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Wheat Flour Balls | Godhumai Maavu Urundai | Healthy Indian Snack | Low Calorie Snack

Wheat flour balls or godhumai maavu urundai is a very healthy and easy to make Indian snack which is prepared with wheat flour and palm sugar. Snacks can be defined as some meal that is quick to cook and eat. But I would say it must be something healthy too, and only few snacks are of that kind and I found that they were mostly authentic Indian snacks. This is one such recipe which is very healthy, nutritious and also simply easy to prepare. Moreover it does not include any fat. it completely an oil free and ghee free recipe. Wheat flour and palm sugar both are rich in iron content which makes this an iron rich snack, also wheat flour is rich in calcium and vitamins which is very essential for kids and women. Having so many health benefits, these balls requires very few ingredients and can be prepared within a few minutes. I have used palm sugar here instead of sugar, but you can also try it with sugar or jaggery (vellam). This sweet snack does not need any syrup consistency like some sweet recipes needs, so its a beginner friendly recipe too. These balls are not soft like ladoos but has a powdery crumbling texture that melts in the mouth when you take a bite and as time passes the palm sugar melts in and binds well together to give a perfect texture. No one would guess that the balls were made with wheat flour as it tastes so good. You can store these in clean airtight containers for days and serve when needed. Now lets see how to make these healthy and delectable balls. 

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Makes 15 balls
Total Preparation time - 10 minutes
  1. Wheat flour - 1 cup (nearly 100 grams)
  2. Palm sugar / Karupatti  - 100 grams
  3. Cardamom pods - 4 to 5 (or) Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
  4. Water - ¼ cup (nearly 10 spoons)


  • Take a pan (see that it is dry) and add wheat flour place on flame and roast well on low flame until you get a nice aroma. This may take 2 to 3 minutes. Then remove from flame and set aside.  
  • Break palm sugar into smaller pieces and crush cardamom pods.
  • Now take a sauce pan and add palm sugar and cardamom pods into it, add ¼ cup of water and place on low flame.
  • Stir well until the palm sugar dissolves well, string consistencies are not needed here.  When the palm sugar has dissolved well, remove from flame and strain using a strainer. This will help remove dirt and the cardamom pods.
  • Now add this palm sugar syrup (while it’s still hot) little by little into the wheat flour and mix well using your fingers, mix well until the flour becomes wet, but not too wet, it should have the powdery consistency but you must be able to make balls out of it when you press it.  
  • Now press well and make balls out of it. Press really well to make balls because it will have a powdery texture and only when you hold well it will bind and form balls. Once well pressed it will not break, it will stay firm as a ball.
  • Do the same with the rest of the flour and serve. You can also store it for days. 

TIP 1: Use a dry pan to roast the flour. Be careful to add the flour and then place the pan on flame. If you place the pan on flame and then add the flour, it will get burnt. It is the same for making palm sugar sauce, add all the ingredients to the pan and then place on flame.

TIP 2:You can also use jaggery (achu vellam) for making these balls.

TIP 3: Initially it will have a powdery texture but later it will harden slightly and will have the perfect texture. Make the balls while the syrup is warm or hot it will help the making of balls easier. 

TIP 4: You can also add cardamom powder instead of cardamom pods. If you are going to use cardamom pods remove it before making balls, or else the balls will easily break. Also it wont be comfortable while having a bite. 

TIP 5: Palm sugar will have some dirt or sand in it, to remove this only we have to dissolve it in water and then strain to remove the dirt. So never forget to strain the syrup.

Healthy and Delicious Wheat Flour Balls are now ready!! Its so healthy and easy try it and serve as Snacks!!
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