Monday 14 October 2013 - Delicious Food In Few Clicks

Online shopping has definitely benefited many of us, we have all been into some kind of shopping online these days and am sure it is of greats ease. How about some food shopping? here is a website "FoodPanda" where you can order different cuisines, from different restaurants just with a few clicks. The ordering process seems simple too!! You have to just select your city, then your area, select the restaurant from which you would like to order food, select the food you need starting from appetizers to desserts, proceed to check out and your ordering part is over. There are different payment options, you can even pt for cash on delivery. 

The website gives almost all details about the restaurants, available coupons, deals and offers around your area, the cuisines available, the delivery time and even the minimum delivery amount. Doesn't that sound way much comfortable? Browsing from a single window about all the available tasty offers around and getting food served at your door step will definitely be a wonderful experience. 

You can sign up for their newsletter to get informed about all the deals, in case you don't want to miss them and even try their mobile app.

There are loads of deals on tasty food to check out weekly. You can get to know about the weekly deals by just visiting their website. 

Their services extend along some of the major cities in India. People in following cities can give a try; 
  1. Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar
  2. Bangalore 
  3. Delhi 
  4. Faridabad 
  5. Greater Noida 
  6. Gurgaon 
  7. Hyderabad 
  8. Indirapuram - Ghaziabad 
  9. Jaipur
  10. Mumbai 
  11. Noida 
  12. Panchkula -Chandigarh - Mohali 
  13. Pune 
Hope they will soon start their service in my city too so that I could try their service sometime. also works in different countries around the world, do check out their website to get to know more about them and their tasty offers!! 

With just a few simple clicks try a variety of your favorite dishes at home or at work!!


  1. very useful post :) thanks for sharing !! next time i come to india i will try and order some pizza from this site :)

  2. Heard about foodpanda .Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow..interesting post!! a great review after a long time. :)

  4. Sis last week we ordered from foodpanda like u said good serive, enna konjam 20 mins later delivery but food was like homecooked one :) we all enjoyed it a lot... we ordered during the biryani festival so buy one get one ;) we ordered for 2 biryani and got 4

  5. Nice post vch may help others who r interseted ...:)


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