Monday 7 May 2012

Crispy Leftover Idli Fry / Idli Crispy Fry / Rice Cake Crispy Fry

Have a lot of leftover idlis and wondering what to do?? Here we go, this recipe is a crispy and tasty one prepared from leftover idlis. People/Kids who hate idli (like me) will surely love it. Idlis/Rice cakes are Indian cake like steamed food made out of rice and black gram flour. Whenever I make idli I eat only one or surprisingly two, I don't like them, but I love crispy dosas. Yesterday I prepared idlis for dinner and  as usual I found leftover idlis that I didn't want to waste again. So I refrigerated them in closed containers and was thinking over night for a way to turn this idli delicious and comfortable for me to eat it. Next morning I prepared this fry and it came out so delicious that I started to love this (yeah truly)!! This will replace your usual snacks or even breakfast. You can also make this recipe with fresh idlis. So my preparation goes like this. 

(Serves two people)

  1. Idlis - 2 
  2. Corn flour - 2 spoons 
  3. All purpose flour / Maida - 3 spoons
  4. Pepper powder - 1/2 spoon 
  5. Chat masala - 1/2 spoon 
  6. Salt - As per taste 
  7. Oil - For deep frying / Shallow frying 


  • In a bowl make a batter of the following;
      • Corn flour +  All purpose flour / Maida + Pepper powder + Salt + Water 
      • The batter should not be watery nor too thick
  • Cut idli into medium sized cubes. (If you are going to use refrigerated idlis, let it come to room temperature, then sprinkle water on it and steam it for two mins in the idli cooker/pressure cooker and set aside, after it cools cut them into cubes)
  • Now soak the idlis well in the batter, make sure the idlis are covered well with the batter. 
  • Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the idli pieces in it. 
  • Spread the fried idli pieces on a filter paper and remove excess oil from it.
  • Sprinkle chat masala on the fried idlis and serve with tomato sauce.

Just wanted to show you the crispy outside and the soft inside...

TIP 1: Do not cut idlis when they are hot it will break easily, let it cool and then cut them into cubes.

TIP 2: The pieces may get stuck while deep frying so turn it slightly and gently often to get perfect ones. While frying be careful not to break them or else it will not look good. 

Yummy, crispy Crispy Leftover Idli Fry is now ready.. It is so delicious that no one will ever believe it was made from just leftover idlis!!!
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  1. Wat a fantastic idly fry, yumm..

  2. Nice evening snack, kids wud love this..

  3. Hi Priya, Thank you so much..

    Hema! Thank you so much for visiting..

  4. I have to admit being completely illiterate in Indian cuisine, but I love Indian food, and so happy to have discovered your blog. I'd love to try these!

  5. My dear thangai, Ive missed you and again I was worried something happened to you as you seemed "quiet" lately...silly old me :)
    I love that you provide a great way of saving at least a bit of money. I'm not a frugal woman as I never manage to do that, no matter what I try but seeing this post made me think I might be able to, as long as I pay attention to small details, like you did here with the leftovers.

    Kisses and hugs

  6. Fantastic recipe.. Kids love this for sure!

  7. crispy idli....nice for weekend breakfast

  8. Very nice fried idly dear...looks delicious.

  9. Nice snack !! looks delicious !!

    Ongoing event
    CC:Mom's Recipe

  10. What a fabulous idea - I love me some idli anyday but fried? Addictive much :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. very nice.looks yummy .super clicks.

  12. Hi Gourmantine, Petro, Julie, Padma, Khushi, Viki, Sravs, Choc Chip, Asiya...

    Thank you so much for all those lovely comments...

    Hey Gourmantine, Do try these, Indian cooking may look difficult but as you practice you will become a master chef, making your own variations.. Thanks for the visit...:)

    Petro akka, Am happy to know that you missed me, I had to travel again.. Missed you too.. I always waste too much food when I was a kid, now after myself being a home maker could feel that wastage is not good, so thought of using them instead of wasting.. Thank you for the lovely words akka..

    Julie, it really makes a good snack..

    Padma, yeah kids will obviously love them...Thank you for dropping by...

    Khushi, do try them am sure you will love it..

    Hey Viki, hope you are fine.. Thanks for the appreciation :)

    Sravs...Thanks for the visit:)

    Choc chip..Thank you so much :) Cheers..

    And Asiya..Thank you so much for the support do drop in again..

  13. Hey Kavita Thank you so much.. :)

  14. nice way to use leftovers. love it

  15. @ Spice up, Thank you so much.. Do drop in again..

  16. what an innovative dish !!! bookmarked !!!

  17. Thank you so much Sonali....

  18. Nice snack n nice way to use leftovers.
    Fried idli looks so yummy n happy to follow u!

  19. Thank you so much Hemalata..
    Do drop in again..

  20. Wha a perfect snack from Idlis just love it

  21. Thanks for dropping by Jeyashri :)

  22. crispy idly...perfect for snack..will try soon :)Happy following you dear :)


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