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    Sponge Cake | Vanilla Sponge Cake | Basic Cake | Pressure Cooker Cake | Cake Recipe Using Pressure Cooker

    2012 is almost retiring and just few hours are left so wanted to bid adieu to 2012 with a sweet note. The year must have been good and must have been bad worse at times too, but my advise is pick the best ones and move forward. As we always know, bad happenings may teach us something but taking it close to heart will not motivate or do no good, so take what you have learnt and throw away the dust. Just thank God for all that he has done for you, a thankful heart gets all that it wants, grab all the happy memories cherish them and take them along with you. Welcome the new year with a happy and warm spirit, with full of new hopes. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year

    After some requests I got from fellow bloggers and readers, decided of posting this sponge cake recipe using a pressure cooker. I just love this cake and would always have it without fuss moreover its the most tastiest and easiest one and the most elegant cake I would say. Just some eggs, flour, sugar and butter would do the magic and give the best tasting and soft cake. Moreover it can be made in a pressure cooker, now you won't need any excuse on making a cake. Just try this simple, fuss free and easy method and delight your family and friends. The texture is so soft and spongy and though being made in a pressure cooker, it will let your family wonder whether it is a bakery bought one. The cake browns evenly like the oven baked cakes and puffs up really well but does not collapse in the center, in case you want to frost the cake just cut the puffed part and then frost it. I made this to celebrate a small and special occasion with my husband and he loved the cake to the core. I did not frost the cake, nor do I like cream cakes so just left it plain. It was a simple celebration and the cake fitted my theme really well, it was a surprise cake for him. After tasting he was delighted and asked me "Hey were did you get this cake from?" and when I explained he was so excited to know it was just an ordinary pressure cooker cake. I had to pull out some from his mouth to click for blog's sake ;). Try this next time and let me know your feedbacks. 


    Serves a small cake 
    Total Preparation Time - 1 hour 
    The cup I have used here is not the standard one, so I have given the measurements in grams and ml too. The cup I use has a volume of 150 ml. 
    1. Maida / All purpose flour - 2 cups (200 grams) 
    2. Sugar - 1.5 cup (200 grams) 
    3. Milk - 150 ml (1 cup) 
    4. Unsalted Butter - 1/4 cup (50 grams) 
    5. Eggs - 2 (At room temperature)
    6. Baking powder - 1 tsp
    7. Vanilla essence - 1/4 tsp (or pineapple essence) 
    8. Salt - 1/8 tsp 
    Extras you will need:
    1. Pressure cooker (Whistle or regulator not needed)
    2. Whisk 
    3. Electric hand blender 
    4. Wooden ladle 
    5. 6 inch wide cake pan 


    • Powder sugar and set aside. You can use granulated sugar too, but powdered sugar works best. Do not use icing sugar here.
    • To milk add butter an place on low flame and wait until the butter melts. Stir well and set this aside. 
    • Sieve flour, salt and baking powder together 5 times and set aside. 
    • Take a bowl and break open eggs and pour into it. Beat well until it turns light and fluffy. It takes just few minutes using an electric hand blender but if you are using a whisk it will take some time. This is the main step that makes the cake spongy. So do not skip, but beat well. 
    • Now add the powdered sugar into the bowl and beat well using the hand blender or whisk. This is also another main step that makes the cake fluffy and spongy.  
    • Then add the flour, mix slowly and don't beat now (if using a blender don't beat long, use slow speed), use a wooden ladle or a whisk and mix gently until the batter blends well and no lumps are found. 
    • Then add the butter and milk mixture and mix well using a ladle. 
    • Now add vanilla essence and stir well again. 
    • Grease the inside of a small round cake pan that measures 6 Inch x 2 Inch with butter and dust some flour over it, tap off the excess. (Place parchment paper or butter paper optionally inside the pan) Pour the batter into this greased pan, do not pour upto the brim, stop when the pan is 3/4th full. (The batter we have prepared will be perfectly enough to fill 3/4th of the pan)
    • Take a pressure cooker and place the separator plate into it and close the cooker with its as shown in the pic. Place this set up on flame and preheat the cooker for about 10 minutes on high flame. Do not place the whistle / regulator, you will not need it. 
    • Now open the cooker and place the cake pan with batter carefully on the separator plate and close the lid. (whistle or regulator is not needed throughout the procedure so keep it away)
    • Switch the flame to low mode and cook for 30 to 40 minutes on low flame. Check in between to see if your cake has got cooked. 
    • When you smell the cake, it is ready, now remove from flame and set aside. Do not open the lid immediately. Open after 10 minutes. 
    • You will find that the cake has puffed up well and would have browned nice and evenly too. 
    • Let it cool down. Then just tap off and the cake would come out easily. But in case if you find difficulty in tapping the cake out, just run a knife through the sides of the cake and tap it out. 
    • Leave aside on a wire rack until it cools down. Then cut into pieces and serve.  
    vanilla sponge cake

