Wednesday 3 October 2012

Tamarind Date Chutney For Chaat / Sweet And Sour Chutney / Khatta Meetha Chutney

Tamarind date chutney also well known as the Khatta Meetha Chutney is one of the main and essential ingredient of all chaat varieties available in India. It can also be had as dips and spreads for snacks like samosas. No one would ever say no to the tasty chaat varieties of Indian street side stalls. The main and secret ingredient that adds an excellent flavor to chaats like paani poori, channa chaat and bhel poori, is this tangy and sweet tasting chutney. Its so simple and easy to make but tastes too good and is a tongue tickling chutney with awesome flavors in it. There are many versions but I follow this simple preparation method that tastes just like the one you get in street side chaat stalls. Try it today its worth trying and am sure you will love it for sure.  

Serves nearly 650 grams of chutney (or) nearly 800 ml of chutney
Total Preparation Time - 40 minutes

  1. Tamarind - 75 grams (3/4th cup)
  2. Seedless Dates - 50 grams (1/2 cup)
  3. Sugar - 125 grams (1¼ Cups)
  4. Red chilli powder - 1 spoon 
  5. Coriander powder - 1 spoon 
  6. Cumin powder - 1 spoon 
  7. Chat masala - 1/2 spoon 
  8. Salt - As per taste 
  9. Warm Water - 300 ml 
  10. Normal water - 300 ml 

  • Add all the ingredients to a bowl and pour 300 ml of warm water, mix well and set aside for 30 minutes or until tamarind and dates gets soaked well. 
  • Then add this mixture into a blender and blend well add the normal 300 ml of water and blend until it turns into a smooth paste. 
  • Strain off the strings with a bigger pored strainer and discard if any. 
  • Serve!!

TIP 1: You can avoid dates and add jaggery instead. 

TIP 2: You can also add a spoon of garam masala if you like its flavor. 

Tangy and sweet lip-smacking chutney is now ready!! Serve as dips for samosas or use for chats!!

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  1. Lovely flavorful chutney, i can see something in the back-ground await it :-)


  2. Very flavourful yummy chutney, Divya. Can imagine its awesome taste.

    Today's recipe:

  3. I love this imli chutney...Well prepared..

  4. Such a fabulous chutney,its a must for chaat, simply love it.

  5. aha, luved ur chat at the background as well.

  6. A perfect chutney for many things - yum!

  7. Perfect

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  8. Delicious and tasty chutney for all most chat it is a must.

  9. I had been to MP recently, where they gave us this with kashta kachori..sweet n sour chutney looks really yummm Divya

  10. Perfect accompaniment for chaats

  11. Hey Divya, Saw my post?? someone is getting ready to prepare Bhel puri.... lol

    1. Yeah dear saw your post :) And yes you got it Jillu ;)

  12. Love this tangy sweet chutney...Nicely prepared dear..

  13. wow, it looks yum. i make similarly but dont add dania powder.. will try urs,.

  14. would be a perfect companion with all chat items :)

  15. Looks yummy...Chaats are my favourite snacks..

  16. WOW Divya :-)
    Now waititng for your bhelpuri recipe !!!

  17. wow Divy... so super i love the panipuri behind it... mmm.... bhelpuri is getting readya...mmmmmmm.....
    n DIVY, you are having a lovely award in my space, please accept it as token of my love...

    1. Thanks dear :) Yes bhel puri is getting ready :) and thanks for the award Viji :)

  18. was looking for this recipe dear! thanks for sharing,

  19. wow divs u made it so good. ah well india is indeed land of diverse culture and unity in diversity shows here

    well done

    Join my first event -- Be My guest

    Mysore pak

  20. Love this finger licking chutney...It is so handy ...


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