Friday 26 October 2012

60 Days To Christmas - Event And Giveaway


Welcome friends to another interesting Event. Making friends is easy but getting a good friend is always tedious!! I made some really good friends in this blogosphere and recently I got a new friend Priya.R owning the space Cook like Priya. Am really very happy to announce that we are together gonna conduct a very special event....

"60 Days To Christmas"

Grab this logo!!

Yes its gonna be a Christmas special event!! Wow it was just like the last Christmas had been over few months ago, days are just flying and now we have just 60 days to Christmas!!! When you say the word Christmas the first thing that strikes your minds are Cribs, Gifts, Santa, Reindeer, Christmas trees, Carols, Celebrations, and obviously Jingle bells Song!!! But above all there is something that is being forgotten or even being ignored..I know everybody knows its Christ's B'day a special day, but what do we need to celebrate about actually? A Savior was given to us to carry away our sins, sickness, miseries on a cross. He gave up everything for our sake and took away the punishment that were meant to be ours. We must celebrate this greatness, share his love and spread his mercy. That's what we should celebrate Christmas for!! A simple manger scene is not what we should focus on...the whole journey of Christ's Salvation starts on this awesome day and all these should be remembered praised and shared.

Coming to the event me and Priya had decided a long time ago about this event and wanted to make it very special. It is her very first event and am really amazed with her skills of creating the logo and naming the event!! 

About & Guidelines

We are going to conduct a joint event that will be running in her space and my space too. Nothing to get confused here are some guidelines. 
  • Priya will run the same event at her space but it will be purely dedicated to Baking stuffs like Cake  Cookies, etc; Drinks, Sweets and Desserts and so if you prepare any recipes that comes under the the above category you must link it to her blog.
  • My space will be purely dedicated to Curries/Gravies, Soups, Appetizers and Rice Varieties. So you can prepare any recipe that comes under the above category and link it to my blog.
We have made the rules very simple and we are not going to force you to subscribe to our blogs or even like our pages on Facebook. You will have to just cook a recipe, post the logo and and link it to the respective pages using the linky tool.  

Prize & Awards to be won

The winner can chose any one of the following prize. (The color of the prize may change) 

  1. Nova Touch Digital Kitchen Scale (weighs upto 5 kg)
  2. Canisters 4 Jars
  3. 3 Set Tupperware Magic Oil Flow 
  4. Prestige 3 litre cooker
  5. Tupperware Multi Cook 3.3 litre
  • We will select one winner via random generator and she can chose any one of the prizes from the above pic. Its all upto her choice. 
  • A participation certificate to all and many interesting awards (Certificates of appreciations) apart from this prize is also awaiting. 

Rules and Regulations for participating in this event;

Event Dates

  • Event starts today (October 26, 2012) until December 24, 2012.


  • Cook any recipe VEG or NON-VEG relevant to Christmas theme and post it on your blog along with a link back to hosts along with the logo. 
  • Recipes relating to Christmas theme will be given special importance and will be considered for awards. (i.e. A recipe decorated with some props like stars, bells, Christmas trees, Santa Claus dolls and having backgrounds relating to Christmas will help you win awards)

Linking & Logo

  • Logo and links are mandatory. Submissions without logo and links will not be considered
  • Link your entry to the respective event pages using linky tool. 

~ Link Curries, Rice Varieties, Appetizers and Soups here in my space using the linky tool at the bottom of this page. 

~ Link Sweets, Desserts, Drinks and Baking stuff like Cookies, Cakes to Priys's Space (Cook like Priya)

Old Posts

  • Two old entries or archived posts are allowed only if re-posted with links and logo.

Who can participate?

  • This event is open only for Indian residents. Even if you are not in India you can participate and win it for your loved ones in India.
  • Bloggers who are not into food blogging can also participate. Just make a recipe post it on your blog and enter the event or send in a recipe to my email id with the following format given for non-bloggers.
  • Non-bloggers who are interested can send your recipes as a word document with the following format to my e-mail id.
      • Name of the participant
      • Name of the recipe
      • Ingredients required
      • Method of preparation
      • Send a picture of the recipe as attachment
Am sure the rules are very simple and the task is also very easy. Do participate and send in a lot of entries you may be the lucky winner!!

Waiting for all your interesting and lovely recipes!!!

Any doubts or issues please contact me here!!


  1. wow awesome
    u guys hv done awesome jobs

    two questions
    baking i m still newbie so wud leave out
    but curries gravies and rice dishes right
    and it can be archived entry too
    or we hv to put one compulsory new post for that along with archive one
    repost means just repost it again with link right
    and christmas theme now i m confused does my rice qualify in christmas theme?

    1. Hi Meenu reg archived post you must repost the old post once again or create a separate post with a link recipe pic and logo and link it back to this page Meenu..
      About the Christmas theme; nothing complicated Meenu, there are lots of Christmas props like stars, bells, christmas trees etc right using them or doing something related to Christmas gives u an added advantage that's all nothing else you can link normal recipes too.

