beginning I have added them now so that these spices will not get burnt. 
    • Now add the sliced carrots and peas, salt and saute well for 2 minutes.
    • Then add the soaked basmati rice and stir well and make sure that you don't break the rice grains. Stir gently so that it gets coated with ghee well. 
    • Now add 2.5 cups of water (for 1.5 cups of rice) and stir well. Check for salt and add if necessary.
    • Then close the pressure cooker with its lid and set on high flame. Wait for the steam to ooze out through the nozzle of the lid. Then place the whistle and set to low flame mode.
    • Cook for perfectly 10 minutes on low flame.
    • Remove from flame and open the cooker only after the pressure gets released fully on its own.
    • Serve!!

    TIP 1: See that you don't pour too much of water. For a cup of rice 1.5 cups will be the best proportion. 

    TIP 2: You can also add some cashews to the pulao if you wish. 

    TIP 3: I used a slicer for slicing vegetables which gave slices uniform thickness thereby giving the pulao a better look. click here for some good slicer ideas

    Delectable and Delicious Peas Carrot Pulao is now ready!! Serve with spicy chicken recipes or any manchurian of your choice!! You will definitely fall in love with this pulao!!

    Award time!! - Most Well Presented Recipe

    I have been awarded the Most Well Presented Dish by Sadaf Afshan From My Culinary Adventures for my Soft Coconut Burfis that I had linked in her "Virtual Eid Potluck Event" 
    Click here for recipe!!
    I love to dedicate this to my Hubby dear and my lovely Mom who are my best critics and pillar of support!! Their suggestions and critics has helped me move further!
    Thanks Mom & Thanks Honey :)
     Am so glad to receive this award and am sure this will push me further to do well and achieve more!! 
    Thank you Sadaf Afshan for the wonderful award and event!! You made my day!!
    Above all I thank the Lord Jesus who gave me the knowledge and talent to cook well!! Thank you my Savior!!

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    1. Congrats Divya...:)Pulao looks delicious.....

      1. Thanks for the quick comment and wishes dear :)

    2. Congrats Divya.You are always great.Pulav looks delicious.Presentation as usual excellent.

      1. Thank you so much dear that was a lovely compliment :)

    3. congos dear..today i made veg pulao..almostsame like this...but i added aloo too

      1. Thanks dear..Oh so aloo pulao eh?? Come on pass me some :)

    4. wonderful! Your dishes are all excellent.

    5. Superb Divya, what a lovely pulav. The green peas & carrot colors compliment each other so well. Great clicks & presentation as always

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      1. Yeah Shweta I loved the contrasting vibrant colors too :) Thanks for the appreciations dear :)

    6. Congrats Divya,pulao looks so delicious and colorful.

    7. Congrats...Wow awesome!! Looks too delectable dear :)

    8. congrats Divya on our award and pulao looks very tempting ... awesome clicks dear

    9. My heartiest congratulation Divya, surely you will achieve more and more laurels in near future. This pulao colour is great, well presented as usual. There is no question dear, you are a wonderful and versatile chef. With loves and hugs......


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      1. Thank you so much dear :) Your comment has boosted my confidence level more..Thank you so much :) Love and hugs Sanoli :)

    10. wow the pulao looks yummy.next time i wud also use slicer though at times i have grated the carrot so it looks orange white and green

      hmm tricolor hehe

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      1. Nice idea Meenu :) Yeah lets give it a new name tri-color pulao :) Thanks Meenu!!

    11. Wonderful and inviting Pulao...

    12. Congrats dear...You deserve even more..
      Pulao looks delicious ! (Nice clicks too)

    13. Congrats dear! Beautiful and yummy platter!

    14. Simple and yummy puloa, perfect for lunch box

    15. Congratulations Divya..Good going

    16. So simple, colourful and tasty!

    17. congrats.. looks very yummy and colorful..

    18. Yum ..it looks delish and nice pics

    19. wow gr8 dear... u r 1000% to deserve for the award.... congrats divy... n peas pulao looks so awesome... i love it very much... its my most favorable one dear... keep rocking....

      1. Wow thank you so much for your lovely words!! It is so encouraging to have such friends :) Thanks again dear!!

    20. Congrats.. pulao looks yummy.. i too make similarly..:)

    21. Wat a super flavourful one pot meal;just loving it.. Congrats on ur awards..

    22. congrats divya :) lovely pulao..

    23. beautiful clicks and a great recipe too. yum

    24. This is one great looking pulao. So fluffy and fragrant. i love fragrant rice..this is just delicious with a bowl of dry mutton curry.

      1. Yes dear tastes great with a spicy side!! Thanks :)

    25. congrats divya, super tempting one pot meal!!

    26. Lovely recipe...I liked the way you cutted the carrots....congrats on winning....

      1. Thanks dear..I love adding carrots to pulao this way :)

    27. congrats on your award sis and besides that what a love pic of the peas too good I say... love the recipe too and like you said serve with chicken :P

      Cook like Priya

    28. OMG drooling here..lovely pictures..what cam is yours?


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