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SNC Round Up For The Month Of December (SNC 3)

Hello Friends, here comes the long awaited results for December month's SNC Event. I received more mails inquiring about the result, people were so interested and so was I. Last month more number of participants had participated even though it was a festive season and all were in holiday mood. Thanks to all participants and the hosts. I hope all of you must be aware about this challenge and so I don't think an explanation is needed. But still if you want to know more about the event click here!! 

Am so thankful to all my friends and SNC participants who have been continuously supporting me right from the beginning and have made this event a great success. 

Minutes Of SNC 

SNC -1 (October 2012)
Challenge for Northern team - Mysore pak; Challenged and Hosted by - Divya Prakash
Challenge for Southern team -  Bhel Puri Chat; Challenged and Hosted by - Shruti Dhingra 
Total no. of participants - 18 out of 40 

SNC - 2 (November 2012)

Challenge for Northern team - Adhirasam; Challenged and Hosted by - Yashodha
Challenge for Southern team -  Gulab Jamun; Challenged and Hosted by - Pallavi 
Total no. of participants - 26 out of 47 

SNC -3 (December 2012) 

Challenge for Northern team - Medu Vada; Challenged and Hosted by - Sherin Deepu 
Challenge for Southern team -  Misal Pav; Challenged and Hosted by - Meena Bhatia 
Total no. of participants - 32 out of 54
Winning team - Scroll down to see result!!

SNC -4 (January 2013)

Challenge for Northern team - Vadakari; Challenged and Hosted by - Ramya 
Challenge for Southern team -  Ghewar; Challenged and Hosted by - Manjula Bharath
Total no. of participants - (will be updated)
Challenge open. (Jan 1 - Jan 31) 

About our members

There are totally 54 members in our SNC family. ( 3 members have joined recently so haven't included them in the December month's calculation)

Here is the data for the month of December;

Now comes the most awaited moment!!! Lets see who wins the challenge for this month!!

Winning team of SNC - 3 (December)

So the winning team is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats Southern Team Friends!!! That was an awesome score!!!

Southern team members grab the Above Trophy and post about it on your space if you wish!!! 

Score Sheet

Please keep in mind that the point system here is only for encouraging and fun, it does not mean one team is superior or inferior to the other!! 

I have calculated the points based on the judgement and data given by the December month's hosts, 
+Meena B  and +Sherin

Basic Score Sheet

December month's score sheet

Score Sheet Explanation

The hosts of this month have decided the winners for each category and based on their decision I have calculated the points. 

Thanks +Meena B  and Sherin you have really done a great job!!
  1. Most Quickest Entry Goes to +Asiya Omar and +Meena B . Both of them linked with just few seconds difference so have given points to both of them this way have done justice to their work.
  2. Well Presented Recipe Goes To +Sireesha Puppala  from Southern team & +Manjula Bharath from Northern team
  3. Well Explained - Goes To +Yashodha Anbuchelvan from Southern team and +Manjula Bharath from Northern team
  4. Most Commented - Goes To Priya Suresh again. This is the third time she is winning this award. Congrats dear!! Its a Hatrick!!
  5. Most Number Of Participants - Southern team obviously has the most number of participants (24 out of 40 had participated so 60% had participated; whereas 8 out of 14 members from Northern team had participated, so it was 57%)
  6. Special Award (SNC Queen) - Goes To +Manjula Bharath from Northern team. The one who excels in the challenge by performing well in any way will be awarded a special award according to that the individual who earns this credit or badge will earn an extra 10 points for her team. She has earned totally 40 points for her team. Great move Manju!!
The total score of Northern team is 65 and that of Southern team is 90. 

Southern team has done it really well this time!!
But Congrats Northern team too you had performed well!!

Its Time To Shower Awards!!! 

Here are the awards and certificates please grab them and post it on your space if you wish. 

Winner's certificate

Here is the certificate for the winning team
If you want individual certificates with your names written on them please do mail me; I will send them to your inbox's. 

Participation Certificate

Winning Badges

Host Badges

Sherin And Meenu both of you had both performed well as challengers and hosts!! Thanks for all the support you had provided!!

We all loved both the challenges equally!!

Most Commented Recipe 

 Well Explained Recipe

Well Presented Recipe

Special award time

"The Queen Of SNC" 

This award will be given to the best performer each month and she will score some extra points for her team. 
Check out December month's SNC Queen!!

+Manjula Bharath  !!!! 

From the Northern team!! She has excelled really well and her Medu Vadas post have got her this award!!

Congrats Manju!

