Tuesday 5 June 2012

Nannari Sarbath

A perfect cooler for this summer would be Nannari sarbhat its available in all the street stalls here in Tami Nadu all through the year and specially during summer. Nannari is the root of a certain plant that has a very good aroma and flavor and also helps in lowering the body temperature. People also say that it is good for the uterus. Nannari syrup is available in grocery shops or Indian stores, it helps to cool and relax the body very well. On a hot summer day, after the sweating work just have a cup and you will feel the refreshment. I have bought two bottles of the Nannari syrup from the store and use it very often to beat the heat. If the syrup is available it is very easy to proceed.

(Serves 1)
  1. Nannari Syrup - As per taste (Preferably 5 spoons)
  2. Lemon - 1/2 of a lemon
  3. Water - 1 cup 
  4. Ice-cubes 

  • Squeeze juice form the lemon and set aside.
  • Mix Water, Nannari syrup and lemon juice well.
  • Don't add sugar adjust sweetness by altering the amount of syrup.
  • Add ice-cubes. 
  • Serve!
TIP 1: If you get the nannari roots you can prepare your own Nannari syrup. 

TIP 2: Never add sugar it will spoil the sarbath's taste. 

TIP 3: You can also add a piece of crushed ginger to enhance flavor. 

TIP 4: Add soda water instead of water, to make Nannari soda drink.

Chill and soothing Nannari Sarbath is now ready!! Enjoy on a hot summer day!!

(My second guest post updated as a separate post!!)
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  1. I love Nannari sherbet very much... Urs looks great

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  2. Simply love this healthy drink,just saw ur mushroom masala at Lavanya's space,kudos to both of u.

  3. Looks nice and refreshing.

  4. This is very famous sharbat in Andhra..I tasted it during my last visit..

  5. Hi Divya Pramil,

    Your recipe nannari surbat cooooolz my eyes :-)

    Keep on Divya....

  6. Love this nannari sharbat...My fav and I never miss to have it atleast once in a week and here in shops they serve with soda n they sprinkle little salt before drinking..jus awesome n refreshing :)

  7. So cool n refreshing drink.

  8. I love nannari sharbat.. Loved Ur guest post at Lavanya's blog too!

  9. I love Nannari sherbet very much... this looks refreshing and great

  10. Refreshing drink,loved your guest post,keep rocking!

  11. Congratulation for your guest post, my dear thangai. I'm happy for you and I love both recipes.


  12. Congrats for your guest post..refreshing sharbat!!

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    1. The Kerala Kitchen(June'12)

    2.EP Series-Basil OR Cardamom

  13. looks coools n refreshing..nice clicks too!

  14. Refreshing drink. Nannari is a super cooler. Love it..

  15. wholeseome refresher;good one !

  16. Nannari Sarbath is one of my fav, its just the perfect cooler and very refreshing drink for the summer here :) read ur guest post, awesome job both of you.
    On Going Event EP Series Basil or Cardamom @Cook-Ezee

  17. perfect and refreshing drink for summer:)

  18. Love this, perfect cooler for the Indian summer..

  19. As a kid I enjoyed them very much. Mom used to keep a bottle in stock always.

  20. Hi Dhivya,

    One request Dhivya , in my blog , you have to click cabbage curry URL. It'll go to Lavanya's recipe 's guest post. There you have to drop your comment for my guest post Dhivya. Thank you , Keep on...


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