Monday 5 November 2012

SNC Round Up For The Month Of October (SNC 1)

Hello Friends I hope everyone is aware about the SNC Event running at my space. It is  an event that runs every month, where two teams challenge each other with their authentic recipes, and the opposite teams have to complete their challenge within a months time. One winning team will be decided and awarded the trophy each month. It was like yesterday when I announced the challenge, but the first month challenge has already been completed successfully. I really want to thank all of you who had been a great support for making this event a successful one. And here comes the round up for October. 

I really want to appreciate all the participants individually for participating and for the effort they had taken to complete the challenge!! Also I would like to thank Meenu, Shruti, Yashodha, Divya Prakash, Vijayalakshmi, Priya Sateesh, Sharanya, etc for being so supportive throughout the whole event. After SNC I must say, we have made really good friends and am happy to be conducting this event. Thank you friends...

Before diving into the results let me give you a brief intro about SNC

About SNC

South Vs North Challenge is an event started by me a month ago. The basic concept of this challenge is to learn new regional recipes with the help of a an event that would be fun too. I segregated Indian bloggers into two teams depending on the region they belong to, The Northern Team and The Southern Team, for further details click here. Here one person from each team challenges the other team with their authentic recipes. And the teams are given a months time to complete the challenge. This challenge will be new every month and anyone willing can challenge. Finally score will be calculated based on certain criteria and the team with the maximum number of points wins. Some awards and badges are provided to best performers and also to the winning team. 

Challenges Of SNC - 1 (October Month) 

October month's challenge was posed by;

About our members

There are totally 40 members in our SNC family.

  • 28 in the Southern team
  • 12 in the Northern team

Among them 11 from the Southern team and 7 from the Northern team had completed the October month's challenge. Some were not able to participate due to ill health and other personal issues. But still all of them stayed together during the whole journey and helped each other. 

So now I know many of you would have scrolled down here to see who's the winning team but common check out what I have written above.

Winning team of SNC - 1 (October)

So the winning team is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Winning Team's Trophy

CONGRATS FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they lead the Southern team with "25 points" Wow that was really a good score!! 

Northern Team - 70 points
Southern Team - 45 points

Northern team members grab the Above Trophy and Certificate and post about it on your space if you wish!!! 

Participation Certificate

Other Participants Grab Your Participation Certificate!! Choose the ones you like!!

Score Sheet

Please keep in mind that the point system here is only for encouraging and fun, it does not mean one team is superior or inferior ti the other!! 

Only a point system can make a challenge complete so here we go; 

Score Sheet Explanation

 Shruti and Divya Prakash helped me a lot in selecting the well presented, most commented and well explained categories. Thanks a lot friends. 

  1. Most Quickest Entry - Goes to Shruti. The one who completes the challenge and links first among all the entries wins 25 points; Shruti completed her challenge first and also linked it first so she has won her team 25 points. Even if you have completed the challenge and have not linked it wont get the 25 points. 
  2. Well Presented Recipe - Goes To Sireesha & Minnie Gupta. One well presented recipe from each team will be selected and awarded 15 points each. Preference will be given to the picture and presentation. This time Shruti had selected Sireesha from the Southern team and Divya Prakash selected Minnie from the Northern team for presenting the recipes well. So they are winning 15 points for the team they belong to. 
  3. Well Explained - Goes To Viji.  The team with the perfect explanation about SNC and the recipe will get the well explained post award. This time there was a competition among Viji, Meena, Priya Sateesh, Priya Suresh. All had explained the SNC well but Viji had out done it and also had posted the logo on her side bar. So Viji wins 15 points for her Southern team. 
  4. Most Commented - Goes To Priya Suresh. The recipe with the most number of  comments among all the entries (includes both south and north) will win 15 points for the team. This time Priya Suresh from the South team had 47 comments and so she wins 15 points for her team. 
  5. Most Number Of Participants - Though there was an imbalance between the team I could make out that more than half of the northern team members had participated in the challenge. And when comparing the ratio with the Southern team Northern team had won this part. Out of 28 only 11  were able to complete the challenge but in the Northern team out of 12, 7 had completed the challenge. So clearly the Northern team has won the 20 points here. 
  6. Special Award - Goes To Shruti. And coming to the special award the one who excels in the challenge by performing well in any way will be awarded a special award according to that the individual who earns this credit or badge will earn an extra 10 points for her team. This time Shruti wins this special award and so she wins her team another 10 points. For the award she has won check at the bottom of the post. 
The total score of Northern team is 70 and that of Southern team is 45. 

