Wednesday 14 November 2012

Sago Kesari / Javvarisi Kesari - A Guest Post For Meenu

Hi dear friends am really very happy to announce that I have made my 5th guest post for my dear friend Meenafrom 

Do check the recipe here!! Sago Kesari / Javvarisi Kesari!!

Sago Kesar / Javvarisi Kesari 

Sago Kesari is a real treat to people with a sweet tooth. Kesari is a sweet Indian dessert that tastes so good. Am sure everyone must have tried Kesari with rava and semolina, but try with sago it tastes like jelly, is so good to taste and the best thing is, it is so easy to make. There are two methods to make this kesari you can try this with using water or milk, but milk tastes more creamier and rich. Still some don't like the milk flavor such people can try the simple method. This has been my hubby's favorite and I make it specially for him. If interested do check out the recipe here.

Me & Meenu......

Meena, is one of my most dear friend, whom I have got through blogging, though we have not met in person we do have shared a lot of things. She is a very, humble and fun to be with kinda person, whenever I have a chit chat with her its really becomes an unforgettable moment. She has a good sense of humor and is a very vibrant person, and every time I have a chat with her I feel refreshed. She has always been supportive and helps me at times of need, she has also been a very active participant in my South Vs North Challenge (SNC event). We do have a separate Google group for the SNC event and she is the most hyper-active chatterbox aka rowdy there!! Am really happy to have such wonderful friends all around me in this blogosphere. Meenu's comments are something always noticeable, since it has a real meaning, they are not just composition of words, but those are statements or comments that really fit into the scene. I really like the encouragement and support she gives to her fellow bloggers.

Thanks Meenu for being such a wonderful, lovable human and friend. 

I must mention about Meenu's blog here, its a very delectable space with all homely recipes. Do check her blog and keep supporting her. 

Participation Certificate

For participating in her guest post series she has awarded me this certificate!! Thanks Meenu!!

Winning Certificate 

Am also glad to announce that my recipe Kothu Kari Kulambu / Kheema Curry has won the the 
3rd place  
and a prize money of Rs.1000/-
Thank you so much Akka!!!

She has really put in a lot of effort in the event and its round-up. And am so glad that I hav won the prize after being judged by Mrs. Mano a very famous recipe writer!!
Do check out her recipes here!!
Thanks Asiya Akka you have really made my day!!

Check out my winning recipe here!!


Now, do check my other guest post for Meenu by clicking here!! Nei Urundai / Ghee Moong Dal Balls

Also check my other guest post for Priya.R here!! Chinese Style Garlic Chicken

Please do check the recipe and share your comments and suggestions J


  1. baby boss u hv written so much about me. i feel elated and embarassed. u wrote a lot and well if it wasnt for ur encouragment i wont have proceeded with half the things i should have. u r half my age but more enthusiastic than me
    it was pleasure to have another of ur post on my space.
    thanks a lot dear *HUGS*

    1. Hugs for you too Meenu for being such a nice friend am happy to do a post for you :)..

  2. congrats divya :) this kesari is in my to do list.. will try it soon..

  3. Sago kesari, only you can think of such innovative recipes :P lovely one compared to the usual rava kesari... congrats on your award :-) and winning the competition, proud of you :D Love....

  4. i am one sucker for sago and this recipe is really tempting me... will definitely try and let u know... :)

  5. cogrates divya on winning the event . innovative recipe ..................

  6. Congrats divya!! Colourful delicious sago kesari.

  7. Great post and congrats on your win too. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your message regarding Samosas.

  8. Innovative recipe,yummy kesari..will surely try this.

  9. Love the clicks's a new dish for me..i'll try it soon :)

  10. Congrats Divya for ur award n nice colorful guest post :-)

  11. Congratulations deserve it ...

  12. congratulation baby boss :) now i know y all call u baby boss :) nice innovation :)

  13. Congrats Divya. Nice post.Sago Kesari looks delicious.

  14. congrats divya..u totally deserve all these awards..darling..keep rocking my love..hugs..<3

  15. Congrats divya. Wishing many more awards. Sago Kesari looks delicious.

  16. Congratulations on the WIN!! very well deserved.. also a very nice post for Meena, your word perfectly mirror her personality!

  17. Wow.. Congrats Divy!!!!! I love sago kesari dear!!!!! I love all kesaris... :)

    Title Link - http://MY FIRST EVENT - THANKS GIVING

  18. Delicious sago kesari, loving it.. Btw congrats Divya,we both won together the 3rd prize,am so happy for you.

  19. I luv this texture and the visibility of the sago pearls. So so perfect and it looks divine.

    foolowing you.


  20. congrates on your all awards and keep on digging on innovative recipes.

  21. this is so new! never seen this kind of recipe before~!


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