Saturday, 4 August 2012

My 7th and 8th Award and An Interesting Game For You

My 7th Award - Liebster Award

I've got my 7th award from Preeti from "Indian Kitchen" She is such a wonderful and enthusiastic blogger and I mean it. She keeps posting delicious recipes and works like a busy bee and never takes a break, I love her energy and I wish her good success. 

Also Viji from "Virunthu Unna Vanga" has passed on her love in terms of this award. Thank you so much Viji for you kindness. She is such an awesome blogger and has a collection of delectable recipes. I love her authentic recipes and her involvement as a blogger.

Keep blogging and keep rocking Preeti and Viji. 

Friends do visit their blogs for wonderful recipes. 

Both of them have tagged me with 2 sets of question, and its my pleasure to answer them. Still 22 questions and answers just about me will really make you get bored. So I have randomly chosen 11 questions among those 22 which I will answer, hope Preeti and Viji won't be angry about this!! 

As always there are rules to be accomplished;

Rule 1: Post 11 things about yourself
Rule 2: Answer the tagger's questions
Rule 3: Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
Rule 4: Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
Rule 5: Go to bloggers page and inform them about the awards
Rule 6: No tagging back 

Rule 1: 
I have already introduced and shared many things about myself in my earlier posts (click here). I don't want to bore people selflessly with my repeated introduction. Check out to know about me in these posts if!!!!!! you are still interested!!! (Are you sure??) 
Rule 2:
Answer tagger's questions..
  1. What was the inspiration behind your blog? - Love for cooking.
  2. Which one do you prefer: A vacation trip to mountains or islands? - Islands, I've been with my hubby to hill stations so I'd prefer Islands.
  3. Craziest thing you've ever done - Trekking and taking pics on dolphin nose (a high peaky rock) in Kodaikanal (A hill station) with my hubby!!! I will never do that again...
  4. What is your idea for a perfect breakfast? - Chicken!! anytime anywhere :)
  5. Who is your favorite blogger? - Petro from "The Seaman Mom" 
  6. What kind of music do you enjoy? - Melodies especially Jesus songs
  7. What is your idea of a perfect vacation? - A well planned vacation, with my husband is always perfect for me!!
  8. What is your favorite past time? - Blogging
  9. Which is your favorite place to shop in this world? Why? - Love shopping anything anywhere, obviously we women can't restrain from shopping. 
  10. Are you active or quite or calm person? - Hyperactive when am with my hubby and mom, active with friends and calm among strangers. So!!!! depends on who I am with. 
  11. What quality do you most like in yourself and why? - Quick to help others though I can't at certain circumstances. But I try to my fullest. 
Rule 3 : 
I love this part nominating others!! I would love to pass these awards to everyone but still as per rules I will pass it to 11 lovely people;

  1. Melody - I love her posts about Biblical quotes and the way she links them to her Garden.
  2. Meena - Such an enthusiastic blogger and personally a well-wisher and friend.
  3. Megana - My friend and a very awesome blogger
  4. Mary - I just love her interest in Indian food though she is from Canada
  5. Gk arusuvai - A new upcoming blogger, I wish her all success in blogging.
  6. Shruti -  A very lovely blogger with delectable recipes and also a well-wisher.
  7. Lavanya @ Lavs - I love her recipes and wish her all success in blogging.
  8. Gauri - An amazing blogger who appreciates other bloggers work with her kind comments.
  9. Vani Lohith - A blogger who posts innovative and healthy recipes on her blog.
  10. Shwetha - A lovely blogger who posts delectable recipes explained thoroughly and very clearly. 
  11. Amina Khaleel  - Another wonderful blogger who posts yummy recipes. 
Friends please do check out their wonderful blogs!!

Rule 4: 
Create a set of 11 questions for the bloggers.

So here comes the interesting part!! I'd love to question others but lets make this session a little funny and tricky!! 

Yes am going to invite these bloggers for a game. YES A GAME!!!!! This is a funny game that reads your character..Remember its just for fun and not intended to hurt anyone. 

How to play?? 
So...the game goes like this, answer the questions in a post I have given you below. Your answer for those questions will tell what kind of person you are!!..After you finish posting check out what your answer means..I will update the answers only after you have posted thevanswers..This will be fun and am sure you will enjoy it!! 

This is a game that reads about you!!

