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Bhelpuri Chaat | Puffed Rice Snack | North Indian Chaat Recipe

Am sure everyone must be aware of the SNC (South Vs North Challenge) event running at my space. Now the challenge is open and both the Southern team and Northern team have challenged each other with their authentic recipes. This month Divya Prakash from the Southern team and Shruti from the Northern team have posed the challenges. And both of them have done a very good job indeed. Divya has posed Mysore pak and Shruti has posed  Bhelpuri Chaat. Since am a member of the Southern team I've prepared Bhelpuri chaat, as Shruti has posed this recipe as challenge for the Southern team. Do check out the challenges posed by Divya Prakash and Shruti. And am so glad that all of us have got new friends, learnt something new and we also make a great team; people are having serious fun in our SNC Google group. For event details click here

Now coming to the recipe;

Bhelpuri chaat is a fantastic snack recipe of India specially Mumbai, a real delicacy found in the street side stalls. It has many flavors in it and is a treat for taste buds. The tangy tamarind chutney and refreshing mint chutney gives a twist to the snack whereas puffed rice and sev gives a very crispy texture and the chopped veggies gives a delight in every bite. If papdis and chaat chutneys are available then this will be the quickest and easiest snack. Check out the tamarind date chutney (click here) and mint chutney (click here) which are the two basic and essential ingredients of this chaat. Try it at home, you will feel it way more healthier and also you can adjust ingredients according to your taste. I used homemade papdis you can use the store bought ones or make some by following the recipe here. Now lets see whats needed and how to prepare this delightful snack. 


Serves 1
Total preparation Time - 2 minutes (If papdis, chutneys are ready)
  1. Puffed rice (Arisi Pori) - 1 cup (20 grams) 
  2. Fried Maida Papdis (Papris) - 5 (I used 7 my papris were small; click here for home-made papdi recipe)
  3. Fried Peanuts (Groundnuts) - 1 spoon
  4. Boiled potatoes - 1 (Mine weighed 32 grams)
  5. Chopped onions - 2½ spoons (20 grams)
  6. Chopped tomatoes - 2 spoons (15 grams)
  7. Chopped cucumber - 2 spoons (15 grams)
  8. Chopped coriander - 1 spoon 
  9. Grated raw mango - 1 spoon 
  10. Lemon juice - 1 spoon 
  11. Tamarind date chutney - 1 spoon (click here for recipe)
  12. Mint Chutney - 1 spoon (click here for recipe)
  13. Sev (Omapodi) - A handful 
  14. Salt - As per taste


  • Break the papdis into smaller pieces set aside.
  • In a bowl add all the following ingredients and mix or toss well;
Puffed rice (Arisi Pori) - 1 cup (20 grams) 
Fried Maida Papdis (Papris) - 5 
Fried Peanuts (Groundnuts) - 1 spoon
Boiled potatoes - 1 (Mine weighed 32 grams)
Chopped onions - 2½ spoons (20 grams)
Chopped tomatoes - 2 spoons (15 grams)
Chopped cucumber - 2 spoons (15 grams)
Lemon juice - 1 spoon 
Tamarind date chutney - 1 spoon 
Mint Chutney - 1 spoon
Salt - As per taste
  • Place this prepared mixture on a serving plate and garnish.
  • For garnishing; sprinkle grated raw mango; then sprinkle sev (Omapodi) and finally add some chopped coriander leaves.
  • Serve!! 

TIP 1: Consume immediately or it will turn soggy. Also do not load with too much of chutney it will make the puffed rice turn soggy soon. 

TIP 2: You can also add a pinch of chaat masala and some puffed rice while garnishing. Add or decrease ingredients according to your preference. 

A very delicious and well flavored chaat is now ready!! Am sure this is a favorite for many!! 

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  1. Yummmmmmmmmy even I have prepared this yesterday for the challenge need to make time to post it

    Kudos to u for the lovely presentation

  2. Looks so yum and you are superb made everything from scratch, hats off to you and truly kept the south team's name :D love it and the clicks look superb


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    mumbai bhelpoori walas will feel shy to make their own bhel now
    this is truly amazing

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    Bhelpuri is looking so yummy !!!
    Lovely clicks :-)

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