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    Lemonade can be relatively called the savior drink of summer. Not much fuss not much effort needed but this drink can help us feel refreshed anytime. Its been too hot and the summer's scorching heat has made me gulp glasses of lemonades. Here in the post apart from the classic lemonade I have included a video that shows how to make 3 simple variations with the same. Check out the video its just about 2 minutes and also my lil champ has helped me with the video just like the last one :)

    The variations are;

    1. Classic lemonade 
    2. Pink Lemonade
    3. Ginger Lemonade 
    Check out the above video for more :)

    lemonade lemonade


    Makes 4 glasses
    1. Lemon - 1 
    2. Chilled water - 750 ml
    3. Sugar - As required (powder and use or use sugar syrup)

    • To a glass jar add powdered sugar or sugar syrup and pour chilled water over it and stir well. 
    • Now add 
    • Remove seeds from lemon, squeeze juice and add it to the jar. 
    • Pour into serving glasses and serve. (Add ice cubes if you wish)

    TIP 1: You can also add salt instead of sugar. 

    TIP 2: Make sure to always add sugar before adding lemon else the sugar will not dissolve properly. 


    Other lemonades



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