    TIP 1: Beating the eggs is the most important step. It makes the cake really soft if you beat really well. Also after adding the powdered sugar beat it really well. N=But after adding the flour don't beat using the hand blender, use a whisk or ladle instead. 

    TIP 2: I cut off the puffed up end to make it look even. The cake puffs up really well. In case you want to make an icing then leveling the cake, by cutting off the puffed up side is important.  

    TIP 3: The cake will give a nice aroma when it is done. This is a basic technique to find out if the cake is done or not. 

    TIP 4: To bake the cake in oven make preheat the oven and bake the cake for @ 325 degrees until the cake rises well and when touched should spring back. Also you can try inserting a clean knife or stick into it to see whether the inner has got coked. Do not cook for a longer time this might make the cake dense and rough.

    Super soft, spongy and easy Cake is now ready!! Your pressure cooker will marvel you at times!!

    Adieu 2012.... Welcome 2013!!!!!!!!

    I thank God for all that He hath given me this year and for all that He is still waiting to give me the upcoming year!!

    I thank all my family, friends, fellow bloggers and all dear readers and subscribers who have given me enough and more support all through my blogging journey!!

    My journey has been blessed by the Lord until now and He has been with me all through. 

    And am sure this year will be a Blessed one for all of us!!!

    Though there were some thorns among the roses, I take the roses alone and leave all the thorns behind. So leave your worries behind and enter into the new year with new hopes!!! 

    Thanks again everyone for being a support!! 

    Meet you all next year!!!

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

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    1. u r making me jealous now

      ur cakes with pressure cooker r turning so lovely and ravishing no one wud think its not made in oven.

      seriously why do u need oven when u r making such lovely cakes already in cooker

      even if its with eggs i wont mind hving it bt making is another thing hehe

      too good cake and same pinch me too made cake post today but eggless

      Eggless chocolate sponge cake

    2. Wish you a Very Happy New Year ( think this is the second time I am wishing you ) What a lovely perfect cake in the pressure cooker, it looks sinful.

    3. Lovely spongy cake.

      Thank you for being associated with you here at this space. Here's wishing you and your family a very happy & a blessed new year.

      Latha n fly.

    4. Delicious and yummy looking cake.Simple cake.

      Step by Step.Best Adieu for 2012.

    5. Wish you a Very Happy New Year.....Wonderful presentation as always. perfectly done cake in the pressure cooker, it looks great.

    6. happy new year to you and your family dear.. what a coincidence divya.. even i made vanilla cake for tonight's cake cutting :) nice clicks..

    7. Divya, you are doing marvelous job! you are the perfect resource for oven less cake..Keep up your great work!! Happy New Year!!!

    8. Gorgeous cake dear. I too had a cake maker which needs river sand as heating material. It was very nice. Love cooker method too. Useful post, I will forward it to my family for this cooker cake. Yummy! Wishing you and family a happy, prosperous and blessed New year.

    9. super super sis.nice clicks.happy new year dear sis

    10. Yummy Cake, Happy new year to you too :)

    11. the cake looks perfect dear,can't make out the difference that its pressure cooked:)
      Wishing you & family a very Happy New Year !!
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    12. wow... cake in a pressure cooker!! can't believe!! the cake looks perfect- just like it is straight out from the oven... thanks for sharing... Happy New year... :)

    13. wow thats lovely...that too made using pressure cooker. wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!

    14. So perfect and spongy cake Divy, its name should be 'spongy vanilla relish'..........tempts me a lot dear.

      today's recipe:

    15. Love the preparation. Cake looks yum! Happy new year to you too :)

    16. Lovely spongy cake.
      superb pictures.

    17. wow !!cant believe this beautiful cake was made in a cooker...well explained..

