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Rajma Patties | Rajma Tikkis | Rajma Cutlets | Red Kidney Beans Patties

Make your snack time healthy and nutritive with these tasty rajma cutlets. Serve these or pack them for your kids lunch and see them excited. My husband loved it so much and did not recognize that it were rajma cutlets and he was awed to know about the addition of rajma. I wanted to make the cutlets healthier and I did not want to suppress the nutrition value of rajma by deep frying the cutlets, so I have just pan roasted them, therefore it has relatively lesser calories in it when compared to the deep fried ones. The outer layer was slightly crisp and the inner part was so soft and yummy. I have incorporated curry leaves paste into the cutlets instead of adding the whole curry leaves, kids or even some grown ups tend to remove the curry leaves while relishing and so I tried adding it as a paste here. It added flavor and nutrition to the cutlets, but it does not make much difference when you avoid curry leaves, so its purely optional. The cutlets were a delish but the only drawback was it needed some extra time than the normal ones as we are using rajma here, it does not get easily cooked. Underdone rajma can cause you flatulence and other digestive issues, so it defintiely needs some extra attention. But you will definitely love the end result and its worth trying. Do try it out and let me know your feedback. 



Makes 6 to 8 cutlets depending on the size
Total Preparation Time - 1 hour (apart from soaking it overnight)
  1. Rajma / Red kidney beans - 1/2 cup (weighed 75 grams)
  2. Potato - 3 medium sized (weighed 175 grams) 
  3. Chopped coriander leaves - A handful 
  4. Curry leaves paste - 1/4 spoon (optional) 
  5. Grated ginger - 1 spoon 
  6. Grated garlic - 3/4 spoon 
  7. Gram flour / Kadalai maavu - 1 spoon (optional) 
  8. Red chilli powder - 1 spoon 
  9. Roasted cumin powder - 1/2 spoon 
  10. Garam masala - 1/2 tsp (I used freshly ground) 
  11. Salt - As per taste 
  12. Oil - 5 spoons 


  • Soak Beans (Rajma) in water overnight; Take a bowl add beans and pour lots of water. Leave soaked over-night. 

  • Next day drain all the water and add beans into a pressure cooker and cover with a lid, place the regulator and pressure cook for 40 minutes on low flame. 

  • Meanwhile wash potatoes well in water then dice into cubes and place in another pressure cooker, pour water until it gets immersed well and pressure cook for 10 minutes on low flame. (You can also boil the potatoes for 20 to 30 minutes.) Then remove from flame and peel off the skin from the potatoes. Mash it and set aside. 

  • Now take a pan add oil, after it heats up, add curry leaves paste (optional) grated ginger, grated garlic and saute until the raw smell leaves, then add roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, salt and saute well until the raw smell leaves. Remove from flame and set aside. 
  • Then remove the beans from the cooker and drain excess water. After the beans cools down grind the beans using a blender coarsely. Do not add even a drop of water. 
  • To the ground beans add mashed potato, masala mixture and mix well using your fingers, until it combines well into a single dough like mass. 
  • Then pinch small portions from the dough and roll into balls. Then flatten the balls into cutlets. 
  • Heat a tawa or pan and add 3 spoons of oil, after it heats up place the cutlets on it. Drizzle one spoon of oil on the sides of the cutlets and cook for few minutes, then flip the other side using a flat spatula and drizzle 1 spoon of oil again, cook on low flame until it turns golden. Flip sides carefully cook well and remove from flame once done. 
  • Serve with chutney or ketchup. 

TIP 1: If you want a crispier outer layer then dip the prepared cutlets in corn flour mixture (2 spoons of corn flour + 1/4 cup of water) then roll them in bread crumbs and deep fry the cutlets. I wanted the cutlets to be healthy so toasted them, you can either deep fry or shallow fry the cutlets.

TIP 2: While toasting the cutlets on a tawa, flip them carefully so that it does not break. 

TIP 3: I used curry leaves paste as we tend to remove the curry leaves while eating the cutlets, as no one likes the interference of curry leaves while relishing them, so its better to avoid curry leaves or if you want to use them in cutlets then replace with curry leaves paste. The flavor will also be good, but its purely optional. 

TIP 4: Since the mixture has already been cooked, including the masala, you don't have to cook the cutlets for a longer time, just a few minutes roasting will do. 

TIP 5: Add gram flour if in case your dough becomes watery. While making cutlets do not add even a drop of water. This will make the mixture soggy and you will not be able to make balls.

Healthy and delicious Rajma patties or Rajma cutlets are now ready!! Serve with tomato ketchup!!


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