Special Applauds

Special applauds to Asiya akka, Meenu for their high spirits! They were super fast in completing the challenge!!Also Manju deserves the applauds her Medu Vada post was awesome!!Everyone individually had performed so well be it completion of task or presentation!! So congrats everyone!!

Northern Team's Medu Vadas

Here is the screen shot of all the recipes of participants!! 

Southern Team's Misal Pav

January Month's Challenge!!

Two interesting challenges are waiting ahead!!! Do check them out and participate!!

  1. Challenge for Northern teamVadakari; Challenged and Hosted by - Ramya 
  2. Challenge for Southern team -  Ghewar; Challenged and Hosted by - Manjula Bharath

Challenge open. (Jan 1 - Jan 31) 

All the best to both the teams!!

Those who wish to join SNC contact me here ,

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  1. yayyyyyy we won :) congrats to all SNC members for making this event a success and to our wonderful host Divya... Loved doing the missal pav challenge thanks to Meena and hearty congrats to all winners

  2. Congrats to all the winners! great job DiVya!

  3. wow... Congrats Southern Team...N congrats to all the winners and queen of the month Manju!!! As usual great round ups n results Divy... Nice effort Boss... Sure i will be on this month challenge....
    Once again congrats to all the winners...

  4. ahhh so south team did it again

    oh buckle up my north team. even this time we r lagging behindthough challenge is so easy.. south team r u ready for hat trick.. congo to everyone here.. and priya congo for ur hat trick

    manju congo u r the queen

    and special big boss queen congo to u too for making this event such a success and fun/

    and i still wont try the ghewar.. u all wud make for me and i wud enjoy hehehe

  5. hurray!we won again.all the best.nice effort sis.keep going snc.

  6. hurray!we won again.all the best.nice effort sis.keep going snc.congrats manju and the southern team

  7. hurray!we won again.all the best.nice effort sis.keep going snc.congrats manju and the southern team

  8. hurray!we won again.all the best.nice effort sis.keep going snc.congrats manju and the southern team

  9. Congrats to all the Special award winners & Winning team & Queen of this month Manju.
    As usual hats off to Divya...

  10. Congrats to all the award winners n participants!!!

  11. Congratulation to South Team and all the Winners. Great going SNC. Keep it up...Thanks for Hosting such a beautiful Event Divya and all other Participants.

  12. Congrats to all. Great hosting Divya

  13. Cheers girls....congrats to both the teams....wish to get this spirit continued...special thanks to divya...wish you all a very happy new year..

  14. Congrats Suthern Team..Really surprise, Divya with the competion.. include me into your southern team..see you there with the recipes..

  15. Yayyy!!we won:-). Congratulations to all the winners!!Thank you Divya for everything!!!

  16. awesome roundup Divya!you are the best host dear !! north team should really buck up .. and am sooo happy that i have received queen of the month award its like miss India crown for me :) he he .. Congratulations to south team once again :)

  17. Divya, Happy new year. congrats to all

  18. Congrats to Southern team and congrats to all. Thanks divya for this fantastic event.

  19. congratulations to all d winners....Great job n gud team work......wish u best of luck 4 future plans too......

  20. Wow nice....happy to be a part of this winning team. Loved the recipe and had fun. Congrats both the team.

  21. Lovely round up.. Great job Divya!! Congrats to south team and all the winners..

  22. more time South ---Congo to the SNC South Team.

    Priya - wow hatrick.....good going n congrats.

    Wishing all the team members of SNC a very happy new year.

    Happy to be part of this event.

    Congrats to all the winners.

  23. Congratulation to Southern team and all the winners. Wonderful round up Divya.

  24. Congrats South team and Wonderful presentation Divya.. love ur patience.. :)

  25. Congrats to Southern Team and all the winners...
    Congrats Manjula Bharath as SNC Queen of the Month !!! Keep going gal :-)

    1. Thank u shruti :) we have to buck up .. cheers to north team :)

  26. Yayyyy!We won! And I must say that the North team too did a great job on the medhu vadas. Congrats to all the winner :).Great roundup Divya..

  27. Hurray!!! we won. I knew this was coming. We rock girls!. Good effort North team (chuckles :) )
    Great round up divya.
    Congrats to one and all and esp to the individual winners.

  28. Congrats to all the winners and south team... I am so sorry .. Couldn't check emails too :( Thanks for well explained award to me.... Soon I'll post it in my blog....

    Thank you bb & Meenu aunty!!!

  29. Thanks for all the support friends :) And thanks for the lovely comments!!


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