Friday 4 May 2012

Pepper Jeera Chicken

Pepper Jeera chicken is my own version of the recipe popularly known as, 'Pepper Chicken'. It is a famous Indian dish which is very spicy and yummy too!! Black pepper also known as 'black gold' is very good for you, it has a lot of antioxidants present in it, cures intestinal problems like flatulence, bacterial infections etc. Apart from being a healthy spice it gives a strong aroma and flavor. Always use freshly ground pepper for good aroma and taste. Jeera/Cumin is another aromatic spice that offers good fragrance to food and also good flavor. Cumin is a spice that cures common cold and related symptoms. The combo of these spices with chicken gives a healthy and yummy recipe 'Pepper Jeera Chicken'. It is a dry recipe that goes well with rice, rice varieties, any Indian bread variety. So lets see what are the ingredients needed and how to prepare it. This is my own version of pepper chicken, I love chicken recipes so I always try to make the best out of the available chicken.

(Serves 2 people)
  1. Chicken - 250 grams 
  2. Pearl onions - 3 (or) Big onion - 1 
  3. Black pepper - 1 spoon 
  4. Cumin seeds - 1 spoon 
  5. Ginger - 1/2 inch long piece 
  6. Garlic pods - 2 
  7. Tomato sauce - 1 spoon (optional)
  8. Cumin powder - 1/2 spoon 
  9. Red chilli powder - 1/4 spoon (optional) 
  10. Cinnamon sticks - Few
  11. Curry leaves - Few 
  12. Coriander leaves - Few 
  13. Lemon - 1/2 
  14. Salt - as per taste 
  15. Oil - 5 spoons


  • Wash chicken pieces well in water, apply turmeric powder and salt set aside for 15 minutes, then wash again.
  • Dy roast cumin seeds and pepper separately on a pan just for a few seconds or until you get the aroma and set aside. 
  • Grind the roasted pepper and cumin seeds into a coarse mixture. 
  • In a pan add oil add cinnamon sticks,  curry leaves, coriander leaves and saute for a few seconds.
  • Then add chopped onions, finely chopped ginger and garlic pieces and saute till it turns brown. 
  • Now add red chilli powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and stir well.
  • Add tomato sauce and mix well.
  • Then add the washed chicken pieces and stir well. 
  • Cook on low flame, do not add water.
  • After the chicken pieces gets half cooked add the coarse pepper-jeera mixture, salt and stir well.
  • Sprinkle little water and close the pan with a lid. 
  • Cook on low flame for 5 minutes.
  • Open the lid, add lemon juice and stir well.
  • Remove from flame and serve!! 
TIP 1: Red chilli powder makes the recipe more spicy and tomato sauce complements this spiciness and enhances taste. But both are optional.

TIP 2: Freshly ground pepper and cumin gives a better aroma and flavor. 

TIP 3: This is a dry version, if you want gravy consistency add coconut paste to the recipe after adding pepper-jeera coarse mixture and cook for 5 minutes.

Spicy and yummy Pepper Jeera Chicken is now ready. Enjoy with rice varieties, dosa, idly and any bread variety.
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  1. Lovely post, thangai.
    I love how you give so much details including the ones about food's impact on health.

  2. it looks soooooo hot & spicy!!
    will definitely try!


  3. Am a great fan of chicken. Cumin, pepper & chicken make a great combination.. Love it..

    Divya's Culinary Journey
    Showcase- Desserts
    Lets Party-Breakfast

  4. I love hot and spicy dishes..this one looks just perfect..
    Nice pics...they make the chicken look so appetizing..

  5. Where do u stay Divya? I wanna drop by n have a bite of it :)

  6. Tongue Tickling Chicken and love the spices in this dish...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  7. This looks delicious

  8. Hi Petro, Surya, Giancarlo, Divya, Shoba, Lavanya, Jay, Tina, Mythreyi and Follow foodie..

    Thanks for all those lovely comments!!!

    Hey Petro, thank you so much..I try to give enough tips for all my visitors, I need them to understand everything clearly..Thanks for the support akka!!

    Hi Surya thanks for dropping by, do try it it will be as spicy as you expect.. Do visit again..

    Giancarlo, Thanks for the visit..

    Divya, Am also a chicken lover:) am sure you will love it..

    Shoba, this dish is really try it:)

    Hey Lavanya you are always welcome... My plates are waiting for you do come and grab as much as you can..Am from chennai..

    Hi Jay, thanks again for coming back..

    Hi Tina, Thank you so much...

    Mythreyi, I love those spices and give it a try sometime, thanks for the lovely comment..

    Hey follow foodie thanks for the visit and continued support!!

    Thank you friends:)

  9. My dear thangai,
    Ive been invited by Lavanya to take part of the tagging game and I tagged you as well.

  10. I just made my first meal with chicken yesterday! I have never really cooked dinners before, but it was a hit :)
    This looks delicious. If I can do one, I think I can do another. Yum!


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