Now Southern team members don't let your spirits down. I really want to appreciate the work of the Southern team members, Bhel puri may have sounded easy but only when you have all ingredients in hand it becomes an easy task. But still all who participated really did a wonderful job by preparing everything right from scratch. The task was bit difficult and I hope that is what a challenge means. Thanks for the wonderful challenge Shruti. And Mysore pak I must mention is not an easy to make recipe. Even the South Indians struggle to get the perfect consistency but still all the Northern members who had participated willingly took up the challenge and made it out well. Thanks Divya Prakash for the sweet start

I appreciate the spirit of all the participants of October month.

Its Time To Shower Awards!!! 

Hosts Of SNC - 1
Divya Prakash posed and hosted the challenge on behalf of the Southern Team 
Shruti Dhingra posed and hosted the challenge on behalf of the Northern Team

Both the challenges were really amazing and they hosted the challenges really well. Thanks for the fabulous challenges Divya Prakash and Shruti. They really coordinated the team well and helped one another with the challenge. 

Divya Prakash & Shruti grab your badges!!

Most Quickest Entry 
This is awarded to the most quickest entry. Shruti had linked her entry first and is earning 25 points for her Northern team. Grab your badge Shruti.

Well Presented Award
Selected by Shruti & Divya
Shruti chose mine to be the well presented recipe. But I don't want to be a competitor I found this event and I don't want to grab all these certificates and badges for myself. 

So am passing this award to my team member Sirisha for her neat presentation. Grab your badge Sirisha. 

For Northern team goes to Minnie Gupta for her delectable presentation. Grab your badge and certificate Minnie. 

Well Explained award
(Selected by Shruti)
Goes to Vijayalaksmi from Southern team. Award goes to her for the following reasons. 
  • For her well explained posts specially about SNC. 
  • Well explained recipe with step-wise pictures. 
  • And she had also posted the logo on her side bar which I had mentioned about in my SNC post. 

I did not find the logo of SNC on the side walls of many participants. Also the Northern team completely failed to do this, so they are not getting any points for this.

Grab your badge Viji.

Most commented recipe award
This award goes to the recipe with the most number of awards among all the entries. And it goes to Priya Suresh, her bhelpuri has got the highest number of comments (47 comments). Grab your badge Priya. 

Special award time

Now to appreciate the best work and make winning more interesting I have created a special award.

"The Queen Of SNC" 

This will be given to the best performer each month and she will score some extra points for her team. 

Check out October month's SNC Queen!!
From the Northern team!!

Congrats Shruti you have earned totally 35 points for your team!!!

Shruti grab your badge!!

Shruti has won this based on her outstanding performance as, host, participant and also achiever. She posed the challenge on behalf of the Northern team, She completed the challenge first and also linked it first and earned her team extra points so she gets the Queen of SNC award for the month of October. 

This award will be given to the best performer every month and also the best thing is she will earn some points for her team too. This part of decision will be taken by me, while the rest scores will be decided by the hosts who will be posing the challenges of that particular month.

So dear friend next month's Queen might be you...... Take part, perform well and win this badge and make your team the winner!!!

Special Applauds 

There are some who should be really appreciated for their awesome work. 

One such person is Sowmya from Sowmya's Kitchen. She joined our SNC event almost near the end of October but she took up the challenge and completed it and linked it too. So special applauds to Sowmya. Do visit her site and encourage her she is new to blogging. 

For Members Of SNC

Those who have joined SNC recently kindly check whether your name is in the list, if not please mail me I might have forgotten. Also I have created a Google group only through which I will contact you i.e. send mails and post updates reg SNC. 

If you are not in the Google group please send me a mail I will send you the invites. 

November Month's Challenge - Open

Now please check out this (November) month's delicious challenges

Northern team challenge for Southern team was posed by - Pallavi
Recipe - Gulab Jamun (Southern team will have to make this within November) 

Southern team challenge for Northern team was posed by - Yashodha
Recipe - Adhirasam (Northern team will have to make this within November)

All the best to both the teams!!

