Monday 3 June 2013

Idli Ka Meetha | Fried Idlis In Sugar Syrup | Idli Sweet | Leftover Idli Recipes

There will be always some leftover idlis at ma home. As I always prefer dosas than idlis my share always remains untouched or rarely touched. Sometimes it goes to my pet dog "Jerry - The Hound Puppy" as he is fond of idlis with fish curry. Sometimes when Jerry is not in a mood to have idlis it gets ended up being thrown into the dustbin which I hate to the core. So I either make these crispy idli fries a savory chaat version (for recipe click here) or some upma with it. Recently I tried this idli ka meetha just like we do with bread and it turned out so well, so thought of sharing it here at my space. Try this and surprise your guests, friends, loved ones and get appreciations for sure. No one would guess that the sweet is prepared with just idli, even kids will have it without fuss. Here I have deep fried chunky pieces of idlis and dunked them in flavored sugar syrup. There are two different serving options, you can either dunk it well in sugar syrup and serve like we do for gulab jamuns, or you can just toss the fried idli pieces in sugar syrup for a while and serve it dry and crisp, either way this is a brilliant sweet. For the preparation you do not need much ingredients nor extra time, it is a totally fuss free recipe; so try your hands at this simple yet delectable and tasty sweet when you find some leftover idlis lying around. 


Serves 2 people generously
Total Preparation Time - 15 minutes
  1. Idli - 4 
  2. Sugar - 8 spoons 
  3. Water - 250 ml 
  4. Cardamom pods - 4 
  5. Rose essence - 2 drops  (I used the colorless one)



  • Chop idlis into small cubes and set aside. 
  • Place a frying pan on flame and pour some oil into it for deep frying the idli pieces. Wait until the oil turns hot. 
  • Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup. Place a saucepan on flame and pour 250 ml of water into it. After it boils add sugar and stir well. Then add the crushed cardamom pods and stir. Boil on low lame until the syrup turns slightly thick. (No need for string consistencies)  Then remove from flame and add 2 drops of rose essence and set aside. 
  • Simultaneously fry the idli pieces. Once the oil gets hot, (not smoking hot) gently slide in the idli pieces and fry until golden brown on a medium flame. (As the idlis are already cooked you just have to make it crisp by frying so do not fry on low flame, as it will drink too much oil)
  • Remove the fried pieces from oil using a slotted spoon and place on a tissue paper to remove excess oil. (See that the pieces do not turn very brown, this will ruin the taste of the sweet)
  • Then slide the fried crispy idli pieces into the medium hot sugar syrup and set aside for few minutes. Remove from syrup and serve!! 
  • Serving options - You can dunk the fried idli pieces in sugar syrup until it absorbs the syrup well, then serve in a serving bowl/cup along with the syrup like we do for gulab jamuns; you can either serve this chilled or warm. Or you can just soak the fried idlies for a few 2 minutes and serve crisp without the syrup. Either ways it will be too good. 

TIP 1: You can make different shapes; you can use a cookie cutter for this purpose. 

TIP 2: You can do the same with leftover dosa too.

TIP 3: If you do not want rose essence you can avoid it and add some saffron strands instead. 

Super tasty sweet/dessert is now ready!! Serve hot or chilled, either way it tastes great!!


  1. wow very tempting and juicy idli dear... i can feel the taste here... even i too not waste my idli i used to have as idli kheer...

  2. Ah thats a good subdtitute for high calori gulam jamun da divya

  3. Interesting way to use up those idlis!

  4. beautifully done.cute u r b/w click.

  5. great idea :)ll try this soon:)

  6. nice cliks.. i've hardly seen any south indian hating idlis.. :)

  7. wonderful who would hv thought to make idli ka meetha this way
    everytime i had idli left over i wud either fry them or just re steam them in oven and use it bt this is diff
    looks like gulab jamun only
    captcha can u pls remove

  8. Wow ! watta innovative idea !!!

  9. very innovative recipe...looks so good...

  10. Innovative recipe,looks tempting!!

  11. it luks like gulab jamun da.. well made :)

  12. Kudos to your innovative idea with leftovers..Absolutely delicious!!

  13. Great Idea to use left over idlys.. Superb Divya!!

  14. OMG, I'm literally craving for this dessert!! I think you should patent this recipe. I have never heard of this, but looks super delicious and the texture kinda looks crunchy and soft at the same time.
    Also rose essence is a good idea, it brings out great flavor. I will make this for sure.
    Wonderful clicks Divya!!

  15. sounds inviting and innovative...wonderful idea to use the leftover idlys..neat clicks.

  16. Fried and dipped in sugar syrup? Who can say no to this? :) innovative recipe!

  17. Innovative recipe... No need to throw away my left over idlis

  18. yummy cklicks and sounds delicious:)

  19. Such a brilliant idea da! Looks like Jamun :) sure my kids would love this..will try this low calorie idly jamun for them soon...neat n inviting pics da!

  20. Interesting recipe..looks delicious...

  21. Omg, wat an incredible idea, fantabulous sis..Kalakita po..

  22. Sweet idlis sounds interesting...looks yummy.


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