    18. Thank you all for the wishes and lovely comments :) Have a Blessed New year!!

    19. Happy new Year dear! I am not buying the oven I was planning to. But u will have to give recipes for pies bread etc in the cooker. Delicious cake. Love it. Must try it out once the girls are back in cake again. They have had a few too many this season.:)

      1. Hey thanks Archana for the appreciation,, he he he will surely give you the recipes ;) Thanks do try out and let me know your feedbacks :)

    20. Drooling here...looks so yummy dear...Happy new year..

    21. Really helpful for me because I am going to India n I was worried how will make cake without oven...than kyou dear...Happy new year to u too.

    22. Super softy cake...
      Happy New Year !!!

    23. Amazing dear!!! Loved it !! Is it possible for me to bake cake in the pressure cooker without separator plate? :( Happy New year dear :)

    24. Happy new year wishes to you and your family.Super spongy and prefect looking vanilla cake,well done Divya.

    25. Wow....wonderful cake....

      Happy 2013.

    26. Happy new year to you n your family..wow cake in a pressure cooker is amazing,looks very soft n spongy..must try this..thnks for sharing

    27. Wow! Perfect cake and absolutely stunning clicks! I never knew you can make such a delicious cake using a pressure cooker?! Nice! \

      Happy new year :)

    28. Awesome Divya! the cake looks beautiful and very well done dear.Thanks for sharing these

    29. Happy New Year..Cake looks so perfect.. My mom makes it like this in cooker and they are very yummy..Love the clicks..

    30. Spongy & perfect..that too in a pressure cooker...Totally loved the recipe.. :)
      Prathima Rao
      Prats Corner

    31. Spongy cake really looks awesome Divya... You r Mindblowing.. because of your presentaion ...Lovely

    32. the cake looks so delicious. once i baked cake in pressure cooker in my in-laws house. and it was successful attempt. the cake was so spongy.

    33. can u also mention the temp/time settings to bake this recipe in an oven .I tried it in oven and baked for 65 mins a@180 deg C but it was dense and did not like the texture .Thanks.

      1. Hi Priya :) Thanks ofr trying, you should not bake it at 185 deg, as prolonged cooking will make the cake harder and even more dense. I have updated the settings please do check it. Thanks!!


    34. Hey,tried this out today and it turnd out really soft and spongy...didnt expect a pressure cooker cake to turn out so good so didnt bother clicking pics while preparing,but once i popped a slice into my mouth i regretted not takin pics to put up on my blog.but will b baking this again soon...will send u de link once its up on my blog:)

      1. Hey thank you so much for trying..yeah pressure cooker cakes do come out good and its almost an easier way too :) No worries bake again and post it :)

    35. Let me know if you can submit a cake recipe for DNS. DNS is a blog cum magazine to support Indian food bloggers.
      Kindly mail me your recipe with a short bio of yours to ver.neha@hotmail.com
      (Make sure the recipe is yours).
      You can submit more than 1 recipe.

    36. you have a superb recipe with great explanation. i owe the beautiful cake i baked in pressure cooker to you . keep sharing your happy baking stories with us .Stay happy :)

      1. Thanks a lot for trying this recipe..!! :) And thank you so much for such sweet words... :)

    37. Wow! Looks yum..How I missed this post?

    38. Yummy post. I also bake cake using an electric stove, it's not perfect but kinda looks good after a few bumpy tries. ;>

    39. thanks for your post...i made this cake today,,,it came out welll...:):)

      1. Hi, glad it came out well :) Cheers!! Thanks for trying and for the comment too.. :)

    40. Hi Divya,

      I tried baking eggless cake in pressure cooker. Below are the items i used.

      All purpose flour -- 250gms
      Baking Soda -- 1/2 teaspoon
      Baking powder -- 1 teaspoon

      Condensed milk -- 200ml
      Milk -- 200ml
      Butter (heated) -- 100gms
      sugar (powdered) -- 100gms

      First of all i sieved together the APF and baking soda,powder together for 3 times so that they mix well and kept aside. Then i mixed powdered sugar and ghee together so that it is mixed well. Then slowly added the condensed milk and stired well in one direction.Slowly i added the flour to the liquid and beat in one direction till no lumps are formed.Then i added the milk to it and mixed well.

      I spread the powdered salt in the cooker bottom.
      I pre-heated my cooker for 5 mins. Since my stove flame is high even in minimum i pre- heated only for 5 mins.I greased the cake baking pan well with ghee and flour.Then i added the batter to the cake pan and kept in the cooker. Closed the cooker without gasket and whistel. I baked for about 30 mins and opened and pierced the knife to check if it comes out clear. Knief came out clean hence i switched off the stove and removed the cake after 10mins only.

