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    Best Colleges of Delhi University

    When someone completes his/her schooling they'd be forced to take a right away decision about the courses and colleges to pursue their higher studies. I'd say a good course and a better college are two things that you'll need together to succeed. A small trouble or mistake in your decision can ruin a lifetime. Instead of rushing its better to gather the best information, learn what you'll need and then take the decision better. 

    There are too many colleges these days and most of them just feed the students only with syllabus and make them bookworms. These students find it difficult to survive. Colleges should be much more than just books according to me. Much more I mean, a lot more should happen within the three or four years period of time, it is the college's duty to mould a student. Apart from learning there is something called practicality, professional skills and lot more. They are things that will help a student shine and pursue a better career and even better life. It isn't easy to find a good college or campus that will actually feed you more than what you'll need for your future. I do not mean that there are no colleges to transform a student completely into a successful being. There are colleges that will focus on the betterment of a student. Finding them out it the trickiest I'd say. But this part is easy with collegedunia.com. I have already shared about it in my previous review about collegedunia which you can find here. Collegedunia is website or shall I call it the educational search engine, has loads of information about colleges, courses and all things related with all necessary details that any student would be in need of. Just go through their website and get some guidance and quality information for free. 

    SRCC DELHI (Pic source - collegedunia.com)
    Its not easy to chose the right college but here are some best colleges of Delhi University that serve as an example. For instance take SRCC, Delhi this one is such a well renowned college that has been ranked and topped in excellence every way. Based on reputation, infrastructure and academics they've been voted the number one among Commerce colleges. It is one of the hardest colleges to get into but it will be worth it. The standards are too high and offers everything that a student needs to shine.

    Well when taking about famous colleges of the Delhi University, how can I miss St.Stephen's College Delhi? Talk about the infrastructure, the academics, the extra-curriculars they are wonderful everyway. They aim at improving every student of theirs by every way possible. They offer courses in liberal arts and science college but apart from the subjects and courses students get to learn so much, not just mere syllabus. They have too many activities involved within the campus that ensures and enhances the standards of a student's future.

    Lady Shri Ram College, a dedicated women's college offers arts and science courses and is at its utmost best too. It was chosen to be the best college for arts and science in 2014 by India Today. Similar to the above colleges I've mentioned this one also focuses on the betterment of the students. And these are what a student needs the most!

    Colleges like these actually brings out the best in student and makes them fit to live in the most competitive environment. Look out for them and that's the actual necessity for a student's promising future. 

    Always, take enough time to gather information, think of what you want what you are interested in, use websites like collegedunia.com, compare colleges, inquire well and do all you can before stepping into anything. Never take a chance! A small irresponsible or unaware decision can ruin almost everything!! 


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