In case you feel uncomfortable with this game you can opt for answering the 11 questions that I have answered above!! But come on join the game :)

So lets go...
Questions to answer:
(Check for answers at the end of the post) (These are situation based questions, so now imagine yourself entering into a wild scary jungle all alone...don't worry lions are vegans there!!!)
  1. So now you are entering into a jungle and you like someone to accompany you..Who would that be? 
  2. As you move further into the jungle which are the two animals that you'd love to meet?
  3. Now you are walking further in and you find a big palace (not haunted), the door is opened and you want to go in, will you knock the door or will you just walk in without knocking. 
  4. So after you enter the palace you find a square and a round table and wish to select one for yourself, which one will you chose, the round one or the flat one?
  5. Then you find three jars, Gold, Silver and Bronze on the palace shelf and wish to chose one, which one will you chose?
  6. Now you have come out of the palace and you find yourself a nice place to settle, so you build a home there..How big will you construct your home? Compact or like a palace.
  7. Will you put a fence for your home? 
  8. You find a cup on the backyard of your home..Now which cup do you wish it to be? A porcelain cup or a paper cup or a silver cup? 
  9. Now there is a water source behind your home, which one would you like it to be? A lake or a sea?
  10. You find some ducks there and you'd like to pet them how many would you like to pet?
  11. Finally you find a way to go back home and there are two ways, either you must cross the risky river or go around the river, its a very long way but less risky, which one will you opt for?
So these are the fun questions that you must answer!! Each answer reads about you and its only for fun!! Answer them and inform me after you have posted them on your blog. I'll tell you what each answer means..Its really funny give a try am sure you will like it. 

Now friends please accept my awards and tag your other fellow bloggers and friends and spread love and joy!! 

Waiting to see all your interesting answers  :) 

Bloggers interested please do join me in the game, just post your answers in the bottom of any of your posts and inform me once you have posted them!!

My 8th Award - Sunshine Blogger Award

I have also recieved an award from Punitha of South India Food recipes blog. I love her spirit, authentic recipes and the way she comments and encourages other bloggers. Thank you so much for the lovely sunshine award. Keep rocking :) Friends do check out her blog too!!

A glad news for all those who participated in "The Master Chef Contest"
Results will be published on August 8, 2012.

Answers for the interesting game; (Updated on 17 - 8 - 2012)

I found really interesting answers from all bloggers and am happy to share this fun with all of you!! Do check out what your answers mean!!!
  1. The person whom you like to accompany is your most favorite person in the whole world, you won't give up him/her for anybody's sake. 
  2. The first animal's character resembles you and the second one resembles your life partner's and the relation between them indicates the relation between both of you. For eg - Cheetah and Deer - Your hubby will be like a cheetah and you like a deer but both of you have different ideas, views and totally differ from each other..Similarly you can relate with other animals.
  3. The one who knocks the door does not poke his/her nose into other people's personal issue, they will advice or involve themselves in the issue only if asked. The one who does not knock the door will just blindly advice and involve themselves in others issues even if not asked for. 
  4. Square table - You will sort out issues easily and you are well balanced in all things always. Round table - You will have easier issues one after the other but you won't handle them properly and keep pending.
  5. Gold - Has a golden heart, kind and loving person winner at most times. Silver - Has a very proud heart. And good talkative kind.  Bronze - A very rough to handle person and never believe anyone. (Hope you did not chose bronze)
  6. Compact home - Not a luxury lover and is very satisfied; Palace - Luxury lover and always not satisfied.
  7. Put a fence - You always have a fence around your feelings and emotions you won't expose them (even to your family/love) but will keep it to yourself, a very strong person who can control his/her situation bravely. Won't put a fence - You will just spill out your emotions to anyone and everyone and feel hurt very soon. Your emotions and sense are always at peak. But a very friendly person. Secrets won't be your kind.
  8. Porcelain cup - Your friendship will easily break. Paper cup - Your friendship with others can easily be separated by a third person.  Silver cup - Your friendship bond with others is really very strong and can withstand any situation. 
  9. A lake - You are less emotional and romantic; A sea - You are more emotional and romantic.
  10. The number of ducks indicate the number of children you'd like to have..I have seen people writing none..Are ducks that bad???
  11. The one who crosses the river is a risk taker, brave person, relates time to gold and is very brisk. The one that takes the long route never takes risk and are always slow and steady, never care about time and are lazy too.
This game is just for fum and not intended to hurt anyone!! Hope you had a good time here :)


  1. oh man what a post

    wonderful one.. i hv to read again to understand what i am supposed to do

    where do i post the answers

    and ya thanks for the tag.. ur really sweet

    1. Thanks Meenu and congrats!! You will have to post about the rules and answer the questions in the same post Just follow the rules that will help you understand :)

    2. Dear Divya,
      tq so much for the award!! its so lovely and interesting game

  2. Congrats dear.. Very big interesting post.. Appreciate ur patience.. :)

    1. Ha ha ha yeah that's a very big post and hope people will have the same patience to read it all!! Thanks Poorni :)

  3. Congrats for the awards and waiting for the results divya :)

  4. Congrats dear thank u for your lovely comments

  5. Thanks and congrats Divya ....Nice game will surely participate in the game :-)
    Today's Recipe
    Chicken Fingers(Inspired by KFC)

    1. Waiting for you interesting replies Shruti :) Congrats!!

  6. Congrats divya...Really interesting n fun game !

  7. Congrats Divya on ur awards, Will participate in the game, Btw thanks a lot for all ur entries for COG event you have send, couldnt send a comment thats y am doing it now.

