Saturday 13 October 2012

Bread Custard Pudding - No Eggs, No Butter

Festive season is nearing and everyone are in the mood of making something sweet, obviously that's what makes festivals and celebrations more special. And we almost tend to prepare or buy the same authentic sweets. Instead of the same old way try new sweets and desserts for your loved ones, family and friends it enlightens your festival and your effort will make your loved ones even more happier. Here comes a festive special sweet or dessert that serves as a best treat to people with a sweet tooth and for those who keep  hunting for new desserts and sweets. Bread custard pudding is a sweet, delicious dessert, that can be made easily within minutes and also you don't have to keep checking for sugar syrup consistency, needs no special attention and not time consuming too hence is a fuss free sweet or dessert. Also you don't have to spend much for making this sweet, the ingredients needed for making this sweet is so cheap, just a packet of normal routine milk, be it fat or skimmed; few bread slices, some spoons of custard powder, sugar and almonds will do, so this is going to be a cheaper yet yummier and satisfying dessert. Another positive thing to try this recipe is, its beginner friendly. So why wait more lets get to know how to make this rich delicious bread custard pudding. 


Serves 5 people 
Total Preparation Time - 10 minutes

  1. Sweet bread slices  - 6 to 7 
  2. Custard powder (Vanilla flavored) - 3 spoons (12 grams)
  3. Boiled Milk - 500 ml 
  4. Sugar - 75 grams; nearly  (If you don't want much sweetness add 50 grams)
  5. Almonds - 10 


  • Chop bread slices into medium sized pieces and set aside. 
  • Chop or coarsely grind almond and set aside. (In case of grinding, make sure not to over grind it)
  • Take some 50 ml of cold milk in a cup (Milk at room temperature) add the custard powder and mix well without any lumps. 
  • Add sugar to the remaining milk and stir well until it dissolves then add the custard mix into the 
  • Pour this mixture into a wide pan and place on flame. 
  • Cook on low flame and keep stirring for about 3 minutes. 
  • Then add in the bread pieces and let it get soaked well. 
  • Then mash well and keep stirring. 
  • After it gets mashed well add chopped almonds and mix well. Then add 100 ml of water and mix well again. 
  • Cook opened and stir frequently until it becomes thick. This may take just 2 minutes.
  • Remove from flame and serve hot or refrigerate it after it reaches room temperature and then serve chilled. 

TIP 1: Use sweet bread don't use the salty ones. You can either remove the brown ends of the bread or use them as such. 

TIP 2: You can also use chocolate flavored custard powder and make chocolate pudding.  Add some extra cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder to make it more yummy. 

TIP 3: You can add this pudding into a rectangular mould or your favorite ones and set it either in room temperature or refrigerator and get shaped pudding. 

TIP 4: If you want it to be colorful and attractive add a pinch of food color of your choice. 

Delicious and Delectable Pudding is now ready!! Serve as desserts or as festive sweet!!


  1. Delicious bread custard pudding.

  2. Lovely bread pudding, i like the contrasting pictures :) yummmm, its great that you have not used egg sis

  3. Awesome and I 'll make it :)

  4. Rich and delicious pudding.. Love the clicks..

  5. Delicious and yummy bread custard pudding!!!

  6. Never added custard powder to bread pudding before. Nice idea.

  7. Awesome this is :-):-) will try definitely :-)

  8. this is really so nice... pudding without egg looks good too...

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  9. i have never made bread pudding though heard of it so many times
    again ur pics r really inviting ones

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    rava idli-- a guest post

  10. delicious..i am searching for new words after seeing ur each me !!

  11. Looks so yummy...going to try it....

  12. looking delicious...nice clicks too..

  13. Super delicious and creamy rich custard pudding. Like to have it, so yummy...Lovely clicks too.

  14. never tried this kind of a desert. looks great

  15. looks so delicious nice clicks

  16. hi divya... on seeing ur pic, couldn't resist, made this dessert yesterday and is now in my fridge, for today's chai... it turned out lovely... :)

    1. Thank you so much Rafeeda for trying and sharing your feedback too :) Am sure you must have loved it :) Thanks!!

  17. looking this it made my tummy yummy.

  18. I love bread custards. The pics are gorgeous!

  19. Very Very Delicious Recipe. i was looking Online for Best food Recipe and Its the Best One recipe for Navraatra Days. thanks for Sharing

  20. This looks like a very quick version of an old favourite. Fabulous pictures too!

  21. I made this pudding today with brown bread, low fat milk and brown sugar. It was tasty and yummy. Thanks for sharing your receipe.


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