Tuesday 12 November 2013

Easy Banana Ice-cream | Banana Condensed Milk Ice-cream | Banana Choco Chip Ice-cream | Without Ice-cream maker

Having some ripe bananas left out in the kitchen counter and not sure how to use it up? Then here is an easy and useful way, make the tastiest ice-cream with just two ingredients and without much effort. Yes!! You just need two ingredients; bananas and condensed milk to make this recipe, believe me but it still tastes so creamy and yum. You do not even need an ice-cream maker. This easy to make banana ice-cream will definitely be the best choice for your midnight dessert cravings. You can cut down condensed milk and make the guilt-free, sugar-free ice-cream, but condensed milk adds to the perfect taste. I have tried making the single ingredient ice-cream with just bananas and found that it caused a bitter aftertaste, so I tried the same with condensed milk and it tasted too good. Don't be scared by looking at my long description, I have just tried to be elaborate so that details do not get missed. Its super easy and tasty, so try it next time you find some leftover ripe bananas.


Serves nearly 275 grams of ice-cream
Total Preparation Time - 10 hours 
  1. Ripe Bananas - 2 (each weighed approximately 140 grams with skin on) 
  2. Condensed milk - 6 to 8 tablespoons (Sweetened) 
  3. Chocolate chips - 1 tablespoon or as required (Optional


  • Peel off the skin from the bananas. 

  • Chop them into smaller pieces and add them into a bowl. 
  • Freeze the pieces until they are half frozen. It should not be hard, but soft and thoroughly chilled. (This may take upto 2 hours or 3 hours depending on the size of the pieces; If your bananas are frozen hard then leave them outside for a while until they soften, hard frozen bananas may cause damage to your blender) 

  • Now remove from the freezer and add them to a blender. Blend well until it turns smooth and creamy. 
  • Once it turns creamy, add condensed milk and blend again for a minute or two. 
  • Remove from the blender and transfer to a container. 
  • Then add the chocolate chips (you can add chopped nuts too) and mix well with a spoon. 
  • Close the container and freeze again for 5 to 6 hours or until it turns firm. (I froze it overnight, but it gets ready in a few hours depending on the quantity)
  • Serve when needed. (Top with some honey and nuts or choco chips and serve, you can use toppings as per your wish but choco chips and honey goes fantastically well with banana ice-cream)

TIP 1: You can cut down condensed milk and chocolate chips to make the single ingredient ice-cream or Sugarless ice-cream. Also it it better for people who are on diet restrictions. 

TIP 2: You can skip condensed milk and use cream instead. You can also add cream along with condensed milk to get a nice texture. 

TIP 3: Use nice and ripe bananas to get the tastiest ice-cream. 

TIP 4: You can top with chocolate sauce optionally and even top with some roasted almonds or walnuts to the ice-cream. 

Tasty, Creamy and easy to make addictive Banana ice-cream is now ready!! Does not need much effort, so give a try whenever you crave for some creamy ice-cream!!


  1. this sounds really so easy and yum!!! should try this when i get some ripe bananas for sure...

  2. Beautiful and quick to do icecream sis :) awesome clicks personally loved the first and last one

  3. i too started making home made ice creams nowadays..yummy luking ice cream divya...nice cliks..Romantic feel.:)

  4. wow what an interesting and instant idea to make yummy ice cream... well made and superb presentation...

  5. Yummy banana icecream. So easy to make. Love the x links.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. So happy to see you back in form :) omg Ice cream looks irresistible and drool worthy treat to my eyes :) very very simple to make and delicious looking ice cream . And wow wow superb clicks ma U kalakufy :)

  7. Hummaaa.. drooling....gr8 clicks....

  8. awesome...they look super yumm!!

  9. Awesome presentation as usual Divya.The ice cream looks really easy to make.

  10. easy recipe with very nice clicks.

  11. Wow delicious banana icecream love the beautiful click...

  12. Wow simply delicious and lovely presentation.I did it once with full frozen bananas and alash i end up in nothing but simple bananas which cannot be blended .It has to be half frozen .Now i get it.

  13. wow what an easy and yummy ice cream :)

  14. Super tempting ice cream,looks so creamy and delicious,wonderful clicks as always..

  15. super tempting ice cream n really amazed looking at it...

  16. what a lovely idea.. bookmarking and trying it for sure...

    as usual, stunning clicks, Divya !

  17. fabulous. Love this. Nice clicks.

  18. A new flavour of ice cream..........i loved it. like to grab all.

  19. I tried it today but mine didn't turned out creamy... Wat went wrong? I used same measurements ... In fact I even added 2 tsp of fresh cream ... But its not looking like ice Cream.. :(

    1. That's sad Neiha.. This happens if your bananas are overripe. Did you freeze em well before blending?


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