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    Papdis are deep fried maida disks flavored with carom seeds served as snacks or used for making chaats in India. You can also call them deep fried all purpose flour biscuits. A very famous chaat prepared using these as base is papdi chaat, and it is also an essential ingredient in Bhelpuri chaat. Gram flour can also be used to make these papdis but maida tastes the best, also gram flour dough is not easy to handle. I will discuss about gram flour papdis soon. You can get the store bought ones or opt for trying it healthier and fresh at home and store them in airtight boxes for future use.  Now lets see how to make these crispy crunchy maida papdis. 


    Makes nearly 180 grams of Papdis 
    Total Preparation Time - 20 to 25 minutes 

    1. Maida / All purpose flour - 125 grams + Few spoons extra
    2. Carom seeds / Omam / Ajwain - 1 spoon (2 grams) 
    3. Sodium bicarbonate / Soda uppu -3 pinches (optional)
    4. Salt - As per taste (1 gram)
    5. Oil - 2 spoons + For deep frying 


    • To a bowl add maida, carom seeds, sodium bicarbonate, salt and 2 spoons of oil and mix well. 
    • Add water little by little and using your fingers mix well and make a soft non-sticky dough as you would do for making chapatis. Close the bowl with a lid and set aside for 15 minutes. 
    • Now take a pastry board (chapati board) and dust half a spoon of flour on it and spread well using your fingers. This is to avoid the dough from sticking to the board. Make sure that the pastry board is dry, not wet.
    • Place the dough on this board, dust some more flour on the dough and roll well using a rolling pin until it forms a thin sheet. Do not roll it too thick nor too thin. 
    • Now using a cutter or any round sharp lid make small roundels or disks. I used a lid of 4.5 cm diameter.
    • Mix the remaining dough into a single mass of dough again, roll again and make roundels. With the remaining dough you can also make maida sticks. 
    • Now using a fork or knife prick holes on the maida roundels or disks. This is to avoid puffing up. 
    • Heat a pan, pour oil and after it heats up gently slide in the disks and deep fry until they turn crisp. Remove before they turn brown. 
    • Serve or store in airtight boxes after they reach room temperature!!

    TIP 1: See that the pastry board is not wet. And also see that the dough is not sticky.  

    TIP 2: You can adjust the addition of carom seeds according to your wish. Also you can substitute cumin seeds with carom seeds. 

    TIP 3: Do not forget to prick the maida roundels, or else it will puff up and wont be flat. 

    TIP 4: Has a good shelf life when stored in a clean airtight boxes. 

    Crispy and tasty maida papdis are now ready !! Use it for making chaats or serve as snacks!!

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    1. Oh divya..love these cute papdis..amazing preparation dear

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    3. yummy looking papdis, perfectly done...looks crispy and crunchy.

    4. This was an incredible post, the pictures are so beautiful (that blue colouring),the photographic detailed explanation is so helpful too.
      I will make this soon.
      Thank You.

    5. Fantastic and wonderful looking papdis.

    6. fantastic. u made it urself
      awesome totally awesome

    7. fabulous papdi and grt effort with step wise pictures.... you rock divya...

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    8. Papdis looks perfect, crispy and crunchy. Nice job dear.

    9. Perfect papdi......you made it dear. Awesome clicks and step by step presentation.

      Today's recipe:

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    11. i oftenly make this .step by step recipe is useful

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    13. they looks so perfect,yumm...

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    15. loved these cute little ones Divya! looking perfect

    16. Beautiful presentation, they look perfectly made!

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