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60 Days To Christmas Round Up & Winner Announcement

Hello dear friends, finally we have come up with the results of; 

"60 Days To Christmas Event" 

Hosted by Priya & Me 
(October 26 - December 24; 2012)

We are so very sorry for the delay, but am sure you would have understood our plight we had 694 recipes [323 + 2 from readers recipes, from my space and 369 from Priya's space] to analyse and we wanted the results to be genuine. The winner selection was the most easiest part as we had used random number generator. We are so happy to that we got good responses and we feel delighted to announce the winner of this successful event on this special day. 

I really thank Priya for being a good support and a very good event partner, we enjoyed working together, discussing things and sorting out everything together. Throughout the event felt that doing things together did help us know new things, do work more perfectly. 

I really wanted to give an award to all who sent the recipes but its not possible as we all know. But we have tried our maximum to award the best recipes. Me and Priya had taken so much time to go through each and every recipe as we did not want anyone's effort to be underestimated.  I know by now you would have scrolled down to view the winner. There is only 1 winner for this event and we have kept in mind all rules stated in our announcement page. Click HERE to check them.

Totally 122 bloggers had participated and 2 of my readers Shafeeka and Meena had sent their recipes too. Every recipe deserves a win, because we know how much effort and work a recipe needs and so every participant is a winner in her own way, but still a competition is a competition, hope you agree and so we have tried to do justice to all the recipes and have selected few awards here to motivate the participants. Those who haven't won an award doesn't mean that your recipes were not eligible nor were inferior to other recipes, its just an event and hope you take things positively.  

Now its time to shower awards!!

Participation Certificate for all!!

Our thanks and warm wishes to all who participated in our event and made it successful!! 
Please do accept this award as a token of our appreciation for you!! Thanks again!!

Most Viewed Recipe

Goes to Shruti Dhingra
Congrats Friend 

Shruti's Chicken 65 

Top Contributor

Goes to Jillu Anand for sending 38 entries to the event!! 
Congrats Friend!!

Jillu - 38 entries

Best Appetizers

Best Non-Veg Appetizer

Goes to Sanoil Ghosh, Amrita Vishal & Faiza Kaider
Congrats Friends 

Sanoli Ghosh's Chicken Shashlik

Best Veg Appetizer

Goes to Manjula Bharath
Congrats Friend!! 

Manjula Bharath's Broccoli Manchurian 

Best Soups

Goes to Priya Sreeram, Preeti Garg & Santosh Bangar
Congrats Friends!! 

Priya Sreeram's Turkish Red Lentil Soup With Dried Apricots

Santosh Bangar Barley Mint Soup

Preeti Garg's Carrot Coriander soup

Best Chicken Recipe

Goes to Viki Xavier & Chandrani
Congrats Friends!! 

Best Mutton/Lamb Recipe 

Goes To Asiya Omar
Congrats Friend

Asiya Omar's Lamb Kebab 

Best Curries / Gravies

Best Curry

Goes to Beena Stephy & Sebeena Loyd
Congrats Friends!!!

Beena Stephy's Beef Ball Curry

Sebeena's Duck Curry

Best Mutton Curry 

Goes to Priya Satheesh, Priya Suresh, Shabna & Tamil 
Congrats friends!!
Priya Satheesh's Mutton and Chayote Kurma


Priya Suresh's Mutton Kuruma

Best Chicken Curries 

Goes to Sangeetha, Maria John, Swasthi & Kirti Choudary 
Congrats Friends!!

Sangee Nitha's Chettinad Chicken Gravy 

Maria John's Methi Chicken

Kirti Choudary's Orange Chicken

Best Seafood Curry

Goes to Jillu, Jaleela & Rani

Congrats Freinds!!!

Jillu Anand's Prawn Almond Curry

Rani's Fish Vindaloo

Jaleela Fish Methi leaves Curry

Best Veg Curries

Goes To Shama, Linsy Patel, Supriya & Jemini
Congrats Friends!!

Shama Nagarajan's Rajma Curry

Linsy Patel's Malai Kofta

Supriya's Hyacinth Beans curry

Jemini's Pattani Kurma

Best Biryani 

Goes To Latha Madhusudhan
Congrats Friend!!

Latha Madhusudhan Biryani With Stuffed Eggplant

Best Rice Recipes

Goes to Akila & Meena Bhatia 
Congrats Friends!! 

Akila's Pudhina Pulao

Meena Bhatia's Kesariya rice

Best Healthy Recipe

Goes to Shailaja reddy & Sharanya Palanisamy
Congrats Friends!!

Shailaja Reddy's Sesame Seeds Rice

Sharanya Palanisamy's Sprouts Fried Rice

Well Presented Recipes

Goes to Julie Sireesha Pupala
Congrats Freinds!!

Sireesha Pupala's Dry Fruit Pulao 

Best Themed Recipe

Goes to Sireesha Pupala

Congrats Friend!!

Sireesha Pupala's Dry Fruit Pulao




















Range order 

Since the event ran in two separate pages we consolidated all the recipes in an order. The order resembles that of a menu, first comes the appetizer, soups, rice and curry recipes, then comes the dessert, sweets, cakes and drinks. 
So the recipes linked to my space comes first then comes links from Priya's space. 

(My space links)(Readers recipes)(Priya's space links) 
(1 to 323) - (324 to 325) - (326 to 694)

So the range is 1 to 694

Sanoli Ghosh

Congrats my dear friend!! 
Am so happy for ya!! 

Sanoli please pick any one of the prize from the following picture and write to us. 

  1. Nova Touch Digital Kitchen Scale (weighs upto 5 kg)
  2. Canisters 4 Jars
  3. 3 Set Tupperware Magic Oil Flow 
  4. Prestige 3 litre cooker
  5. Tupperware Multi Cook 3.3 litre

Congrats Sanoli Ghosh!!! 

We are so happy for you!! Please contact us HERE!!

Congrats participants and all award winners!!

To visit Priya's round up please click HERE

Note - 
We have given much due credit to each winning recipe, by giving a link back to each winning recipe, when you click the recipe title above each award you will be able to view the specific recipe
Please bear with us, incase you find any mistakes do let us know so that we can make appropriate changes. 


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    see i was waiting and waiting and awesome job divy and priya
    u guys did tremendous job

    and wow me got award too

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  3. Seriously girls you all are such sport... never did we know that this event will reach such heights :-) thanks to each and every one of you... although we struggles past week, we always knew it was worth it. Thanks again. Hats off to all of you... My sis you are a joy to work with and I have learnt so many things from you, one thing for sure is patience :P


  4. wow so wonderful efforts both of u priya n divy... kudos dearies... Congrats to all award winners and gr8 congrats to SANO DIDI.... Once again great hats off to priya n divy....

  5. Lovely round up Divya.. You both have really done a great job!! Kudos dearies.. Congrats to all winners.. :)

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  16. Very nice round up Divya. Appreciating the dedication and efforts in making it a success. Congrats to Priya and Sanoli. Wow that's a pleasant surprise to see my whole chicken fry recipe in the list. Thanks for the award....I am much thrilled and excited dear:) Do more events da. Congrats n best wishes!

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    Luv you guys.

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    Join EP event-Nutmeg OR Parsley @ Chef Mireille's Global Creations

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