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SNC Round Up For The Month Of November (SNC 2)

Hello Friends am sure many of you must have been awaiting for the November month's SNC Event round up. I hope all of you must be aware about this challenge and so I don't think an explanation is needed. But still if you want to know more about the event click here!! 

Am so thankful to all my friends and SNC participants who have been continuously supporting me right from the beginning and have made this event a great success. We have made really good friends here and are enjoying every moment together virtually. 

Minutes Of SNC- 1 

November month is the second month for SNC, the first month challenge was conducted during October and had been completed successfully, thanks to the October month's host and participants. The hosts were Divya Prakash and Shruti and we started of the event on OCtober 1, 2012. Divya Prakash posed mysore pak for the Northern team to accomplish, whereas Shruti had posed Bhel puri for us Southern team members. Interesting and delicious challenges they were. The Northern team had won the challenge and beat Southern team with a difference of 25 points. Many thanks to all who took up the challenge enthusiastically and to others who had been a pillar of support. I posted the round up for October month on 5th of November.  

The Northern team excelled the October month's challenge and won the trophy.Check it out here!! 
Lets see who has won the trophy for November month.

Challenges Of SNC - 2 (November Month) 

November month's challenges were posed by;
Both the challenges were awesome and festive special and the represented the authenticity of the two regions of India perfectly. 

Thanks to both the lovely hosts without whom the November month's challenge would have been impossible. 
Thanks Yash and Pallavi.

About our members

There are totally 47 members in our SNC family.

Here is the data for the month of November;

Now comes the most awaited moment!!! Lets see who wins the challenge for this month!!

Winning team of SNC - 2 (November)

So the winning team is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Winner Trophy

Congrats Southern Team Friends!!!

Southern team members grab the Above Trophy and post about it on your space if you wish!!! 

Score Sheet

Please keep in mind that the point system here is only for encouraging and fun, it does not mean one team is superior or inferior to the other!! 

I have calculated the points based on the judgement and data given by the November month's hosts, 
Pallavi and Yashodha.

Also only the links from the linky tool will help me calculate the points perfectly. 
This time I have considered the posts that were not linked, next time please do it or else it will be hard for me to post the round up. And in case I don't consider your link please don't blame me!! It will be impossible for me to check all the spaces individually to search for your entries, please understand and do help me out!!

Basic Score Sheet

November month's score sheet

Score Sheet Explanation

The hosts of this month have decided the winners for each category and based on their decision I have calculated the points. 
Thanks Pallavi and Yashodha you have really done a great job!!
  1. Most Quickest Entry Goes to Priya. The one who completes the challenge and links first among all the entries wins 25 points; This time Priya Suresh (Priya's Versatile Recipes) from the southern team completed her challenge first and also linked it first so she has won her team 25 points. The second was Meena from Random Ramblings but she does not get any points only the first linked entry earns points, but still good effort Meenu.
  2. Well Presented Recipe Goes To PJ from Southern team & Shruti (Shruti's Rasoi). I loved all the presentation of all participants, each one had presented the recipe in a unique way and according to me everyone deserves this award. One well presented recipe from each team will be selected and awarded 15 points each. Preference will be given to the picture and presentation. Divya Prakash also had presented well, but since she had not linked her recipe the award goes to PJ. 
  3. Well Explained - Goes To Sherin (Kuk's Kitchen) from Southern team & Meena (Random Ramblings) from Northern team.  The team with the perfect explanation about SNC and the recipe will get the well explained post award. This time also there was a competition among Viji, Meena, Manjula, and Divya Prakash. All had explained the SNC well but, hosts decided Sherin and Meena as the best, so they each win 15 points for their team. Divya Prakash has missed this too because she hasn't linked.  
  4. Most Commented - Goes To Priya Suresh again. Last time also she got this award, again she is getting it for 60 comments she has got for her gulab jamuns. The recipe with the most number of  comments among all the entries (includes both south and north) will win 15 points for the team. She wins 15 points for her team. Priya Suresh is on a hat trick now!!
  5. Most Number Of Participants - Still there is an imbalance between both the team, so I had to calculate the percentage the participants, to decide the winning team. This time many members from Southern team had participated but still Northern team beat them, they lead the Southern team this time too. 57 % of the Northern team members have completed their challenge, whilst only 55% of the Southern team members have participated. (Southern team - 18 participated out of 33; Northern team - 8 participated out of 14) 
  6. Special Award - Goes To Meena from Northern team (Random Ramblings). The one who excels in the challenge by performing well in any way will be awarded a special award according to that the individual who earns this credit or badge will earn an extra 10 points for her team. This time Meenu her team another 10 points. For the award she has won check at the bottom of the post. 
The total score of Northern team is 60 and that of Southern team is 70. 
It was such a close call!! 
But Congrats Northern team for giving a tough competition!!

Its Time To Shower Awards!!! 

Here are the awards and certificates please grab them and post it on your space if you wish. 

