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    Step By Step Instructions For How To Chop Watermelon Rinds

    Rinds are nothing but fleshy outer skins of fruits. Water melon has a whitish rind between the red sweet part and the outer green skin. This fleshy white portion can be used for making stir-fry, curries and side-dishes. It is less sweet than the fleshy red portion of the watermelon but has the watermelon flavor in it. These rinds have a crunchy texture and tastes similar to cucumber. You can make curries, gravies, stir-fries using these watermelon rinds. Just use these rinds like you will use snake-gourd. Read further to know how to chop these rinds for using them in preparations. 

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    1. Watermelon rinds (I got 250 grams of chopped rinds from a small watermelon fruit)


    1. A sharp knife or Peeler - 1
    2. Chopping board - 1 
    3. Tupperware box / Normal box - For storing chopped rinds


    How to chop water melon rinds for preparing stir-fry(poriyal or kootu), Curries and Gravies (Kulambu), soups, etc. 
    • Collect the leftover rinds of the watermelon. 
    • Peel off the hard outer green skin using a knife or peeler. A knife will work better if you have cut them into slices. 
    • Remove the red fleshy and sweet layers if any using a knife. 
    • Then chop them into smaller cubes and refrigerate them for future use. Store in Tupperware boxes to maintain freshness. 
    • Use within 2 days. 

    Use these for making stir-fries, curry, gravies, side-dishes etc!! 

    Check out my Watermelon Kootu/Sabzi preparation by clicking here!! 
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