Friday 14 September 2012

Date Yogurt Smoothie

Date yogurt smoothie is a very healthy and filling smoothie prepared with dates and yogurt. This is a perfect one for brunch, breakfast and times when you need something to fill your hungry tummy with a single gulp. I have not used any artificial sweeteners instead I have used dates for sweetening as well as for flavor, that makes it nutrition rich. You must have all known the health benefits of dates, these are iron rich and helps prevent hair loss, anemia, also they are good laxatives which helps prevent constipation, further more these are rich in fiber, proteins and eating atleast one dates per day gives you a balanced nutrition required for the day. You must appreciate kids to eat dates, try to prepare tasty recipes with these for them to relish both taste and good health. Usage of yogurt helps give a creamy texture and it has many health benefits too, like its good for intestinal and colon health, easier to digest than milk, calcium and protein rich, and so good for kids. Also yogurt comes under the food category that helps absorb nutrients and minerals well in the intestine. This is the best smoothie that helps you gain all nutrients from a single glass, perfect for kids, students and working people who rush off to their study or work place in a hurry. Just a glass of this in the morning will keep you full and provide you the needed nutrition for the day. Needs very few handy ingredients and very less time for preparation. Lets get to know the preparation now.

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Serves 1 person
Total Preparation Time - 3 minutes
  1. Thick Yogurt/Curd- 150 ml (Unflavored) 
  2. Dates - 6 pieces 
  3. Cinnamon powder - A pinch (Optional) 
  4. Ice cubes - Few 


  • Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend well till it turns smooth. 
  • Serve! 

TIP 1: You can avid cinnamon and add a cardamom pod, if you wish. 

TIP 2: Don't add water it will become watery and lose the smoothie consistency. 

TIP 3: Use thick yogurt that is not sour. If you are going to use home-made curd then hang it in a muslin cloth to remove excess water and then use it for making smoothie. 

Healthy and delicious smoothie is now ready!! Serve during brunch or breakfast!!


  1. i luv any form of curds..this seems too yummy..iam going to make it right now..

  2. hey t his is yummy smoothie divya

    love it


  3. smoothie looks delicious and nice presentation Divya

  4. Love this Black & White Yogurt !!!

  5. looks yummy with nutritional benefit....

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  6. Delicious and comforting smoothie.

  7. superb clicks dear... but today no comment for recipe because i never had curd at any form... sorry...i loved ur clicks... really fantastic...

  8. samma clicks, who's specks is that?looks like a picture from a book.... love it... besides that i was wanting to do a smoothie with dates and u have done it, great minds think alike ;-)

  9. A very quick and healthy drink.loved the presentation!!

  10. Yummy smoothie nice presantation

  11. Yummy drink...Lovely clicks...bookmarked will try soon...

  12. easy healthy drink.. semma clicks

  13. Loved ur creativity with the clicks simply rocks! Hugs :)

  14. Nice click, the first one Divya.. Semes like an emotional retrospection kind :)

    I have never added dates in my smoothies.. Would love to try anytime

  15. Smoothie looks very comforting and delicious........

  16. Very nice tasty smoothie. Nice pics

  17. Lovely combination, would love to try it

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  18. Delicious looking smoothie...Lovely clicks...

  19. Creamy, luscious & power packed smoothie!!! Fab clicks :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  20. beautiful presentation divya.. liked the spec with books idea :)

  21. Very good idea! So fast, nutritious and delicious!

  22. Amazing smoothie dear. Easy, delicious, nutritious and very innovative your clicks....

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