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Refreshing Trip With Ambi Pur | A Trip To Pamban & Trivandrum | Ambi Pur Car Mini Vent Clip Review

A perfect road trip means a lot to me, I love long journeys specially with my family. Travelling refreshens up life and makes memorable moments, also makes us love and relish nature's beauty even more. Once in a while taking atleast a short tour is like refreshing your soul and body. The best trip depends upon the people you travel with, the destiny, the reason for travel, good weather and above all a good car to enjoy the drive. For the whole journey there is one thing that can make you freshen up and enjoy, none other than the car freshener. I am a person who happens to get queasy during long travels, I often pack up my back pack with loads of peppermints, some balms and definitely a lemon or some citrus fruit to get the restorative effect. Poor companions !!! At times this ruins the whole fun behind the tour, and most of the times, I even get this nausea feeling because of the car fresheners, I purely prefer citrus flavored ones but sometimes experiments are to be blamed. Me and my husband have always been a fan of car fresheners as we strongly believe that it creates a better mood while travelling. My Husband used to experiment too many scents and finally after having experienced some trouble travels with me gets citrus flavored fresheners. 

When Indiblogger provided a free sample of ambipur car freshener to review, I gladly volunteered and applied for the same. I never expected to get a free pack cause am not quite lucky with all these. But this time I got the parcel at my doorstep and I was so much awed about it. Then finally picked up and sat down to unpack the neatly wrapped package. I was half way into unpacking and I was already able to get the fragrance, I started loving it already.  Then with enthusiasm I hurriedly opened to find a cute little vent clip car freshener. It was a 2 ml light citrus flavored one, I actually chose the citrus flavor from the 5 available flavors, while applying for the free sample. Once I opened the pack I was able to get the sample fragrance of the freshener by scratching over the scented sticker on the pack. I just loved it. Then after fitting this in our car we traveled to some nearby spots and loved the freshening fragrance from it. So I could guess how it would make a long road trip a more perfect one. 

Ambi Pur Car Mini Vent Clip perfectly seated on our car vent
So after some random planning we decided for a long trip to the famous Pamban bridge located in Tamil Nadu, South India and also to Trivandrum a green-y place in Kerala. All through our journey I never felt queasy nor uncomfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey and felt that this difference was only due to the ambi pur car freshener. It was neither too strong nor very weak, but the fragrance was able to get rid of all the funky smell and made the drive a very enjoyable one. Every moment even after hours of journey I was still fresh, fresh and fresher!!!

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip Freshener Review

Let me start with the design, as it was the first thing that attracted me. The mini vent clip ambi pur car freshener has a very cute design, looks more or less like an iconic gadget. It is so small and compact that fits very well into any a/c vents. The mini clip compromises of a square shaped small container that has the perfume, with a small clip kind of, to help attach to the vent. The overall design looks very attractive. It comes in 5 different flavors such as; Thai dragon fruit, Light citrus, Light Citrus, New Zealand Spring, Sky Breeze and Lavender Comfort, that will definitely make your trip wonderful!! Each one is unique and has delectable colors!! Coming to the fragrance, I really loved the light citrus smell. It kept the whole car fresh and free from funky smell. Though our car had a huge area, the aroma from the small vent clip almost covered every corner of the car. I have used Lavender too and like its fragrance, but I prefer citrus the best for longer journeys. There was a dial which helped control the intensity of the fragrance and that turned out to make the use more comfortable.

The pack contains the instructions of how to install it in a vent!! So easy to follow and fun too!!

Here are a few pics from our travel.

Trip to Pamban, Ramanadhapuram!!!

Mandapam, is a small beautiful seashore side village situated in-between Ramanadhapuram and Rameswaram. Mandapam is my mom's native place and is one among my most favorite tour spot. The blue seas aside the village makes the view splendid!!! I always love being there, the people there are too kind too and it makes our stay more pleasant. Who will not love such a  beautiful and friendly place? Mandapam was the headquarters for the famous CMFRI until 1970 and then was shifted to Cochin, for those who are not aware, CMFRI stands for Central Marine Fisheries Institute (India). This is a Research Institute based on marine fisheries research, mariculture and marine fishery resource. As my maternal grandpa had been a fisheries staff, we still have some friends over there working in the institute. And so every time we reach there, we are permitted easily to loiter and look at the whole fisheries institute. You will definitely need a whole day to just look around, the place is well organized with different departments. There were so many multicolored fishes, different and varied species samples, that helps every researcher. You can find many many species samples there. I happened to click a few inside the fisheries and below are some pics for your views. 

