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Easy Mushroom Curry / Mushroom Kulambu

Looking for a lip-smacking, quick curry with ingredients just from your refrigerator and kitchen pantry? then this one is for you. This mushroom curry is so simple and can be made quickly with not much fuss. Just blend all ingredients into a smooth paste cook it up add mushrooms and serve. Sounds easy right?

Usually in curries you will have to add ingredients in a particular order, wait for the ingredient to get cooked then add the next ingredient and saute and wait again, this itself takes some time and also some beginners find it difficult to keep the order right, but here in this curry there in no need of worrying about this part, you will have to just blend cook and serve. The resulting curry tastes so good and flavorful, goes well with rice, bread, rotis and any kinda Indian bread. Its always a duper hit at my home and the best part is I don't have much of work too. There are some who have no time or patience to stand beside the pan and keep sauteing, for them this curry is the perfect choice. Usually mushrooms gets cooked quickly so doesn't absorb much of the curry and tastes bland, to avoid this I have sauteed the mushrooms first before adding them to the curry, this helps avoids the bland taste and makes it even more delicious and succulent. Just try once and you will love this curry for sure.  


Serves 2 to 3 people
Total Preparation Time - 15 to 20 minutes 
  1. Mushroom - 150 grams 
  2. Big onion - 1 
  3. Tomato - 1 
  4. Coconut - 5 to 6 pieces (or) 6 spoons of grated coconut
  5. Red chilli powder - 1 spoon 
  6. Cumin powder - 1/4 spoon 
  7. Peppercorns - 1/4 spoon 
  8. Pepper powder - 1/4 spoon 
  9. Turmeric powder - 1/4 spoon 
  10. Cinnamon stick - 2 small pieces 
  11. Star anise - 1 
  12. Bay leaf - 1 
  13. Oil - 8 spoons 


  • Add all the following ingredients to a blender and make a fine paste out of it and set aside;
(For making the ground paste)
1. Big onion - 1 
Tomato - 1
2. Coconut - 5 to 6 small pieces (or) 6 spoons of grated coconut
3. Red chilli powder - 1 spoon
4. Cumin powder - 1/4 spoon
5. Peppercorns - 1/4 spoon
6. Cinnamon stick - 2 small pieces 
Add 1/2 cup of water while grinding to make a fine paste
  • Wash mushrooms well in water and chop it into 4 or medium sized pieces. 
  • Heat a pan and pour 2 spoons of oil, after it heats up add the chopped mushrooms, few pinches of salt, turmeric powder, pepper powder and saute for just 2 minutes. Do not saute for more than 2 minutes or else it will start letting out water. Take the mushrooms and set aside. 
  • Now to the same pan add the remaining oil and let it heat up. (Use the same pan or you can use a different pan) 
  • Then add bay leaf and star anise into it and saute for a few seconds. Now add the ground paste along with half a cup of water and stir well. 
  • Add necessary salt and cook well on low flame until the raw smell leaves and the curry thickens. 
  • Now add the sauteed mushroom pieces and stir well. Cook for another 3 to 4 minutes or until the mushroom gets cooked. 
  • Serve!!

TIP 1: I have sauteed mushrooms along with salt, pepper powder and turmeric powder so that it does not taste bland after making the curry. Sauteing them helps give a nice flavor too. 

TIP 2: See that the curry gets cooked well before you add the mushrooms. Or else the curry will give a raw smell. Mushrooms gets cooked fast and so you cant keep cooking for more than 5 minutes after adding them to the curry. Overcooking will give a rubbery texture to mushrooms. So see that the curry gets cooked well then add the mushroom pieces. 

TIP 3: You can also add some fresh peas while making this curry, just pressure cook them for a few minutes and add it to the curry. Will taste great. 

Delicious and Lip-smacking curry is now ready!! Serve with rice, rotis, breads!! You will definitely love this curry!! 

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  1. Not a big fan of mushroom, but I can use gravy some other vegs. Nice one.

  2. Great the combo of coconut and mushrooms.

  3. so yummy n very tempting dear...

  4. love the color of the curry Divs, great side to chappati love it

  5. Wow very inviting n lip smacking curry!!!
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  6. Wat a catchy colour, simply inviting curry.

  7. Super delicious and wonderful creamy curry !!

  8. Never heard of mushroom kuzhambu... Must have tasted awesome I think... Bookmarked.... Event: Dish name starts with P

  9. hi divya, i never made curry using mushrooms, this is a great idea to try out. have a nice day

  10. I have some mushrooms in my fridge, gravy looks good, I may just try it out!

  11. looks yummy

  12. Yummy and real easy gravy... Lip smacking...

  13. Gravy would be perfect for chapathis. yum

  14. The color of the gravy looks very inviting. Thanks for sharing........

  15. colorful and appealing gravy. very nice recipe dear.

  16. Love your presentation Divya. The curry looks rich.

  17. Looks so delicious..will make it

  18. I tried this recipe today.. It is finger licking curry :) I am very fond of red color curry ans i got the exact color what u pictured... SLURP.. thank u for the nice recipe

    1. Hi Aishwarya :)

      Thank you so much for trying and so glad that you liked it!! thanks a lot for the wonderful feedback :)

    2. I never tried bfore recepies of mashroom,bt i tried today mrng its awasome taste thanks yar coz of u i got wndrful appriciatn frm my hubby for 1st time

    3. Hi Lavanya :) Thank u so much for the motivating comment!! Glad about the praises you've got! :) Keep visiting and trying my other recipes too..

      Thank you!!


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