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    Pressure Cooker Cake Recipes | How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | Cake Without Oven

    Don't own an oven? Yet yearning to bake some palatable cakes? There's always an alternative to anything and this time it's a pressure cooker! Yes!! Now you don't need an oven to make those fluffy sponge and airy cakes, all you have to do is own a cooker and that's it; so why wait get ready to bake those really fantabulous cakes :) There are many cakes you can try using a cooker and here are some that I've posted on my blog. Click on the pictures below to fetch the recipes. Happy Baking!!


    More Cakes Which You Can Try In A Pressure Cooker!!

    (I've baked the following cakes in an Oven, but you can follow the recipe and bake in a cooker instead; the end result will be the same and the timings will depend on the size of the cake.)


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