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Egg Chapati | Muttai Chapati

Chapatis are not my favorite so I make them really very rare. I make it only for my family or hubby and when I make it I do some tasty variations so that I can savor it without fuss.  During such days, these egg chapatis always comes to my rescue, I either make the plain egg chapatis or the masala chapatis. But I prefer the masala egg chapatis more often as they give a better flavor and aroma to the chapatis. You can make the plain egg chapatis for the kids. Some call these egg paratha but I do not prefer to call it so, because parathas do look and taste different from chapatis. Makes a good breakfast and a filling dinner too, I serve it with salna, a watery curry usually or with some chicken or mutton curry and some thick sour-less curd. But tastes great with a spicier curry. You can either roll the chapatis or fold in the following ways as shown in the pics. Try these and make a simple egg-y twist to regular chapatis. 


Makes 3 egg chapatis
Total Preparation Time - 30 to 45 minutes 
  1. Wheat flour - ½ cup 
  2. All purpose flour / Maida - ½ cup
  3. Eggs - 3 
  4. Salt - As per taste
  5. Oil / Ghee - 2 spoons 
  6. Warm water - As required 
If you are making masala egg chapati you will need these extra ingredients;
  1. Chopped coriander leaves - 2 spoons 
  2. Chopped curry leaves - Few 
  3. Chopped green chillies - 1/2 spoon (Optional)
  4. Cumin seeds - 1/2 spoon 
  5. Curry powder / Chicken masala powder / Mutton masala powder - 1/2 spoon 
  6. Fennel seeds powder / Sombu podi - 2 pinches 
  7. Red chilli powder / Pepper powder - 1/4 spoon 


  • Take a bowl and add flours, then add salt and mix well. Now add 1 spoon of ghee and mix well. Pour some warm water into it little by little and mix well until a dough is formed. 
  • Knead well for atleast 5 minutes, this makes the dough softer. Then keep covered or place inside a wet cloth and set aside for atleast 30 minutes. (Keeping aside for an hour will make the dough even more softer) 
  • Then remove the dough from the wet cloth and divide into 3 equal parts. Roll into smoother balls and set aside. 
  • Now take a wooden board or pastry board and sprinkle some flour on it, then place one ball on it and flatten or roll them into chapatis using a rolling pin. 

  • Do the same with the rest of the balls. See that the chapatis thin. 
  • Now to make the egg mixture take a bowl, add the eggs, salt and beat them well. If you are making masala egg chapati then add the extra ingredients I have mentioned and beat well. 

  • Now place a tawa on flame (high flame) and after it heats up place the chapati on it. Flip side after you see some small white spots on the visible side. 

  • Now spread some ghee to the cooked side and flip again. 

  • Now the chapati will puff up, using a spatula or flat spoon press it gently so that it flattens. Then pour the egg mixture slowly and carefully on one side, see that the egg does not spill outside the chapatis. Slowly spread the egg mixture to cover the chapati. 

  • Then carefully fold the curved edges of the chapatis as shown in the picture. Use a flat spatula or spoon to to fold the sides then give a slight pressure on the folds for a while so that it stands in place. It will look like a square now. 

  • Then flip the side and cook until the egg gets cooked well. This may take a minute or two. The chapati will puff up well. 

  • Fold 2: If you find the above folding method difficult you can follow this way too. Cook chapatis and then flip sides, when done spread egg and let is cook for 30 seconds. Then flip side using a spatula or flat spoon and cook until the egg gets cooked, the chapatis will get fluffed up well as the eggs gets cooked. Then flip sides and fold. 

  • Now remove from flame and serve with some mutton curry or chicken curry. If you are not going to serve immediately 

      TIP 1: Be careful not to overcook the chapatis as it will become rough and will be hard or chewy while eating. Also see that the dough is not too hard, but should be very soft and smoother. If in case you do no like the addition of wheat flour then make it with just maida/all purpose flour, it will be more softer. 

      TIP 2: If you are not able to fold like I have shown in the picture, just pour the egg on the chapati and flip it and cook, as I have said in the preparation method.  

      TIP 3: While making masala chapatis; you can add some finely chopped onions and tomatoes also. You can saute them separately and then add along with the egg mixture and then use it.  Adding chicken curry masala adds a nice flavor if in case you don't have it you can add some cumin powder and garam masala instead. 

      TIP 4: You can also add a layer of cooked vegetable or meat and then spread egg over the chapatis and then fold it to make meat egg chapatis. I usually do this with leftover chicken or mutton pieces from the leftover curry. 

      TIP 5: If in case your chapatis have turned too hard or rough stack them in a hot box one over the other and close the hot box with its lid and set aside for few minutes. Then it will soften. But these egg chapatis tastes best when serves hot.

      TIP 6: You can use wheat flour alone also to make these chapatis. 

      Tasty and filling chapatis are now ready!! Serve with some spicy curry!! 

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