Thursday 21 June 2012

Coriander Semiya Upma / Coriander Vermicelli Noodles

Coriander semiya upma is a very tasty, easy and simple recipe that can be made for breakfast, evening tea time and also for dinner. Its so easy to make that its also suitable for bachelors or beginner cooks. When you need something to fill your tummy with some easy and tasty food, try his one. The preparation is so simple and the outcome is really appetizing.  Necessary ingredients for making this delicious and yum vermicelli noodle recipe, will be always available in your kitchen. Coriander/Cilantro, is an easy and good source of iron and anti-oxidants, and it is able to get rid of the bad cholesterol, gives hair a rich look and stimulates hair growth too. So adding coriander to any recipe gives us additional minerals and obviously good aroma and flavor. This upma has a mild coriander flavor and will satisfy your taste buds. Lets see how to prepare Coriander Semiya Upma / Coriander Vermicelli Noodles.

(Serves 2)
  1. Vermicelli - 1 cup (Preferably Roasted vermicelli)
  2. Big Onion - 1
  3. Green chillies - 1
  4. Chopped coriander - 2 spoons 
  5. Curry leaves - Few 
  6. Mustard - 1/2 spoon 
  7. Skinned black gram/Urad dal - 1/2 spoon 
  8. Turmeric powder - A pinch (optional) 
  9. Salt - As per taste 
  10. Oil - 2 spoons 

  • In a pan add the broken vermicelli and roast it until it turns golden brown and set aside. If you get roasted vermicelli from the grocery that will be better. 
  • Add oil in the pan and after it heats up add mustard seeds and let it splutter.
  • Then add urad dal and saute till it turns brown.
  • Now add curry leaves and chopped green chillies and saute for a few seconds.
  • Then add onions, salt and turmeric powder and saute till it turns translucent. 
  • Add the roasted vermicelli and saute for a minute.
  • Now add two cups of water, 1 spoon coriander leaves and stir well.
  • Cook on low flame until the water reduces and the vermicelli gets cooked. It may take 5-6 minutes.
  • Remove from flame sprinkle 1 spoon chopped coriander and serve.

TIP 1 : You can add a spoon of chopped ginger to enhance the flavor if you wish.

TIP 2: Add pressure cooked peas to the upma if you like to. 

TIP 3: Roasting the vermicelli avoids the vermicelli upma from becoming sticky. So roast it without adding oil and then use it in preparations. Roast rawa/sooji also similarly for preparations. But don't over-burn it. 

TIP 4: I haven't used any coloring agents, instead I have used turmeric powder that will give a mild natural yellow color. But if you prefer other colors you can add it. Artificial colors are said to be carcinogens so its better to avoid it. 

Yummy Coriander Semiya Upma / Coriander Vermicelli Noodles is now ready!! Its healthy and delicious too!! I loved it, am sure you will love it too!!


  1. and at the end u can add lemon juice for a bit of khatta taste. u can also add a number of vegetables on top of it and more flavour just add grated cheese at the top hehe

    i love these semiyas we can do wonders with it and its absolutely yummlicious

  2. wow.. perfectly made.. like the color of semiya..

  3. Very flavorful, and easy to make too..

  4. Hi Divya ,

    coriander semiya upma looks Awesome!!!

    Delicious and looks mild Divya:)

  5. Simple ,quick and so delicious sevai...

  6. Dear thangai,
    You are a huge resource of hope :) These days we are fasting for St Peter's day on 29th of June (which is also my patron, that's where I got my name) and this recipe is perfect for this fasting, fulfilling and yum :)

    Thanks and hugs, lovely one

  7. Nice and the coriander flavour.

  8. Wow this was really yummy n delicious... Beautiful clicks

  9. lovely clicks and delicious looking upma. ..I love this one more than the usual upma :)

  10. mmmmmmmmmmmm..... aromatic dish Divya

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

  11. Lovely and delicious semiya upma. Looks yummy. Nice clicks dear.

  12. A beautifully fragrant and special dish. Noodles are always so comforting. And with cilantro? Such fine fare. : )

  13. quick, easy and delicious upma....nice clicks....

  14. This looks gorgeous! And SO tasty, it's definitely making me hungry!

  15. Simply inviting and delicious upma,makes me hungry.

  16. such a flavorful n yummy upma...lovely clicks dear!!
    Spicy Treats

  17. Thanks for reminding this semiya uppma. I haven't had in years, as my hubby likes rava i am craving for this. Looks very yummy.

  18. looks nice and yummy

  19. this looks so good!........really tasty..simple and nice.

  20. This is my favourite breakfast... only one difference I load them up with veggies...

  21. wow..loved d awesome recipe...superbbb..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  22. a very interesting blog with good Indian recipes that I can learn

  23. Semiya upma is a house fav! Yours looks great :)


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