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Chocolate Mug Cake Using Pressure Cooker | Christmas Desserts | Christmas Recipes | New Year Recipes

Christmas is here and all are busy attending mass, celebrating already and baking special cakes and cookies, and so was I, getting prepared for Christmas, when a humble mail from a dear reader reached me. The reader wanted to know how to make a simple chocolate mug cake for Christmas using a pressure cooker. I was not able to post anything for the past few days as I was busy with Christmas, but I can't ignore my reader's request so for her sake made it yesterday and am posting it now sorry for being so late, but I have already shared the preparation method with her.  I thought of posting my fruit cake recipe but have no time. So here is a chocolate mug cake recipe that is so easy to follow and also needs no baking tools, just a coffee mug, a pressure cooker and some handy ingredients are enough to get you a perfect tasting chocolate mug cake. There are two versions using the same cake, one is the fully baked chocolate mug cake and the other one is the gooey cake which is not fully baked but has a softer texture. The fully baked cake can be taken out of the mug and sliced into pieces whereas the gooey one cannot be taken out, but can be scooped and eaten with a spoon. The later one is more famous and loved. So here today am going to share with you both the versions, hope you love it. 


Makes one chocolate mug cake 
Total Preparation Time - 40 minutes 
  1. Cadbury's hot chocolate powder - 4 tablespoons (20 grams)
  2. Maida / All purpose flour - 4 tablespoons (20 grams)
  3. Egg - 1 
  4. Sugar - 2 tablespoons (10 grams) 
  5. Milk - 3 to 4 tablespoons 
  6. Vanilla essence - 1/4 tsp 
  7. Butter - 3 tablespoons (melted) 
  • You can replace cadbury's hot chocolate powder with 2 spoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and 2 spoons of sugar. 
Extras you will need
  1. A coffee mug - medium sized 
  2. Pressure cooker (remove the whistle or regulator from the lid, you won't need it throughout the process)


  • Preheat a pressure cooker as follows. Place a pressure cooker on flame and place a separator and close the cooker with its lid. Remove the whistle/regulator you wont need it throughout the process. (you can either close the cooker with the lid as you normally do or place the lid upside down too) 
  • Then place the cooker set up on high flame for 5 to 7 minutes. 
preheat pressure cooker
  • Meanwhile beat the egg well and set aside. 
  • Take a bowl and add all the ingredients and mix well, then pour the beaten egg and mix well so that it forms a smooth batter. 
  • Now grease a coffee mug and pour this smooth batter into the mug. 
  • Now open the pre-heated cooker and place the mug inside the cooker, on the separator and close the cooker with its lid. (do not place the whistle/regulator)
  • Cook on low flame for 20 minutes or until the cake rises out of the mug as shown in the pic. The cake will rise well first and then slowly puff down.
baked cake
Look how gorgeously the cake has puffed up!!! 
  • Remove from flame and serve!!
  • You can also loosen the cake by running a knife around and tapping the cake out. Slice into pieces and serve. But if you need the gooey kinda cake follow the other preparation method with the same ingredients. Only the time varies. 
Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake Preparation
  • Follow the same preparation method as above just reduce maida (all purpose flour to half) and also reduce the cooking time to 12 minutes. You will get the soft gooey cake. You can check in between by opening the cooker to see if the cake is done. 
Doesn't she look like a stout chocolaty Effiel tower!!! :)

TIP 1: I used double the quantity of all ingredients as my mug was large. 

TIP 2: You can replace hot chocolate powder with cocoa powder and sugar as I have mentioned in the substitutes. 

TIP 3: I have used too much of chocolate powder, which may taste bitter and I love it so, but you can reduce it according to your wish. 

Yummilicious, soft and spongy, Chocolate mug cake, using a pressure cooker is now ready!! 

I wanna wish my dear readers, friends and everyone out there a very Merry Christmas !!
Let the Lord Jesus' grace shine on you all.....
May families be blessed with happiness, peace, good health and everything needed!!!


  1. i have made this 1-2 times, should do it again :) pics look great :)merry christmas :)

  2. What a lovely n tempting cake. Merry Christmas...:)

  3. Yummy cake divs..merry christmas

  4. Merry Christmas sis :) have a wonderful day :) God bless love

  5. Lovely that too in pressure cook method, done perfectly. Merry christmas

  6. Nice useful post. Cake looks yummy

  7. Mug cake looks simply delicious and mouthwatering. Excellent preparation.

  8. aww i have seen cup cake thing bt not confident to try out yet
    they look total delicious ones
    merry xmas divy

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family Divya.
    Cake looks delicious....Very easy to preapre...

