Monday, 25 June 2012

Top Participants Of "The Master Chef Contest"

Hi Friends thanks for the interest in the contest and I just wanted to appreciate the continued interest of certain bloggers who are continuously putting some effort for the contest!! Just wanted to make this post an update on the status of the contest and reminder.

The first entry was "Chicken 65" by Poorni from - Easy and Homely CookBook 

Most number of entries were submitted by Shobha from Food Mazaa and Asiya Omar from My Healthy Happy Kitchen (11 entries each)

Second most entries were submitted by Jiya from Jiya's Delicacy and by Recipe world from Recipe World (5 entries each)

Thanks friends and there are other active participants who have entered their mouth watering recipes to the contest!! 

This update is as on 25/6/2012.

Thank you so much dear friends!! If I have missed your name please do contact me here.

The contest is still open and closes by June 30!! To find the details regarding the contest and linky tool for linking your recipes click here. If you wish the contest will be extended.
So contact me through the contact form here for any suggestions or feedback!!

My Best Wishes for all participants!!


  1. awesome this contest is amazing. all i want to say is divya thanks for this and it was great to see so many posts
    all the best to everyone

  2. did i comment here or not. now im getting absent minded hehe

    the event has been really great, and i enjoyed it

  3. Dear thangai,
    I can hardly wait to see the winners! I may not have a recipe to participate myself but I've been following your contestants so frequently, I feel like I'm actually a part of the contest :)

    Hope you are doing well. Write me if you need to chit chat :)

    Hugs and kisses

    P.S. I've missed you

  4. I wanted to enter my paneer frankie recipe but it didnt accept :-( what to do ??? Help :-)

    1. Try once more Shruti..There are no limits to number of recipes.. Try to link it once again if it does not show up contact me

    2. Ok Divya .... Will try it again :-)


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