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Golden Fried Chicken

Am here with another of my favorite recipe the golden fried chicken, which serves as a good starter. Obviously my readers would know that I love chicken, so I try making different versions to treat my taste buds. I love my versions so I take much care to make sure that the recipes taste good, because I don't like wasting food, this may be one of the reasons and another main reason would be we (house-wives) put our souls and hard work into making recipes (be it simple or complicated) and I don't want such hard work to end getting discarded in a dustbin. Coming to the recipe, starters with chicken are really easy, obviously tasty and comforting too. Did you know, Chicken is packed with loads of nutrients, high quality protein and strengthens immune system, yes its true. The recipe is so good, crispy, simple to make and worth trying. Just marinate the chicken, dip it in batter and fry it to get golden fried chicken. So simple right? Then lets see the required ingredients and preparation method. For my other successful starter recipes click here and here.

Its so cloudy here and I could not shoot best pics of this recipe with proper lighting, It was so difficult to wait for the clouds to pass by and shoot clear pics. hope you'll adjust.

<img src="golden-fried-chicken-3.jpg" alt="Crispy fried golden chicken">
Golden fried chicken


  1. Chicken - 300 grams (Medium sized pieces preferred)
  2. Corn flour - 3 spoons 
  3. Rice flour - 4 spoons
  4. Egg - 1
  5. Garlic pods - 1 ( Finely chopped or crushed)
  6. Lemon - 1/2 of one lemon 
  7. Pepper powder - 1/4 spoon
  8. Salt - As per taste
  9. Oil - For deep frying
<img src="golden-fried-chicken-starters.jpg" alt="Golden fried chicken starter with ingredients">


  • Squeeze lemon juice from lemon and set aside.
  • Make a batter (thick as dosa batter) using the following and set aside.
1. Corn flour - 3 spoons
2. Rice flour - 4 spoons
3. Egg - 1 (Beaten)
4. Salt 
  • Marinate chicken pieces with the following atleast for 15 minutes. (Marinating more would make the chicken more softer and tastier)
(For marinating chicken pieces)
1. Lemon - 1/2 (squeezed juice)
2. Garlic pods - 1 ( Finely chopped or crushed)
3. Pepper powder - 1/4 spoon 
4. Salt - As per taste
  • Dip the marinated chicken pieces in the batter and deep fry on low flame, until it turns golden brown and crispy. 
  • Serve!!
<img src="golden-fried-chicken-3.jpg" alt="Crispy fried golden chicken starter">

TIP 1: Serve immediately or else the crispiness will go away. I you want to save it for serving later, then deep fry it once again just before serving to make it crispy.

TIP 2: Instead of chopped garlic you can add garlic paste also. Make your own versions by adding some extra spices if you wish.

TIP 3: Always fry the chicken pieces only after the oil heats up to avoid over absorption of oil.

<img src="golden-chicken.jpg" alt="starter recipe golden fried crispy chicken with inredients">

Crispy golden fried chicken is now ready!! Serve as a starter or snack with sauce!! This will be a treat for chicken lovers!!

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  1. one of my fav starter.. tempting clicks..

    1. Thanks Preethi :) I had trouble shooting those pics in a moody climate..yet thanks for appreciating :)

  2. crispy chicken, looks so tempting and want to reach out to one asap!

  3. Omg, cant take my eyes from ur clicks,fantastic fried chicken.

  4. Wonderful clicks Divya! Your recipes are really scrumptious!

    1. Thanks Swasthi I had a hard time shooting those clicks.. thanks alot :)

  5. lovely pictures divya.. but i can't taste chicken be'coz am veg... i tell to my mom to prepare this one...

    1. Thank you so much Viji :) Oh vegan?? Then try the same with mushrooms or cauliflower :)

  6. Super yummy and crispy chicken.

  7. We both are chicken lovers and needless to say it looks mouth-watering :)

    1. Yeah Lavanya I was thinking of you too while posting this recipe :)

  8. Fried chicken looks delicious.

  9. Looks crispy,wonderful recipe...

  10. Wonderful crispy chicken fry. Irresistible one.

  11. Hi Divya Pramil,

    Golden fried chicken Looks Delicious !!!

    Neat presentation:))

    Keep on Dear ..

    Welcome to my www.southindiafoodrecipes.blogspot.in

  12. This is an awesome chicken snack Divya...like you I am also a gr8 chicken fan..will make it soon.

    1. Thank you ji :) Wow so you are a chicken lover like me?? good to know :)

  13. Your fried chicken looks delicious, I wonder how you got that red color. It can't be from 1/4 tsp red peeper. If it is what pepper do you use?

    1. Ha ha no it was not red color..I have mentioned in the post already, I had some lighting problems and that made it look somewhat reddish..its actually golden color.. the 3rd pic shows the actual color of the chicken :)

  14. Simply drooling :-)

  15. Chicken fry looking very delicious

  16. ma favourite starter.. looks very crispy and yummy..

  17. So crispy and tempting..My mouth is watering dear.


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