  10. Never knew that you could bake a cake in a pressure cooker. Nice. Merry Christmas.

  11. wow amazing.. looks very yummy and tasty..

  12. new to me dear.. looks great.. merry christmas :)

  13. merry christmas divya....................

  14. Lovely ! Seasons greetings gal and wishes to u & family for a great year ahead !!

  15. wow..it's absolutely a winner ! I loved the recipe.

  16. wow...Cool n yummy...Will try this for sure..

  17. Absolutely rocking one...

  18. Innovative thinking n perfectly done dear!!!

  19. Looks so delicious and gooey! I am not a big chocolate fan, but this recipe might just change it :)

  20. WOw! Th e mug does not break. Love it. Thanks.

  21. Wow that is so tempting!!! does the mug not break? I remember in some recipes, they add sand or salt in the cooker to maintain the heat..
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    Ongoing Event - SYF&HWS - Ginger

    1. Hi dear :) No the mug doesn't break I used the same mug for making the cake and it is the same mug there in the pic :) Yeah some use sand, but this easy method also works :) try sometime!!

  22. oh....vth P cooker.so,I`m going to do dis.book marking page....BTW if possible plz visit mine n plz chjeck out my new FB page dear.Hope u vl

  23. That's the most cutiest mug cake i have seen.
    Love it...Diya!


  24. I sooo loved it and guess what?
    I just bookmarked your blog.
    Will visit you often from now :)

    I Diva

  25. Super moist mug cake,loving this pressure cooker version.

  26. Very lovely cake Divy... yumm n cute...

  27. hi divya
    i am planning to do this in microwave for my kids,you have not mentioned baking powder or soda in the recipe list.is it needed or you can go ahead with this recipe.

    1. Hey dear, you don't need baking powder, because the cake rises well even without the baking powder we are using more of eggs here which will help rise the cake. Also not too much of maida is used. So go ahead with the recipe..Hope ur kids like it :)

    2. I tried it out ,it turned yummy , my kids liked it.will try it again as a evening snack for them.your recipe are different always.

    3. Wow that was quick :) Thanks a lot for trying and also sharing the feedback it actually motivates me to do more :) Happy to know your kids liked it :)

  28. Thanks all for the Christmas wishes and lovely comments :)

  29. Let me know if you can submit a cake recipe for DNS. DNS is a blog cum magazine to support Indian food bloggers.
    Kindly mail me your recipe with a short bio of yours to ver.neha@hotmail.com
    (Make sure the recipe is yours).
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  30. hey Divya
    I tried this and it was a lovely recipe. I just have a doubt cause it was my first time using the P Cooker with a separator. Should we add water or not in the cooker. i did it without water but i was like "MAYBE I SHOULD ADD WATER".
    Lovely site with wonderful recipe and Yes! i bookmarked your site. :) God Bless u

    1. Hi there :) Thanks for trying this recipe.. Actually you dont need water to bake a cake in a pressure cooker. If you add water it will become a steamed cake obviously... and if you stillhave doubts reg this please drop a mail or comment :) Thanks for bookmarking.. Good day :) God Bless you too!!

    2. Looks divine, doesn't top plum cake tho

  31. thanks for a lovely Recipe.. i hv one ques... plz reply tht... if i want to make it egg less can i.. if ys how.. in ur other cooker cake recipe also .. i m a vegetarian so wht should i use instead of egg..

    plzz reply...

    1. Hi Ishi :)

      You can try substituting condensed milk for eggs here, I haven't given a try but, condensed milk is used mostly to replace eggs. Try it... I will try that version and post it soon :)


  32. Thanks a lott.. Divya..

    Today i tried it & it comes out v well in my ist attempt .. thnx a lot for ur wonderfull recipe..i suggested ur blog to my sis & cousin also...i wanted to send u snaps of my cake but dnt know how to send it them ..


    1. Hey Ishi, my pleasure.. thanks for trying :) And thanks a lot for referring my blog too <3 If you'd like to send me any snaps or contact me reg any queries do send me an email to divya.pramil@gmail.com :)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. hey divya. i actually went ahead and tried this recipe in a cake tin. and did everything else as instructed by you. the cake came out really well. This was my first experience baking anything, ever! iam so over joyed and thrilled by this humble experience. all thanks to you! :)

    1. Hey glad to know that divya :) So happy for you!! Keep trying other cake recipes too!! Thanks for letting us know your feedback :) <3


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