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    Chinese Style Garlic Chicken - A guest post for Priya.R

    Hi friends am very glad to inform you that I have done my 4th guest post for one of my dearest blogger friend Priya.R from Cook Like Priya

    Do check out the post here!!!

    Chinese Styled Garlic Chicken.......

    Garlic chicken is one of my favorite appetizer that is so easy to make but tastes too good. I would recommend every chicken lover to try this recipe. It requires just a very few ingredients and can be made in within minutes without any fuss. The garlic flavor, soy sauce and the chicken blends well to give you a tasty and delectable sides or appetizers that you will definitely repeat after trying once. This is a dry version where you can enjoy good chunky pieces of the chicken. This is one recipe that I had tried after tasting it in a Chinese restaurant, it was the best and I tried to replicate it and succeeded. Try it out and am sure you will love it too.

    Me & Priya.R......

    Priya is one of my best blogger friends and I call her Sis lovingly. It all started one fine day when I received a sweet mail from a person through the contact form that had some few inquiries and I happily responded, it was none other than Priya.R, from then we started to chit chat about blogging and various other things and we found that there was some strong inbuilt relationship between both of us. We had similar likes and dislikes and also we became better friends every day. Then we both decided to conduct an event TOGETHER, about which we planned a lot and finally we had successfully executed the event and got many appreciations too. Just check it out here "60 Days To Christmas Send in your recipes and win an attractive prize!!! I am hosting curries, rice varieties, sides, soups and appetizers, while Priya is hosting, all sweets and desserts, baked goodies, and all palaharam varieties at her space, do link all such recipes there

    She is such a  kind and humble person who owns a lovely space with delectable recipes. I like her food photographs, lip-smacking recipes, her writing style, her clean template and also the way she organizes things at her space. Personally I love her tricolor peda and her non veg recipes. Do visit her space and check out all the lip-smacking recipes there. Am sure you'll love it!! 

    Do check out the recipe and share your valuable suggestions J
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    1. Thanks for the lovely words my dear sis :-), i feel so honored and blessed to have you and i love your garlic chicken will sure try it soon :D

      1. Thank you so much Sis even I fee so lucky to have u as my Sis :) Do try it Sis am sure you'll love it :) And thank you so much for the lovely opportunity :)

    2. Just went through ur post Divya, beautiful guest post.. Priya is very much lucky to have a wonderful virtual Sis like you:), am jealous you know..lolz just kidding,happy to see this healthy relationship through this wonderful blogworld.

      1. Wow that was so lovely and kind :) Thank you so much Priya for all the lovely words and appreciations :)

    3. Beautiful post and a delicious recipe dear

    4. Lovely pics & an even lovelier recipe!! Yes, Priya is that kind of girl, sweet & fun & kind hearted!!May your friendship only get stronger as years go by!!
      Prathima Rao
      Prats Corner

    5. wow very nice to know ur bonding DIvy n Priya... really both are sweet as I know... looks amazing photography... enake drool aguthu divy...
      Today - Round ups of my first event - FEAST FOR YOUR GURU

    6. juicy spicy chicken...a must try recipe..bookmarked it. will try it soon.

      Home Made Recipes

    7. Lovely clicks Divya! Loved the recipe too

    8. done and commented dont know ur recipe i know only u
      me vegetarian and dont u turn me into non vegetarian hehe

      sprouted lentils

    9. I have been craving chicken again, but due to this avian flu staying away. U make it impossible to not crave this once again.. ohh am not going to be able to sleep!

    10. delicious! so simple yet fabulous!

    11. Very inviting, soft, colorful n juicy!!!

    12. Beautiful post n yummy recipe!!

    13. Virtual sisterhood is great with mouth watering dish.

    14. What a delicious and gorgeous dish ! Lip-smacking dish indeed ! :D

    15. Delicious garlic chicken. Nice click.

      Healthy Food for Healthy Kids Series - Wraps and rolls.

    16. irresistible clicks.. very tempting...

      Inviting you to join my on-going event
      Cook Eat Delicious Dessert with Bananas

      Sharans Samayalarai

    17. Great recipe! I think I am going to try and make this for my husband and put it into one of those Chinese take-out boxes and see if he can tell the difference!


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