Winner's certificate

Here is the certificate for the winning team
If you want individual certificates with your names written on them please do mail me; I will send them to your inbox's. 

Participation Certificate

Winning Badges

Host Badges

Most Commented Recipe 
(Winners Selected by Yash & Pallavi)

 Well Explained Recipe

Well Presented Recipe

Special award time

Now to appreciate the best work and make winning more interesting I have created a special award.

"The Queen Of SNC" 

This will be given to the best performer each month and she will score some extra points for her team. 

Check out November month's SNC Queen!!
Meena Bhatia !!!! 
From the Northern team!!

There was a tough competition between Priya Suresh and Meena Bhatia but Meena has got the award for her active participation in all activities of SNC, be it welcoming the new member or helping out anyone she performed well. So she gets this award!!

Special Applauds

Special applauds to Sherin, Divya Prakash, Archana, for their high spirits, thought their first attempt failed they tried again and succeeded.

Also applauds to Shruti for completing both the challenge recipes. 

And to others who tried and could not succeed, am sure you learnt something from your mistakes :) 
Hats Off To Everyone!!!

Congrats Everyone!!

December Month's Challenge!!

The challenge for decmber is open;

Challengers / Hosts 
  1. Sherin from Kuk's Kitchen has challenged  Tasty and authentic Medu vadas / Urad dal vadas on behalf of the Southern team. (Northern team will have to make this within December 31)
  2. Meena from Random Ramblings has posed a scrumptious street side special Misal Pav on behalf of the Northern team (Southern team will have to make this within December 31) 
Two interesting challenges are waiting ahead!!! Already participants are racing ahead. Do check them out. 

All the best to both the teams!!

Those who wish to join SNC contact me here ,

Please note
Next time once you complete the challenge please link your recipes to the respective pages through the linky tool. Or else your link may get missed and may cause your team to lose!

I can see that there are totally 47 members in our SNC team but only 46 members are there in the SNC's Google Group am stuck and can't guess who is missing, so if any of you are not in the SNC's Google Group please do mail me. 
You will receive updates and mails regarding SNC only Via group mail. 


  1. Lovely round up.. So happy that the southern team won this time..Congrats to the team and also to all award winners. :)

  2. wow this is special :) congrats to southern team and all the amazing ladies and Divya for meeting all odds and doing the challenge, cant wait for this months result :P

  3. nice round up divya.. great effort by you :) congrats to both the teams..

  4. congratulation to all winners :)

  5. Hey lovely round up dear... Yeah!!! we won... congrats to all south team, N Meenu congrats for the queen of this month n for the award.... great work Divy...
    Pepper Chutney/Dip

  6. Great roundup.Well Done Divya. Congrats to southern team, special award winners and the queen of this month Meena.

  7. congrats to all the winners! It was such a pleasure participating :) Special congrats to Meena Aunty :-)

  8. Thats really wonderful, congrats to Southern team..

  9. oh la la was not expecting this at all and though i was sure this time southern team has won as half the north team went missing
    again this month north is slow
    so buck up girls
    divy u knowhow much excellent work u hv done

    and i got two awards wow i didnt expect that atall

    many many thanks for this and baby boss u hv done exceptionally well

    and congrats southern team friends well done job

    congrats to all the winners

    oi north team come on now
    this month challenges r so easy all r finishing fast hehe

    well done again everyone

  10. congratulation all the winners!!!

  11. Congrats dear friends...Lovely roundup divya...

  12. wonderful roundup divya...

    Congrats to all of us :)

    meeeens u rockkkk........

  13. congo southern team and all members of southern team.divya sis great effort.

  14. congo southern team and all members of southern team.divya sis great effort.

  15. Congrats to southern team n Divya u put lot of effort in evaluating dear, hats off to u :-)

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  17. COngrats to all the winners.. :) Divya.. what a lovely roundup.. Great work..:)

  18. wow!!This is interesting!
    Congrats to all winners!!

  19. Congrats to all the winners. U have done a great job divya :)

  20. Congrats to all the winners.

    ongoing event: kids drawing contest- win cash prizes

  21. Congrats to southern team and all winners. Excellent round up Divya.

  22. Wow! I am really amazed at the patience you have in writing such a neat post with so many calculations and so well presented. Hat's off to your efforts. And I am really happy at the award.Thanks a bunch and congrats to all the other winners :)

  23. Amazing round up Divs :-)
    Congrats to Southern Team and all the winners (including me LOL)
    Northern team will win next round :-)

  24. I already submitting the form I want to be innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  25. Woohooo. this is fantastic. Congrats to the winners and thank u Divya and Pallav for the award.i will proudly display it on my page :-) . Hats off to ur effort divya. This is like a full time job in itself dear. Sorry for being a bit haphazard with my comments and replies. It has been (continues to be) a hectic time at work.

  26. Congratulation to south indian team..Lovely round up divya..


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