Tuesday 2 July 2013

Potato Vada | Urulaikizhangu Vadai | Vada Without Lentils

Need some easy, tasty evening snack along with your tea or coffee? then try these tasty and crispy potato vadas. But wait let me clear you something, these aren't those Batata Vadas served along with vada pav, in the Mumbai Street Side Stalls, this is a different one. Here the potato mixture is shaped into small vada or patty like and deep fried then served, it is almost similar to the masaal vada or paruppu vada preparation. But I haven't used any dal here, instead I have just used some flour for binding. These vadas are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When you have no dal or lentils to make vadas you can try this one, just take care to follow the tips I have provided to get perfect vadas. You can either serve it plain or with coconut chutney, it will taste fabulous with coconut chutney. These potato vadas makes a great tea-time snack or even an accompaniment for lemon rice, tamarind rice, curd rice or even dal rice. 


Serves 12 small vadas
Total Preparation Time - 30 minutes 
  1. Potato - 1 big sized (or 3 small sized ones)
  2. Maida / All Purpose Flour - 4 spoons 
  3. Big onions - 1 (chopped)
  4. Green chillies - 1 (chopped)
  5. Coriander leaves - A handful (chopped) 
  6. Garlic - 1 pod (peeled and chopped)
  7. Fennel seeds / Sombu - 1 tsp 
  8. Cumin seeds - 1 tsp 
  9. Salt - As per taste 
  10. Oil - For Deep Frying 


  • Pressure cook or boil potatoes until soft. I pressure cooked the potato here. For pressure cooking, chop the potatoes into medium sized cubes and then added them into a pressure cooker, pour 200 ml of water or pour water until the cubes gets immersed well. Add a pinch of salt and close the cooker, place the regulator (or whistle) and pressure cook for 20 minutes on low flame. Then remove from flame, open the cooker only after the pressure drops. If you are not comfortable with pressure cooking, then boil the potatoes in a pan until it softens up. Remove from flame, drain off excess water set aside until it cools and peel off the skin.
  • Now take the cooked potatoes and mash it well, add chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies, chopped garlic, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, maida (APF), salt and mix well. 
  • Meanwhile place a frying pan on flame, pour enough oil and wait until it heats up. 
  • Wet your palms and fingers, then pinch off small balls and flatten them in your palms. See that you make smaller ones as it will be easier to handle. Bigger shaped vadas will break easily when frying. 
  • Now slide the prepared vadas into the hot oil and deep fry the vadas on a medium flame until it turns golden brown in color. (Handle the vadas gently as it may break). Using a slotted spoon or ladle remove the vadas from oil, place on a tissue paper to remove excess oil. (See that the oil is not smoking jot or 

TIP 1: You can make patties with the same potato mixture. Just shape them into patties or cutlets and toast them on a non-stick tawa. 

TIP 2: While preparation do not add even a single drop of water.

TIP 3: See that your mixture is firm enough to make balls and flatten them, if not add some more all purpose flour. 

TIP 4: Make small shaped vadas, bigger vadas will break easily while frying. Do not keep disturbing the vada while frying, wait till one side of the vadas become brown and crispy, only then flip sides.  

Super tasty and easy vada without lentils are now ready! Serve hot with tea or coffee!!


  1. Nice crunchy vadas for the rainy day.

  2. Perfect tea time snack....

  3. wow super idea Divy... must be so delicious and appealing... enaku apdiye parcel pannu plz...

    1. Send me your address Viji, will parcel some right away :D

  4. Yennakum oru parcel, super crispy vadas, i tried almost the same with zucchini too.

  5. Super potato vada I love the way you have photographed I can see the crispiness.yum yummm..

  6. oi divy u had gone missing loads eh

    this looks yummy i make it too bt named it as just potato cutlets hehe never posted it though

  7. perfect with pav bun da really tempting..

  8. Mouthwatery potato vadai Divy dear. Yummy and crispy. A very tempting and perfect evening snack.

    today's post:

  9. Nice tea time snack... prfect for tea

  10. looks very temping n yummy.

  11. Delicious potato vada Divya.

  12. delicious and so inviting clicks dear...

  13. I don't really care what you call these, I will simply call them jhakas vadas ;p.....I want to walk into the screen and steal all of them.

  14. Looks awesome..Mouth watering!

  15. Looks great . Nice idea

  16. lovely vada's Divya.Looks exactly similar to the medhu vada's.Nice idea

  17. such a treat divya... yummm!!!

  18. Craving for these now! Perfect company for my tea :)

  19. Mouthwatering..awesome color...

  20. looks gr8. loved ur presentation :)

  21. perfect evening snack and hugs for birthday

  22. Wow! Delicious, mouth-watering and yummy recipe... Perfect for monsoons.. Thanks for sharing Divya :-)

  23. Looks yummy and lovely.. Great clicks too :)

  24. Wow...potato vada looks so so good...yummy clicks dear...Anything with aloo is our family fav, this vada is tempting me, wanna crab it from the screen :)

  25. I could have these right now! They look perfectly crispy.

  26. Super delicious snack for this monsoon..........love to grab all.

  27. OMG ur recipes & pics are so drool worthy.Glad I found ur page



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