At the Fisheries Aquarium

urchin 053 
puffer fish
puffer fish 2

At the Fisheries Museum; Stuffed Sea-cows, Ant-eater and Fishes

045 044 035 034 

The Sea-cow in the above pic was alive when mom was a kid. It was grown up in a large tank, she said and also included that kids used to call the Sea cow pair Raja, Rani and the interesting part is, when the kids call the sea-cows would show up!! So you can imagine the fun they must have had. Buts sadly after the sea-cow's death they stuffed it and have it for references. 

033 031 4 
Just one shelf of samples among the hundreds

The Pamban Bridge!!!

Here are some pics that I was able to capture from the famous Pamban Bridge/ Travelling over the bridge was a wonderful feel with beautiful views on the sides. The vast sea, the clear blue sky, the small boats over the sea spread and the long bridge occupied the best part of the journey. 

064 063 062 061 058 057057 056 055 054

This is a wonderful place you must not miss!! I just love this place to the core!!

Trip To Poovar, Trivandrum!! 

Our trip was like this, Trivandrum-Poovar-Kovalam-Trivandrum

When you think of Kerala all you can think of is the green nature and of-course the backwaters. When saying backwaters who can forget the boating along the the beautiful stream? The most memorable moment was when we went boating  in Poovar island, one of the best Kerala attractions. Poovar is a wonderful village which has a beautiful seashore on one side and  backwaters on the other side. The boating was through the mangroves to the island, the calm waters, beautiful green trees just stole my heart!! I clicked a few pics but then I got into enjoying the ride peacefully.  It was noon time when we went boating and on the way we were led to a hotel by the river shore, we were given a menu and we ordered for some Kerala delights sitting inside the boat. Then we left to the other side where there was a sea-shore and a small island kind off surrounded by sea water and we enjoyed there in the shallow waters looking at the small little fishies and trying to catch them with bare hands!! Silly us!! But we had some real fun, the island was so gorgeous with some beautiful green coconut tress and a beautiful water spread. Then we got into the boat again and left to the hotel which was on the way back, we had some real good food and it was a different experience for us! There were small wooden iconic cottages built on boats, that were swaying on the waters. It costs some thousands for a day's stay though a bit posh I would say, for such  nature its worth the money!! After boating we headed over to Kovalam and had some good fun there too. It was a 30 to 40 minutes travel and we enjoyed the drive all throughout with ambi pur refreshing us!! At Kovalam beach we had some gala time and reached back to the hotel. This is another wonderful place that you definitely must take a tour!! The deep blue sea, the golden sand, the greeny coconut trees, the wonderful boating along the mangroves is definitely a paradise. 

Here are some pics for your views!! 

At Poovar Boating!!

The sea shore on the other side!!


At Kovalam..


Both Trips turned out to be wonderful!! Thanks to ambipur specially for refreshing my journey!!


  1. lovely road trip divya,lovely places.nice clicks.

  2. Beautiful write up Divya.
    The air freshener pics looks so perfect, well explained.Love the complete black background pic.
    Regarding rest of the pics-I want to go home :(

  3. Omg, sis even i do share the same nausea feeling whenever we go through roads.. Ambi pur's jasmine air freshner is my favourite and we never fail to buy it..

    Such a wonderful write up, well explained road trip. Unfortunately never had a chance to visit both Pamban and kovalam, now am happy atleast seeing ur virtual clicks, very pleasant to eyes..Enjoyed thoroughly.

  4. Very very beautiful write up Divya, I love road trips. The clicks are so beautiful and stunning. Thanks a lot for sharing so much of info and the wonderful clicks with us....

  5. Beautiful review and write up Divya.

  6. Excellent review post Divya, btw, I can relate myself to this post, as my mom is also from ramanathapuram, and I too have that nauseous thing making me turn all the AC vents on my face..

  7. good review, lovely write up Divya. loved the pictures. Felt as if i have travelled with you to those places.

    best wishes

  8. Good review post divya... Nice to c ur fB profile... Suprised to know u r from Holy cross..I have so many friends from tuty who studied in Holy cross... I am from Nagercoil. My Chithi resides in tuty...

  9. OMG! What an excellent post... love the write ups... lovely places dear... n i have visited bambhan once but not kovalam... Beautifully explained the road trip dear...I love to travel long trip...:)

  10. beautiful write up aks and lovely review.hope u enjoyed the journey.

  11. Sis not sure how I missed this post, lovely review and also we use ambi pur too :) and what amazing captures... wish to go to pamban dear

  12. Wow...lovely post dear! Beautiful write up n review..thanks for sharing those wonderful captures...haven't visited any of those places till date :(
    Now after reading n seeing those pics def wanted to make trip during our next India trip!

  13. OMG .. such wonderful places in Tamilnadu .. glad you shared the bful pics.. i wld love to visit this place..

  14. great blog your recipes and travel log is really a hard work great efforts


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