    1. It was fun to participate in such a lovely event Thank you so much Priya :) And do participate and join me in the game :)

  8. Congrats and wishing many more....interesting game...

  9. Congrats and Thank u Divya for your kind words about me... And Very interesting game...How can u get this idea.... "ROOM POTTU YOSIPINGALOO" ha... ha... ha...
    i hope all 11 bloggers will enjoy it... keep rocking Divya...

    1. Ha ha ha no Viji actually I play this game wherever I go its my childhood game and I just wanted to share the fun here too.. Loved your sense of humor :) And thanks for the award Viji :)

  10. Hi Divya,


    Nice Game Divya:)

    I'm sure , i'll participate it:)

    Keep up this good work Dear...

    1. Thank you so much and do participate and join the fun :)

  11. Congratulation dear, very well deserved. Thanks for sharing the award

    1. Thank you Shweta and hope you'll participate too :)

  12. Congrats divya.. wish you many more dear :)

  13. Congrats Divya....very interesting game, that I was answering all questions while reading this post :)

    1. Is it Kavi? Thank you wish I'd heard your answers too :)

  14. Congratulations Divya... Thanks for sharing the award...

    1. Thanks Amina and congrats!! Hope you will take part in the game too :)

  15. Congrats Divya. Appreciate your patience.

  16. :-) Interesting post. Congrats on the awards..

  17. cograts on your award!going to see your fun game..:)

  18. Divya , I have answered your questions and have posted on my blog, do I have to pass on this to 11 other bloggers?? If yes will do so in another post hope that it is ok?

    1. Wow Gauri you are super fast!! Yeah you can nominate others and its all your wish dear, about when to post it :)

  19. Congrats Divya!! wishing you many more....Thanks for sharing the award!!

    1. Thanks and Congrats dear :) Wish to see your post soon :)

  20. Congrats on your awards, my lovely thangai! I see you're doing so great and I'm happy for you! I miss you so much :(


    1. Thank you so much sweet sis :) Miss you too hope you are doing fine!!

      Hugs and kisses

  21. Congrats on your award Divya :-)

    Sharans Samayalarai

  22. Thank you Divya! First congrats on all of your awards!

    Because the weather here is gorgeous for such a short while, I'm really busy outside. I have a big deck to paint, so I need to stay focussed on the outdoor chores right now. I hugely appreciate the award, and am thrilled you passed it on to me. I will be answering your questions and posting about the award soon. Probably when the deck is put back together!

    It's so good to see that people in India are actually reading my blog about cooking! Too funny! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Mary congrats and hope you settle down soon :)

  23. Congrats to you Divya!! All the best

  24. Hi divya i have made a post and answerd the jungle questions. do check out when you get time

  25. Hi Divya ....
    I answered all your question visit my blog :-)


    Today's Recipe
    My Third Award And A Game

  26. Hey dear, congrats on your awards..wish you many more of them in future :)
    Thanks a lot for passing it to me too!


  27. Congrats on ur awards dear Wishing to get more.. :)

  28. Ha haha hah hahaha i cant stop laughing at the answers hheheh hahhaa

    too good i really enjoyed it and if i do more ha ha it wud spill out of this comment box hahhahahaha
    ducks i put none then i realised it must be a question relating to friends heheheh hhahahhahahahaha

    oh dear honest i cant stop laughing now hahhahahahahahahahahha

    1. Ha ha ha thanks Meenu happy that you liked and enjoyed so much :) Thank you so much :)

  29. WOW Divya :-)
    Loved all your answers :-) Most of the things you said are correct !!!
    But having 5 ducks as pet means 5 kids that's impossible ;-0 LOL !!!
    Really liked the quiz conducted by you :-)
    Looking forward for more games and events from you side !!!
    Take care

    Today's Recipe
    Rice Kheer

    1. Thanks dear hope you enjoyed the game..Will post many soon :) 5 kids!!! Ha ha ha...That was just a fun game na!!! So no worries... And thanks again for participating :)

  30. Hi Divya,

    Thanks so much for passing the award along to me. I am very flattered that you thought of me! Please check out my answers at


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