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Chettinad Fish Fry Masala | Masala For Fish Fry

Chettinad cuisine is well known for its flavors and specially for their freshly ground spices they use in their recipes. Today am going to share with you a basic Chettinad fish masala that has so many aromatic and flavorful spices in it. We usually make fish fry using very few ingredients like, the red chilli powder and salt as it is the simplest way to enjoy fish fry, and sometimes we add some lemon juice or other masalas for variations, but the Chettinad fish fry has a variety of spices used in it that makes the fish fry taste really awesome and I bet you would not have tasted any fish fry better than this. This is just the basic masala powder, but when making the fry you must add some shallot paste, ginger garlic paste along with this powder and apply on the fish pieces, set them aside for few minutes and then fry them to get the complete authentic Chettinad fish fry. This masala needs time to prepare and so you can prepare this in advance and store them in containers and use when needed, this will ease your work. I usually prepare this fry very rarely because it needs some extra effort, but then when I started to prepare this masala in larger quantities and store them, my work went a lot easier and now I make it very often. You can either opt to make fresh masala or make in large quantities and store them for future use. Vegetarians can use the same masala to roast baby potatoes. Now lets see what's required and how to proceed.


Makes masala for 4 to 5 fish pieces
  1. Cumin seeds / Jeera - 2 grams (1 spoon)
  2. Fennel seeds / Sombu - 2 grams (1 spoon)
  3. Coriander seeds / Dhania seeds - 6 grams (2 spoons)
  4. Peppercorns / Milagu - 2 grams (1 spoon)
  5. Dry red chillies / Kaaindha Sivappu Milagai - 6 to 8
  6. Turmeric powder - 1/4 spoon 
  7. Salt - 2 grams (Optional)


  • Take a pan and place on flame, now add all the above said ingredients (except salt) and dry roast just for 30 seconds. 
  • Remove from pan and set aside until it cools down to room temperature. 
  • Now add all the ingredients to a blender (see that the blender jar is dry) and grind well into powder, add turmeric powder,  salt (optional) and grind again. 
  • Sieve the ground spice mixture to get the fine powder. Grind the rest again. Only if the powder is fine it will stick to the fish pieces. 
  • Store or use!! 

TIP 1: You can make this in large quantities and store in airtight containers and use in future. 

TIP 2: While making the Chettinad fish fry, make a paste of shallots, ginger and garlic and add to the required amount of this powder then apply this paste on fish pieces and fry them. Recipe coming soon. 

TIP 3: You can add salt to the masala powder or avoid it. Adding salt helps the masala powder to get ground into a very fine powder and also adding them helps increase the shelf life of the masala. 

TIP 4: If your powder is not fine enough then sieve the masala and use only the fine powder, or else it will not stick well to the fish pieces. 

TIP 5: You can also grind the masala without dry roasting first.  Dry roasting helps enhance the aroma and flavor and also increase shelf like. 

TIP 6: Do not over roast the ingredients it will affect the flavor. Color change is not needed, roast only for 30 seconds or until you can smell the aroma. Remove immediately from flame. 

This is the fish fry made with this Chettinad masala powder. Click on the pic for recipe!!

Aromatic Chettinad Fish Fry Masala is now ready!! For the Chettinad Fish Fry Recipe Click Here!!
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  1. my mom also make this masala which she got tips from my cousin who lived in karaikudi...
    Ghee Rice

  2. I can feel the aroma of this yummy spicy chettinad fry....Mouthwatering!!! Visual treat dear:)

  3. Very aromatic fish fry powder. Can imagine from now, how the fried fish pieces will be...

  4. Whenever we go to some costle areas this is must...Thanks a ton for sharing the powder masala with us

  5. Super fish fry masala...thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. Its tempting me to have fishes for dinner today...need to rush for the store...

  7. How aromatic this masala powder will be na..Beautifully done;

  8. looks very flavorful masala..

  9. The pictures, the spices, the roasted masala powder is enough to set your imagination on fire!

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  11. All ur authentic dishes rock dear... Keep rocking...

  12. Beautiful pics sis and lovely that its all homemade :) you are brilliant who will think of this :)

  13. fry must be very delicious , thanks for sharing divs

  14. must be flavourful and lovely clicks Divya!

  15. Wonder spices and very aromatic right.

  16. Nice Divya ... Fish fried masala is really nice one. Must try once...Thanks for sharing....

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  19. Super masala... It would be tasty

  20. Yummm...super authentic and delicious fish fry...

  21. hi can marinate the fish lemon juice along with masalas?pls reply thank you

  22. hello sis,
    my spouse is an vegetarian can you tell me pls how to roast potatoes with this masala in short.
    shall i boil potatoes first little bit in microwave. and then roast it in a kadai/pan, do i need to add any other added ingredients, would appreciate your help pls..


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