Wednesday 21 March 2012

Tomato Chutney | Tomato dip | Thakkali Chutney

Tomatoes are used in all Indian preparations such as curries, salads, soups, rice, sides etc. Its such a versatile veggie and when added to dishes it enhances the taste and color. It has a rich color which makes dishes colorful and attractive. Tomatoes are an excellent source of Antioxidants, Vitamin C, It has proven to prevent, Cancer, Heart related problems, Cataracts, Gut problems, Eyesight problems, Osteoporosis, Skin problems, Urinary tract infections and more. Also tomatoes has been proven to release more anti-oxidants when cooked. So include them more in your cooking. Today's recipe is one in which you'll be using tomatoes as the main ingredient "Tomato Chutney" a tasty dip for Dosas, idlis and even rotis. I've used urad dal in this chutney which makes it taste so unique and yum. The creaminess and richness of the chutney cannot be explained in words. This chutney goes perfectly with dosas, bread and soft fluffy idlis.  I love it with fluffy soft idlis though am not a big fan of idli, I can have them just for the sake of tasting this dip. You can also use it as a bread spread for making sandwiches. Try it and this will become your favorite finger-licking dip/chutney. Lets see how to make it. 

Serves 2 people
Total Preparation Time - 10 minutes
  1. Ripe Tomatoes - 2
  2. Big onions - 1
  3. Chopped Coriander leaves -  2 spoons 
  4. Urad dal/Black gram/Ulutham paruppu - 1 spoon (Skinned whole white ones)
  5. Red chilli powder - 1 tablespoon (Reduce if you do not want it spicy)
  6. Salt - As per taste
  7. Oil - 2 tablespoons

  • Place a pan on flame and add oil, after it heats up add skinned black gram and saute on low flame until it turns slightly brownish. (Do not let it burn)
  • Now add chopped onions and saute for a minute.
  • Then add coriander leaves, tomato slices, salt, red chilli powder and stir well until the tomato gets cooked. Do not add water, just sprinkle some if needed. 
  • Now remove from flame and let it cool.
  • After it reaches room temperature grind it into a fine paste. 
  • Serve.
TIP 1: Use ripe tomatoes as far as possible, but if you prefer sour/tangy flavor use unripe ones.

TIP 2: Urad dal/Black gram gives a good taste, increases quantity and gives a creamy texture to the chutney so do not avoid addition of black gram.

TIP 3: Instead of using red chilli powder, you can also use dry red chillies. (1 spoon red chilli powder = 2 or 3 big dry red chillies)

TIP 4: You can also use coriander stem for making the chutney. 

It is my favorite among chutneys, serve with soft idly, dosa, toast or roti varieties. Try it and you will really love it. 

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