  2. Replies
    1. Great dear :) Expecting your yummilicious recipe :)

  3. hi divya, best of luck in your special foodies event.
    sure your good event management skills will bring a lot of fun to you and i am from malaysia, have a nice day

    1. Hi dear thanks for the appreciations you can participate if you have any family or friends in India... you can participate and win it for them :) and have a nice day too!!

  4. Hi Divya ...
    Lovely event and awesome goodies thing I want to ask ... Can we link non-veg recipes too ???

    1. Obviously you can link any kinda recipes Shruts :)

    2. Thanks Dearie :-) One already connected :-)

      Today's Recipe
      Chicken 65

    3. Thanks dear :) Waiting for more from your side!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks dear but your recipe comes under dessert and baking category so you must link it to Priya's space..Only savory curries soups etc can be linked to my space... And yeah expecting more from you :)

  6. happy hosting divya ..................
    just linked my recipes dear.


  7. happy hosting divya, try to send some entries

  8. very nice event !! ll link my recipes soon :) !

  9. Happy Hosting.. Soon try to link recipes!

  10. Awesome & great event dear. Surely participate. only two archieve post allowed Divy? Happy hosting to both of you dearies.

  11. Lovely event, happy hosting and would love to participate!

  12. Happy hosting divya.....will send some entries...

  13. Do we have to link our recipes in both the blog ??? Bcoz Priya left a comment to link there too :)

    1. No Shruts you just have to add a link of her space in your post that's all :)

  14. lovely event dear,Happy Hosting!!

  15. Happy hosting, will try to send some entries.

  16. Happy hosting to both of you,great event :)

  17. Happy hosting :)
    A simple manger scene is not what we should focus on...the whole journey of Christ's Salvation starts on this awesome day and all these should be remembered praised and shared.-love this words

  18. hi divs i hv put my sweet kesariya rice even if its made in oven but it can be made on gas top also. hope the link shows up. its archived post re posted it
    later wud make something more for this

  19. Awesome event Divs...will link mine soon!!

  20. happy hosting... Will link my entries soon...

  21. ok there is repost error
    divs can u delete the first non working link
    i added a new link for kesariya rice

    1. Will definitely delete it Meenu :) Thanks for linking :)

  22. hi dear...

    added my entry....


  23. Mirchi Ka Salan
    just linked my first entry to your event. Lovely event. Happy hosting.

    Home Made Recipes

    1. checked it dear and the link is working fine in both the sites. Its the 20th post.

    2. Oh k dear its fine :) Thanks for checking it out :)

  24. hey Divya! nice giveaway :)
    surly gonna participate !
    one Q .... can we link multiple entry??

  25. Divya, linked my first entry -Grilled Green Chicken..

  26. Lovely event dear..
    will the number of entries play a part for winning?

    Latest Recipe at SirsFood-Home Made Gulab Jamuns

  27. Divya,
    i have linked one more recipe moughlai gobhi...

  28. Hi Divya,Saw this event from a friend's here,have linked my recipe.

  29. hi divya ,

    can u give me u r maid -id , i am non-blogger , i would like to participate in this event .


    1. Hi Meena :) Glad to know that you want to enter the contest!! Do use the contact form dear. Here is the link..
      Use the above link and contact me, I will send you a reply as soon as I get the mail!!

  30. hi dear,
    i wish to participate in this event.iam a new blogger and first time in your space .luv the site.i have some doubts regarding this event,can we send multiple entries?and this archived post means any posts before the mentioned date (24 th oct)right?

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. hey,
    Loevely Event. My first cooking blogpost ever and I'm glad I can participate in this event :)
    not sure if the linking thing worked. So here is the url again.
    - Dia

  33. Hi,
    Linked my Meenkulambu recipe just now...
    I,m seeing delete mark in my posts still ...chicken kulambu has x mark still...Can you sort it divya?...

  34. Hi Divya, just now I submitted the link of fish cake. Please check and confirm dear.

  35. Divya Just now I put My entry over here.Plz check it out...

    1. Fine dear, just checked now and its all perfectly ok :) Thanks for linking!!

  36. Hi Divya,
    Just now I have reposted Hyderabad briyani and whole chicken fry for your event and given the logo and links in this post. Hope it suits the theme. Happy hosting dear.

    1. Thank you so much Viki :) Best wishes dear and advance Christmas wishes to you and your family :)

  37. Divya Just linked Cheesy Corn with Baked Capsicum. Check this out.Thanks.

  38. Thanks all for the lovely support and delicious entries :) Thanks for making this event a big hit!!! Merry Christmas one and all :)

  39. haii divya...who is the winner of the event?

    1. Yet to announce dear, once done will inform everyone :) Thanks!!


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