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Paneer Butter Masala Restaurant Style | Cottage Cheese Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala, is a delicious and creamy Indian dish. It has a rich flavor, texture, aroma and color. This dish tops the list in all Indian restaurants, but wouldn't it be simple if we make the same dish at home, it would be more healthy too!! Just spend a little more time, put in your effort and satisfy your family members with this restaurant version recipe. Paneer also known as cottage cheese is very tasty and delicate, it is rich in Calcium and Protein. This particular dish is so tasty and goes well with all Indian bread varieties, Rice, Pulao, Jeera rice etc. Lets see how to prepare this delicious recipe!


  1. Paneer - 200 grams 
  2. Ripe Tomatoes - 3 
  3. Big Onion - 1 
  4. Cashews - 10 
  5. Ginger-Garlic paste - 2 teaspoons
  6. Red chilli powder - 2 teaspoons 
  7. Coriander spoon - 1 tablespoon 
  8. Garam masala - 1/2 tablespoon
  9. Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon 
  10. Kasoori methi / Dry fenugreek leaves - 1 tablespoon 
  11. Lemon - 1/2
  12. Fresh Cream - 1/2 cup 
  13. Bay leaves - 1 
  14. Cloves - 2
  15. Butter - 3 tablespoons 


  • Pre-Preparation Method:
    • Cut paneer into small rectangles sprinkle salt on it and set aside.

    • Place a pan on flame add a tablespoon of butter and toast the paneer cubes until it turns slightly brown and set aside.
    • In a bowl pour hot water and soak the paneer for 5 minutes and then remove the soaked paneer and set aside.
    • In the pan add 3 tablespoons of butter and fry chopped onions until it gets cooked. Remove from pan and let it cool.
    • After it cools grind it into fine paste and set aside
    • Prepare tomato puree as follows;
        • Pour water into a sauce pan and drop tomatoes into it. 
        • See that the tomatoes are well immersed in water.
        • Boil for 10 minutes.
        • Remove the tomatoes and immediately soak it in cold water (or water at room temperature), this is the blanching process.
        • Peel the skin from the tomatoes and grind the tomatoes into a fine paste.
        • Tomato puree is now ready
    • Extract juice from the lemon

  • Preparation:
    • Add remaining butter to a pan and place on flame, after it starts to melt, add bay leaves and cloves saute for a few seconds, then add the prepared onion paste and stir well, until it turns slightly brownish.
    • Then add ginger-garlic paste and mix well until the raw smell leaves.
    • Add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala and stir well. 
    • Add the cashew paste and stir well cook for 3 minutes.
    • Then add prepared tomato puree and cook for another 5 minutes. 
    • When it seems cooked and raw smell has left, add the paneer cubes and stir well. 
    • Sprinkle kasoori methi/dry fenugreek leaves and stir well. 
    • Close the pan with a lid and cook on low flame for another 2 minutes.
    • Uncover and add fresh cream and stir well. 
    • Add a spoon of lemon juice mix well. 
    • Remove from flame.
    • Add a spoon of butter or garnish with fresh cream and Serve hot!!

TIP 1: Cream can be avoided and still the masala will taste good.

TIP 2: Use fresh paneer. 

Delicious paneer butter masala is now ready!! Serve with Chapathi, Roti, Dosa, Rice varieties Etc!! 


  1. Delicious butter paneer masala..would love it with naan or a rumali roti..

  2. Hi Shoba, Thanks for visiting again.. Yeah I love it with rumali roti..That's really a good combo...

  3. Yours looks delicious. I'm thinking that salting the paneer must have kept it together when you later cooked it. My paneer wandered around in the sauce!

  4. May be Mary but am not sure whether salting would hav made the difference.. I did not add water to the puree or even while preparing the dish, that might also be another reason, whatever it is your dish also looks great Mary..

    Thanks for dropping by...

  5. Looks amazing!!! Do you buy paneer already prepared as it looks very solid. I've never heard of it, so would love your input!!! Thanks :D

  6. Good one divya...I too prepare it in more or less the similar way

  7. It is one of my favorites. Do check me out when you find time Divya.
    Tickling Palates

  8. Yummy Dish.. I love to eat with Naan.. :)

  9. Hi, Suzanne, Lavanya, Radhika, Poorni, Thanks for the lovely comments..

    Hey Suzanne I used milky mist Paneer they are really good like homemade.. I do make paneer at home will soon put a post about it.. Thanks for the lovely suggestion...

    Lavanya thank you..It tastes awesome isn't it??

    Radhika, thank you so much for visiting, will surely visit yours too!!

    Poorni, thanks for visiting again..:)

  10. Recipe is looking delicious and very rich in color....eye catching.....good job.

  11. Thank you Divya!!! I look forward to that post!! :D

  12. Hey Zari thank you so much...

    Suzanne actually I must thank you for the suggestion.. Will soon post about it!!

  13. Hi! I really enjoy the creaminess and the fresh quality that paneer shares in Indian dishes. The dense and crumbly texture goes really perfect with the mix of flavors in this masala. I want to try making paneer too. =)

  14. Hey thank you so much Anna!! Do visit again...

  15. Looks exactly as we get in restaurants! Superb divya!


  16. I agree with Surya...this is exactly looking like the butter masala we get in North-Indian restaurants. Creamy and having a rich colour, your butter masala recipe is really great!

    1. Thank you so much Purabi :) That is a great appreciation.. Thanks for the visit do drop in again :)

  17. Lovely recipe...Thanks for sharing. Nice pics :)
    Now following u.

    Do visit my space- and

  18. Great recipe Divya. Thanks for sharing. I am new to food blogging but old chef.

  19. Lovely lovely!!
    I usually add a little curd instead of cream.
    Also i have never added Cashew paste & Methi leaves, I should try this version. Thanks Divya.


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