Monday 8 April 2013

SNC Round Up For The Month Of March (SNC 6)

Hello friends, sorry for the delay in posting the SNC results. Hope I did not delay it too long. I have spiced up the result announcement with some new shields instead of the old trophies hope ya'll like it.

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About our members

There are totally 75 members in our SNC family. 

Here is the data for the month of March;

March score sheet

Hosts Of March 2013

  1. Kirti Chowdary on behalf of Northern team
  2. Swasthi Blank on behalf of Southern team
Thanks to both of them for an awesome challenge!!

Winning team of SNC - 6 (March 2013)

So the winning team is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WITH 85 Points!!!

Here are the shields please grab them and post it on your space along with a link back to the results announcement page.  

Congrats Northern Team Friends!!! That was a good comeback!!

And here is the Shield for Southern Team. Not to worry friends you still gave a tough competition!!

Score Sheet

Please keep in mind that the point system here is only for encouraging and fun, it does not mean that any team is superior or inferior to the other!! I have calculated the points based on the judgement and data given by the March month's hosts; 
+Swasthi Blank & +Kirti Choudhary 

Basic Score Sheet

March month's score sheet

Score Sheet Explanation

The hosts of this month have decided the winners for each category and based on their decision I have calculated the points. 

Thanks  Swasthi Blank and Kirti Choudhary
  1. Most Quickest Entry - Goes to Ramya Krishnamoorthy of Southern team. I have  also given points to Kirti Choudary from Northern team for linking quickly, though it was a re-post I have considered it this time, next time re-posted recipes will not be considered.
  2. Well Presented Recipe - Goes to Chandrani Banerjee of Northern team & Priya Ranjit of Southern team. 
  3. Well Explained - Goes to Minnie Gupta of Northern team and Vijayalaksmi of Southern team. 
  4. Most Commented - Goes to Priya Suresh again.
  5. Most Number Of Participants - Northern team has the most number of participants 12 out of 20 had participated. Whereas in the Southern team 24 out of 55 had participated. 
  6. Special Award (SNC Queen) - Goes to 2 people this time, Sanoli of Northern team and Sangee Vijay of Southern team for their excelling posts. Both of them had clearly explained everything, followed the recipe well and had presented it well too. They deserve special applauds. The one who excels in the challenge by performing well in any way will be awarded a special badge and will earn an extra 10 points for her team. 

The total score of Northern team is 85 and that of Southern team is 80!!


Those who receive your awards post it along with your next SNC challenge post with a link back to this round-up / results announcement page!! It is a must!!

Congrats everyone!!

Hosts Badges


Most Commented Recipe

Well Explained Awards

Well Presented Awards

Quickest Entry Awards

SNC Queen Awards

Congrats friends

Please collect your badges and post it along with a link to this result announcement page in your upcoming SNC post!!

To check out this month's (April, 2013; SNC 7) challenge recipes click here for Northern team's challenge and here for Southern team's challenge.

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  1. congrats northern team..congrats all winners.lovely badges divya.

  2. ah finally north team wins

    divy bt north team in the shield there is spell mistake of north

    btw those shields r awesome and too appealing

    and congo buddies we did it

    and congo to rest of u all

    and we are all a team of snc

    well done

  3. Congrats North Team.... wow new look to the awards... Congrats to all the winners dears... n yeah once again i won award for our south team... Thank u...

  4. Congrats to all the winners ....
    Shields and badges are looking awesome..
    Great work Divya :-)

  5. Congrats to North Team and all winners..

    Shields and badges look cool..

  6. Congrats to the winning team and to all the winners, new shields and badges looks very catchy..

  7. great roundup and congrats to the winners! kudos to you too as well dear, for hosting this.

  8. Congrats to Northern team and all the winners.. Nice work... new version of logos looks Mind blowing...

  9. congrats to the northern team... :)

  10. OMG! Finally North team wins.....hurry! And this is the first time I won award for North team in SNC. Thanks a lot Divy dear and Swasthi . Congrats to all other winners and hosts.

    But one thing I must say here Divy, can you please correct the spelling of my name dear? Please do it correctly. Thanks....

    Sanoli Ghosh

    1. Hi Sano, have changed and updated please check :) btw Congrats :)

  11. Congrats to the north team.. Last month I could not participate in the challenge because of some personal work.. But I will not miss this time...

  12. Wow thank u so much sis and Kirti my first ever award for an event, feel so thrilled and happy dearies, congrats to all.... :-) :-) :-) loving my award so stylish in my favorite color too

  13. Wow!Awards looks wonderful.Congrats Northern Team and all the award winners..

  14. Congrats to all the winners ..Shields and badges are looking awesome..

  15. Finally the northern team wins !!! Yipeee. Sorry guys could not participate last month...I am up to this months challenge and will be sharing very soon.
    Divya, a commendable job in making the awards.

  16. Wow... Congrats to Northern team and all the winners :-)

  17. congratz to all the winners and participants :) shield and badges are very nice divs :)

  18. Hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants
    And kudos to the hist, Divya!!
    I love the shield style, much like school time shields! Love it.

  19. Great round up Divya! Congrats to all the participants and winners!

  20. Oh wow!! Congratulations to Northern Team :D And thank you so much for the special prize. But more importantly congratulations to all the participants!!!

  21. Lovely round up.. Congrats to north team and all the winners.. :)

  22. Wow...Divya, Fabulous Round up!! Congrats to North team members, glad to be a part of this Big SNC family :)
    Thank u so much for the specisl award, shield n badges looks very nice, great work dear!!

  23. Congrats friends n divya loved the nice look of trophies they look fresh n new

  24. Wow..0Divya, Fabulous Round up n awesum work!! Congrats to North team members:)

  25. congrats north team....lovely shields

  26. Congrats all the winner. Shield abd badges are looks stunning. Great job Divya. Hurreyyy for Northern team..

  27. Loved the colorful awars.

    congrats to the North team and all the winners.

  28. Congrats North team. Lovely badges.


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