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Kofta Curry | Meat Balls Curry - Post From A Reader

Meat balls curry is a very delicious and simple yet flavorful preparation, it is prepared with minced meat also known as kheema. Shafeeka a reader of mine has sent this recipe to be published at my space, special thanks to her as she has contributed 3 recipes totally to participate in the "60 days to Christmas event" conducted by me and Priya. The first two recipes were Egg rasam and Mixed vegetable soup which got really good comments from my readers and friends. This time she is going to share with us a  very traditional kofta curry. She sent me this recipe long ago, but I was not able to update it in my blog. So today I thought it was high-time I post her recipe without any further delay. Am sure you will all love it too. The thing I loved about this curry is, it does not involve too much of ingredients but needs very common ingredients from the kitchen pantry. Lets get to know more about this curry in her own words. I hope all of you know Shafeeka, if not click here to know about her!!

Hello all. This is a traditional is made in my village very often.I tried it few days back and thought of sharing it with you all. Now lets see how to make the recipe.

Picture Courtesy - Shafeeka


For meat balls Preparation:
  1. Minced meat (mutton) / Kheema - 250 grams
  2. Coconut - 1/2 of a coconut (ground into paste)
  3. Chopped green chilli - 2
  4. Ginger garlic paste  -  1 tsp
  5. Cinnamon stick small
  6. Pepper and cumin powder 2 pinches.
  7. Curry leaves - few
  8. Salt - As per taste.
  9. Oil - For Deep frying.
For the Kuruma/Gravy
  1. Big onion - 1 (chopped)
  2. Ginger-Garlic paste - 1 tsp
  3. Ground coconut paste - 3 tbsp
  4. Tomato - 1 (chopped)
  5. Chopped coriander - 2 tbsp(for garnishing)
  6. Tamarind - 1 gooseberry sized ball (soaked in water)
  7. Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
  8. Coriander powder - 3 tsp
  9. Cumin powder - 1  tsp
  10. Garam masala - 1/2 tsp
  11. Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
  12. Cinnamon stick - 2 small sticks
  13. Cardamom pods - 2
  14. Clove - 2 
  15. Salt - As per taste 
  16. Oil - 2 tbsp


Making Meat Koftas:
  • Grind the meat pieces in blender coarsely.Keep it aside
  • Then grind coconut, curry leaves, onion, green chilly, ginger garlic paste and garam masala powder with salt. Add water not more than 2 spoons for grinding.
  • Then again add the ground meat to coconut paste and blend further for smooth consistency.Adding more water is not advisable here. If the mixture becomes watery or too sticky add besan flour and mix well.
  • Apply oil to your palms and pick a lemon sized ball from the ground meat mixture. Make smooth balls by rolling with palms. 
  • Place a pan / kadai on flame and pour oil into it to deep fry balls. 
  • When the oil turns hot (not smoky hot), gently slide the balls into the oil and fry on low flame until the balls turn brown in color.
  • Meat balls are ready. 

Curry Preparation:

  • Take the soaked tamarind and mash it well using fingers and extract the tamarind juice in a bowl, discard the pulp. 
  • To this add the ground coconut paste, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and salt. 
  • Then pour oil in a thick bottomed vessel, add sliced onion and chopped tomato, chopped green chillies, ginger-garlic paste and saute well until raw smell leaves. 
  • Then add the tamarind water mixture. When bubbles start to appear add the prepared meat balls and cook on high flame until the balls get well cooked, then switch to low flame mode and cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Remove from flame.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve!!

Delicious Kofta curry is now ready!! Serve with rice and enjoy!!

Thanks Shafeeka for sharing such a flavorful curry with us!! 
Over to you friends, encourage her with your comments!!

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  1. wow what a lovely curry :) looks so inviting... thank you so much Shafeeka for sharing this with us, really sweet of you... Happy new year to you too

  2. Authentic preparation shafeeka...:)

  3. Cute little meat balls... Looks so yum.well done shafeeka..great doneall d best.... Happy new year to ur family.
    BTW good job divya dear..happy weekend;-)

  4. Looks yum...thanks dearies...

  5. yummy kofta curry.expecting more recipes like egg rasam.

  6. It looks good. Reminds me of a kofta curry I had from a restaurant in Dubai

  7. Flavorful kofta curry.. Delicious!!

  8. Delicious & authentic recipe..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner


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