Those who wish to join SNC contact me here ,


  1. Divs u hav so much patience dear! Great work there!

  2. oi what an event and what a list
    awesome now i know i was shouting at u bt this requires lot of work lot and lot of work
    hats off to everyone

    let me come bck and comment later but divs
    u made mistake in last line
    its northern team who has to make adisaram
    not south

    well i wont mind if all south does the work hehehe

    come bck later

    and awesome presentation
    abt the side bar logo
    i kept looking and looking and looking i knew i had forgotten something but it didnt strike me at all tht i forgot the logo


    i wud correct now tadaaa

    and i goofed again with adhirasam
    i hv to link up this logo i didnt do
    let me do before i lose points hehe
    ta ta

  3. Divya, I totally, completely floored.

    This is a MONUMENTAL amount of work. Unbelievable.And the way you have set out the scoring inspite of the imbalance in the teams is brilliant. I can't believe the amount of work you have put in - you are an exceptionally talented and dedicated person.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful competition, and even more important, the opportunity to be a part of this exceptionally talented group.

    Looking forward to the coming months.

  4. congrats north team for winning the first challenge

  5. Lovely round up dear.. Congrats to the northern team...

  6. Great work Divs :-)
    Yippieeeee Northern team won !!!!!!
    Thanks a lot for your special award :-)
    Highly obliged !!


  7. WOW!Great work Divya Pramil!
    Congrats Northern Team & QUEEN OF SNC.
    Special Wishes to the award winners -Shruti,Sireesha,Minnie,Viji, Priya Suresh,Sowmya and the members of SNC.

  8. Congrats North team friends!!!
    Also congrats to my friends who getting special prices!!!

    Divy, I have to appreciate you, but I'm searching for the words :)

    Super darling.. I'm just stunned about your work!!! Love you dear!!! Brilliant work dear!!!

  9. Wow wat effort Divya, well explained and detailed roundup.. Congrats to the Northern team,they rock.

    Am very happy to get 15points to our team,congrats to everyone who the awards.

  10. Hi Divya,Wonderful work dear...
    Contrats to northern friends...Congrats to all my friends who got spl prices...Very much fun to take part....

  11. searching words to praise your patience and dedication dear..i can expect the effort and hard work you have put in to make this..kudos to r a real star...

    Congrats friends of NORTHERN TEAM :) and friends lets keep this spirit going on..congrats to all of us for being part of this fantastic challenge..

    Latest Recipe at SirsFood-Home Made Gulab Jamuns
    Athidi Devo Bhav: Todays chit chat with divya prakash

  12. i m back. last nite read it fully and i was so lost i dont know what all i blabbered and forgot to congratulate everyone
    i mean everyone is a winner here. and special mention to divs for arranging such a engaging event that not only we have fun we have so much help with challenges. and we learn so much
    and now this round up presentation
    out of this world

    divs u out did urself
    u need a special award for this buddy

    would put up the badge soon and congrats north team and south team was not lagging behind they did exceptionally well.

    great job
    check out my adhirasam for nov challenge

    adirasam-- a sweet

  13. wow Northern team won...well explained divya...your work is awesome dear.....

  14. U r doing a great job divya.. :)

  15. This is lovely.. the best roundup I have ever seen..:)
    Great work Divya... :)

  16. wow its incredible... Gr8 Gr8 job... HATS OFF TO U BOSS!!! n Congrats North Team and All Award winners and all participants of OUR SNC... No word for your work!!!

    1. N am so happy that i too earned 15 points for our Team....

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. i missed the event...will try to join for next month

  19. Congrats for all the award winners n divya u done a great job!!! kudos to u dear!!!

  20. Great round up and sorry that i could not submit my entry last month, will be posting my recipe soon for this month's challenge... congrats to northern team and every one part of SNC who were so enthusiastic and posted their recipes. Lastly not to forget our brain child Divya for pulling of this event so well and doing so much hard work and making sure everyone is given due appreciation and making this event totally unique compared to most other events in the blog world... truly hats off to you

  21. Such an excellent work dear . Congrats to North team, I'm jealous. :-)

  22. Hats off to your effort Divya. Excellent round up. Thanks a lot dear. Feeling really proud to be in SNC family.

  23. Wonderful event ! How do I join ? Let me knw



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