Friday 20 April 2012

Mango Milkshake

Mango, called 'The King of Fruit' is one of the tastiest fruit available on hot summer days in India. It is so pulpy and juicy that no one will miss to have atleast a piece of the fruit. Mangoes are rich in anti-oxidants, Carotenoids, Fiber and Vitamin C. It  improves Digestion, lowers Blood pressure, improves Eye vision and Fertility, also prevents Cancer and lowers Cholesterol. This particular milkshake is so yummy and very filling. Mango lovers like me will surely enjoy this delicious drink. Its so easy and simple while coming to preparation method. Lets see how to make 'Mango milkshake'.


  1. Mango slices - 4 (peel off the skin)
  2. Mangoes chopped into smaller cubes - Few (Optional)
  3. Milk - 1 cup (preferably chilled milk)
  4. Sugar - 2 spoons
  5. Vanilla Ice cream - 1 scoop (optional)


  • Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend till it becomes smooth.
  • Transfer into serving glass and add chopped mango pieces (optional).
  • Serve!! 
TIP : Adding small cubes of mangoes gives an extra delight. But its optional.

Tasty Mango Milkshake is ready!!! Serve on a sweaty summer day and get praises!!!!

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  1. Hi my sweet. I hope the comments are fixed. I am so sorry I cannot help as I don't know your settings.
    Mango milkshake looks as yummy as all your recipes and I'm a big fan of liquid food.

  2. Thanks Petro!! Comments have not been fixed yet... I'll have to search for codes and thanks for your support!! Do try this recipe you'll love it!!!

  3. Mango milkshake looks yummy!..loved the pic!!

  4. Thanks Kavita!! Do visit again

  5. Thank you Julie will surely join the event

  6. Oh yum, I think it really is the king of fruits, it is my favorite fruit :)

  7. Its my favorite too!! Thanks for visiting Cathleen

  8. Looks tempting...Love ur recipes. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  9. Thank you Bhamathy!!! Do visit again..

  10. Thanks Pramod Do visit again!!!

  11. Mangoes are my favorites - can't wait to try this one. Makes my mouth water!!

  12. This post made me nostalgic... I use to have Mango Milk shake most days of summer vacations when I was in school. Love the the chunks of mangoes in it too...

  13. Hello Anisha, Jay, Melody and Follow foodie... Thank you for your Comments.

    Jay even I used to drool just thinking about the mango shake. I love it too!!

    Sure Melody try this one and please let me know your feedback.

    Thanks follow foodie

    and Anisha, even I used to have them mostly on school days.. and I love the chunks too...

    Thank you friends do drop in again!!!

  14. your new design is awasome @ divya

  15. Delicious :D Now to get some mangoes soon.

  16. Thanks Leo Do try and let me know the feedback

  17. Hey, Nice one, great recipes .. here i am your new follower :)

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  19. Look so Awesome......thanks 4 linking this wonderful recipe with my events....waiting 4 more wonders :)


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