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Paasi Paruppu Payasam | Green Gram Dal Payasam | Payatham Paruppu Payasam | Moong Dal Kheer

Hello friends, am so glad to host this month's SNC on behalf of the Southern team. Though being the founder of the event I did not get a chance to host SNC for a long time. Our SNC members where so enthusiastic in hosting each month and so I had to skip the hosting chance for almost 11 months. Yes this is SNC event number 11, and I still can't believe it that it has already been 11 successful months since I started SNC. Finally, after a long time, I've got the hosting chance!! Though I was excited about the hosting part I was definitely confused about what to prepare, and then  considering the approaching festive days planned to make a special yet easy recipe for the Northern team to relish. Finally for the challenge I picked up this South Indian traditional payasam recipe to challenge the North team. I had already posted this recipe on my blog but for the sake of SNC I have re-posted the recipe with new pictures and perfect measurements. Hope my Northern team friends would love this challenge. And a lovely host Shruti is hosting this month's challenge on behalf of the Northern team, to know what she has challenged click here. To find more about the SNC click here. Here is a very delicious South Indian kheer recipe which am sure everyone of you will love. 

Green gram dal payasam is a very sweet rich dessert, almost a porridge like preparation famous throughout the South Indian homes. Jaggery a traditional Indian sweetener, is used here, this gives a unique taste to the kheer; also jaggery has known to be a better substitute for sugar. This payasam tastes too yum and rich, but requires very few ingredients and very little effort. The delightful color that the kheer has, come from the major ingredients yellow moong dal and jaggery. Ghee adds a very pleasant flavor to the kheer, but here I have added only a little, but you can be generous with the addition of ghee. This payasam is very easy to prepare and makes a great dessert after any meal. Payasams definitely creates a festive mood, even during preparation the aroma fills the kitchen and you will definitely smell celebration in the air. This is a very easy to make dessert and am sure you will enjoy the whole process of making it. 
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Makes 5 to 6 servings 
Total Preparation Time - 20 minutes
(I have not used the standard cup here, the cup that I use has a volume of 150 ml, so to make it easy I have given the gram/ml measurements)
  1. Split green gram dal / Yellow moong dal / Paasi paruppu - 100 gram (1 cup)
  2. Raw rice/Pacharisi - 25 grams (nearly half cup or a handful; optional)
  3. Jaggery / Achu Vellam - 200 grams (nearly 5 pieces)
  4. Cashew nuts - 10 to 15 
  5. Cardamom pods - 3 (or) Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp 
  6. Grated coconut - 2 tablespoons (or) Coconut pieces - 12 small pieces (1/2 inch long)
  7. Milk - 1 cup (150 ml) 
  8. Ghee - 1 tablespoon (you can be generous here you can add another tbsp too) 


  • Wash dal and rice in water and set aside. 
  • Grind Coconut pieces and Cardamom pods coarsely and set aside. (If you are using grated coconut grind the cardamom pods alone, you can add grated coconut as it is.)

  • Take jaggery / Achu Vellam, place inside a paper and crush it into smaller pieces using a meat tenderizer or hammer. Then put in a blender or mixer grinder and grind jaggery into fine powder; set aside. 
  • In a pressure cooker add split green gram dal/moong dal/paasi paruppu, raw rice/pacharisi (rice is optional, if you do not have raw rice you can add basmati rice too)  then pour 300 ml of water, close the lid, place the whistle or regulator and pressure cook for 10 minutes on low flame.
  • Open the lid after 10 minutes or after the pressure drops. 
  • Then mash the well cooked dal, pour milk and place on flame. Stir well. (Cook on low flame)
  • This consistency will be perfect so, extra water is not necessary here, but if you feel your dal is thick even after adding milk, then add a little more water.
  • Then add the jaggery powder and stir well. Check for sweetness and add more jaggery if necessary. 
  • Add the grated coconut (or) the prepared coarse coconut mixture and stir well. Cook for a minute or 2.
  • In another pan/tadka pan add ghee, when its starts to melt add the cashews and fry till it turns brown and add it to the payasam. (Always fry cashews on low flame else it will burn quickly, and when it starts turning brown remove from flame, also see that the ghee is not smoky hot)
  • Remove from flame and serve. (As time goes the kheer will thicken, if it thickens up too much, just place on flame, add some more milk or water and stir well)

payasam with dal
TIP 1: You can increase or decrease the sweetness according to your wish. Jaggery may contain some impurities and if you are not sure about it, just add some 100 ml of water to jaggery powder and place on flame. Do not boil on high flame, we do not need any string consistencies here. When the jaggery dissolves completely strain and then pour it into the payasam. 

TIP 2: Raw rice is purely optional here, it does not make difference in the taste. 
TIP 3: You can also add chopped almonds and raisins along with cashews. 

TIP 4: Milk adds a richness and enhances the taste, but even without milk it will taste delicious, so if you want milk you can add it. If not you can replace it with water itself. 

TIP 5: The payasam/kheer should not be too thick nor too runny. 

payasam with moong dal 

Yummy Green Gram Dal Payasam is now ready it is so delicious and you will love it.

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and to know what SNC is!! click here

If you have any queries regarding the recipe please feel free to contact me anytime!!


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  19. Thanks Divya for the yummy payasam.Today I post this recipe for SNC celebration month.


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