Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Yummy Almond Banana Milk Shake / Badam Milk Shake

Badam/Almond Milk shake is one of my favorite drink and always holds the top place in my favorite list!! Its too hot here and I was craving something chill and sweet, so I decided to make my favorite badam shake. I've used banana which gives the milk shake a smooth texture and also helps add a yum factor to the shake!! Almonds are good source of Carbohydrates and is also rich in Vitamin E and other essential minerals. Milk is the best source for Calcium, Protein, Phosphorous, Magnesium all essential for bone growth, it also helps to boost immune system preventing illness. And Bananas are also good for bone health, also improves digestion due to the laxative property. Combining this trio will definitely boost you health. Also, who doesn't want a tasty and chill drink on a hot summer day!! 


(Serves 1 person)
  1. Almonds - 10 
  2. Ripe Banana - 2 slices  
  3. Milk - 1 cup (Chilled milk)
  4. Sugar - 2 spoons 


  • Soak the almonds in water for 30 minutes and peel off the skin. (peeling is optional I added the almonds without peeling, skin has some nutrients too)
  • In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend for 2 minutes.
  • Serve Chilled!!!
TIP 1: Add more almonds if you like and peel off the skin if you want.

TIP 2: Add ripe and sweet banana pieces so that the milk shake tastes very yummy. Do not add more pieces as the drink will become a dessert!!! 2 slices from a ripe banana will do.

TIP 3: If you like you can add a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream and blend it together with the ingredients. 

TIP 4: To make the shake more yummy, freeze the milk and use it while blending. 

Yummy Almond Banana Milk shake is now ready!!! Try it you will love it!!!

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  1. I love almonds, I love milk, I love bananas. What's left to do? Your milkshake :)

    1. Sure Petro after trying the recipe let me know your feedback... Thanks!!!

  2. Yum, that's a good idea. I've made bannana lassies with plain yogurt and frozen bannanas, but I think it's time to add almonds too. Very healthy!

    1. Thanks Mary!! You are a great cook with wide range of ideas!!!

  3. Sounds delicious, I should try it sometime. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Yum this looks delicious, thank you for visiting my blog and I'm glad I found urs cause you have some awesome recipes :) take care!!!

    1. Thank you so much Marina!! Your blog has wonderful recipes too..Thanks for stopping by do visit again!!!

  5. Oh wow. This looks delicious! So simple, and so good :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Hema.. Do visit again. Thanks for stopping by, commenting and following!!!

  7. This use to be one of my regular breakfast smoothies before I turned Vegan.... It's really filling... Isn't it?

  8. Yeah Anish a its really filling and yummy too!!! Thanks for visiting....


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