Saturday 15 September 2012

Tender Coconut Lemonade

Want a natural refreshing drink, without artificial sweeteners but with lots of electrolytes and minerals? Then go for tender coconut water. So much of nutritional benefits can be obtained from tender coconut water, it helps keep your body hydrated by replacing the lost body fluids, promotes digestive system health and cures urinary track infections, has cooling effect on the body,  has loads of minerals specially has more content of potassium than bananas. So this lemonade is not only a refreshing drink but also very healthy with a mild ginger flavor and tangy lemon twist, the small tender coconut tit bits I have added makes it more delightful. Tender coconuts are naturally sweet and hence you don't have to add artificial sweeteners, but still if you find your tender coconut water to have less sweetness then add some sugar to adjust according to your taste. Try it and you will definitely love it.


(Serves 2 glasses)
  1. Tender Coconut Water - 500 ml (From 2 tender coconuts) 
  2. Tender coconut pieces - From one tender coconut (Chopped into smaller bits) 
  3. Pepper powder - 1/4 spoon 
  4. Lemon - 1/2 of a lemon 
  5. Ginger - 1/4 inch piece (Crushed)
  6. Sugar - As required (Add only if the tender coconut water is not sweet) 


  • Squeeze lemon and extract juice from it and set aside. 
  • In a jar add tender coconut water, lemon juice, pepper powder, crushed ginger, and sugar and stir well. 
  • Remove the ginger piece and add the chopped tender coconut pieces into the lemonade and serve. 

TIP 1: Instead of adding ice cubes chill the tender coconut water previously and use it for making lemonade. Ice cubes will dilute the lemonade and thereby affects the taste. 

TIP 2: Do not add sugar if the tender coconut water tastes sweet. 

TIP 3: You can also use orange juice instead of lemon. 

TIP 4: You can add tit bits of your favorite jelly instead of using tender coconut bits. 

TIP 5: You can prepare this lemonade with coconut water also.

Refreshing Tender coconut milk lemonade is now ready!! You will definitely feel refreshed, try it!!

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  1. ahha this is awesome

    i want this now

    as always ur pics are amazing diyva

  2. pics are superb and so also the have stored up one full bottle, do give me at least 1/2 glass:))

  3. Super option.. I love both Lemon and young coconut... Mixing both together good option :-) will try

  4. Woow lovely piccs nice drink

  5. Drooling :-)
    Please pass me one glass !!!

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  6. looks really refreshing!pass me a glass too!

  7. Delicious and refreshing lemonade.

  8. That looks amazing! I love the little bows on the jars also - great touch.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx

  9. wow!!! superb divy... I put straw from here n drunk all.... so excel in photograpy... lovely one my most favorite.... i can drink 2-3 elarneer at a time still my tummy full...

  10. interesting and innovative dear :)

  11. Nice ideas Divya! Drink looks refreshing and healthy

  12. Wonderful combinations! I must try that. In Canada, people drink cranberry juice for bladder infections, but it's quite awful, I think. This looks so much better!

  13. very refreshing.....coconut lemonade,lovely clicks.

  14. New to me. Sounds yum and refreshing !!

  15. Guess you can christen this dish ACCOLADE. Very new. And lovely picture.

  16. Yummy combo....Lovely cliks....

  17. oh so yummy.....mouth watering

  18. great idea this lemonade! So refreshing and delicate.

  19. wow.....after dates smoothie, another fabulous and refreshing drink........just awesome! I am 'fida' on your sense of photography dear, wonderful.

  20. This sounds new to me and interesting. Very refreshing too

  21. Awesome recipe and the clicks concept makes it worthier even more..Great job dear.

  22. What a lovely presentation! Am I invited to the party?? Hahaha!

  23. Very refreshing drink Divya, great idea

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  24. Love the new added flavor of the classic drink!

  25. Refreshing lemonade...Lovely clicks...


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