      Initially the cake seemed to be fluffy. But after switiching off the stove and opening after 10 mins it was little falt.After cooling down i transferred the cake in flat tray. I tried to cut the cake but it was falt and was buttery. The bottom of the cake was also dark brown in color. I thought my cake was over baked?

      Cake tasted good but the texture was not fluffy but it was dense and ghee could be felt in fingers too.

      May be the call fell. can you please suggest what could have been the mistake or what do i have to modify to get good spongy cake?

      Thank u Divya in advance.

      1. Hi Sowndarya, from reading your experience i can clearly say that the problem is with the baking soda. Cakes using baking soda should be baked immediately, the baking soda will start reacting fast and if not baked immediately cakes will fall flat. Another problem is the amount of butter, it must have been too much. So next time when you try this cake try skipping baking soda, baking powder will be enough here. Also reduce the amount of butter next time, may be to 75 grams.

        Now in the procedure make some small corrections, use butter at room temperature, do not melt it, then beat butter well until it turns light, now add sugar and beat really well until it is light. This will incorporate air into the butter and will make the cake light and fluffy. And also while adding maida/flour, just fold in with a ladle or spoon (do not beat or stir vigorously), then add milk slowly and stir. Never beat after adding maida/flour it may also cause the cake to become dense. Try making the cake next time with these points in mind.

        Try to use a slower flame while baking the cake in the cooker and using a separator plate will help avoid the cake getting burnt. Hope your cake turns our spongy and fluffy next time!! :)

        All the best
        Divya Pramil

    41. Thank u Divya for ur valuable points. Will surely implement and will share my experience again. Thank u again. I was really worried about the cake as i am going to do it for my husbands bday :-) . Your quick response has boosted up my energy in trying it again. :-)

      1. My pleasure Sowndarya :) do try and let me know the outcome, mail me for further clarifications or any help!! :)

        Thanks :)

    42. Hi Divya,

      I was reading ur reply again and again. "just fold in with a ladle or spoon " does this mean to simply mix flour that no lumps or formed. Do clarify the exactly meaning if i am getting it wrongly.

      1. Yeah Sowndarya "fold in" means to add flour gradually and stir in a uniform direction and motion, gently using a flat ladle or rubber spatula, without any vigorous stirring. Hope I did not confuse you!!

    43. Replies
      1. Yes Fariz you should use a gasket. Even if you try without a gasket it will be fine. Some may be concerned about the gasket getting worn out soon. I have used gaskets in all the pressure cooker recipes and haven't faced any problem until now. But please see that you don't use the whistle aka regulator!

    44. Do you use water in the pressure cooker? If yes, then how much water?

      1. Hello Akanksha, No you don't have to use water. We are using dry heat here, we are not going to steam the cake. Just take care not to use the whistle..

    45. Can we bake the cake without the butter paper?

      1. Hi Bindhu, Yes we can I have baked without the paper. Butter paper or parchment paper will help the cake come out easily without sticking to the pan. So on a safer side it will be best if you use it. :)


    46. Hi, thank you so much for the recipe :) will try it asap. I have one query though, in some of the cooker based recipes I have read, they require to put salt or sand as base, why is it not required in this recipe ? as for a separator is it ok, if I use a normal steel plate. Thanks a lot !!

      1. Hello shweta :) yes some do use sand or salt, but I personally do not prefer sand. You can try it but its not gonna change anything. A perforated plate will be better but the normal steel plate is okay too, u need to separate the cake pan from touching the cooker bottom. So any plate would be fine... And thanks please do try and share your feedbacks :)

    47. Hi sis.. Ur cake looks so yummy. Very eager to try it out.. But have a small doubt.. If we using cooker without water inside, wouldn't there be any prob to the cooker.

      1. Hello Anandhi, some say the cooker will get worn out soon but ive been using the same cooker for almost 3+ years and haven't had any trouble. I use the aluminium cooker and it seems to be good for baking. Do not use the other type it may give u an odd smell. Do let me know if you jave any other queries :) regards

    48. Hi divya...this tip I've learnt from another blog..covering d sides of d cake tin using a old turkey towl and wet that before placing into cooker or oven will not give d dome shape and it'll be easy for icing....


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