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French fries!!! am sure no one would leave a MCDonalds or any fast food stop, without munching on these beautiful elongated crispies. French fries are one of everyone's favorites and these are so addictive. Making these at home is super easy and fun too, it just takes a very little effort and moreover home-made version is much more healthier, but obviously these cannot be had on daily basis as fried potatoes are definitely a concern to health. Consuming fried potatoes on regular basis can cause acne break out, skin problems and the major trouble 'obesity'. So just try these once in a while, preferably at home. Today I have posted a recipe that I've been following very often and just love the end result, these french fries are golden, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, because of the double frying method. I have posted the most common salted fries recipe here, do customize it with your favorite seasonings, top with different condiments, and serve with your favorite dips; mine is the ketchup and mayo what's yours? 


Serves one person
Preparation Time - 30 minutes
  1. Potatoes - 200 grams (I used one big potato that weighed 210 grams)
  2. Salt - As required (1/4 tsp appropriately)
  3. Oil - For deep frying 
  4. Cold Water / Ice Cubes - A bowlfull 


  • Wash and peel potatoes. 
  • Chop into finger sized pieces with the same thickness, or use any chopper to get uniform pieces. 
  • Now drop these in a bowl filled with cold water (or water + ice-cubes) and add little salt mix well. Set aside for 15 minutes. (Dropping in cold water helps remove starch and also while frying the potato will not stick to each other)
  • Then drain the water and pat dry the potato pieces with a clean cloth or tissue paper. (see that there is no water, else it will splutter while frying them) 
  • Now place a pan on flame and pour enough oil to deep fry the potato pieces. 
  • After it turns hot, (you should be able to feel the heat in your palm, the oil should not be cool nor smoking hot) gently slide in the potato fingers and fry them on a low flame, until it is half done. It will look pale and will be soft. It may take 4 to 5 minutes. 
  • Then remove from oil with a slotted spoon and place the half done pieces on a tissue paper. 
  • Do the same with the rest of the batches. 
  • Once done, re-fry the pieces in the same oil on a higher temperature until it turns crispy and golden. 
  • Remove from flame and place on a tissue paper. Then transfer to a bowl. 
  • While still hot sprinkle required salt and toss the bowl well so that the potato fries catch up the salt. (You can add some seasonings here according to your wish) 
  • Serve with ketchup or mayonnaise. 

TIP 1: You can also add salt to potato fingers and set aside for say 15 minutes, the potato will lose the water content. Then drain the let out water, pat dry the potato pieces and fry them, this method will also yield you crispy fries. But in this method the pieces may stick to each other while frying so stay near the pan and keep stirring occasionally. 

TIP 2: Add salt or seasonings while the chips or fries are still hot, that way it will help the chips catch the flavors easily. 

TIP 3: See that your potato fingers are uniform in thickness so that they get uniformly cooked while frying. 

TIP 4: You can also use sweet potatoes instead.

Crispy and Tasty addictive french fries are now ready!! Serve hot with ketchup or any of your favorite dip!!


  1. Looks very inviting and i want to grab the one with the sauce.

  2. Looks very crispy and delicious :)

  3. Perfectly made super crispy french fries :) looks super yummy and tempting !!

  4. nice clicks.. highly tempting.. who will say no to this.. :)

  5. wow super yumm da... drooling pictures... inviting and so tempting...

  6. French fry looks yumm. Beautiful click.

  7. Tempting french fries with lovely clicks

  8. perfectly perfect fries..awesome pictures Divya...

  9. I had been looking for this recipe for really long...thanks for sharing. The fries look just so perfect! :-)

  10. I had been looking for this recipe for really long...thanks for sharing. The fries look just so perfect! :-)

  11. oh my gudnesss this is so eye catching its 2hrs ur page is open and instead of reading im just looking at the pics and forgot to comment for so long lolz nice one ya!

  12. wow they look so awesome....nice clicks too :)

  13. wow edhu yaaru venam nu solluvangae ;-) looks so perfectly made and know what my friends and I have tried this same method to do fries when we were in college for a food fete ;-) makes me nostalgic, awesome post

  14. yeah..who will say no to this yummy and tempting perfectly made, i too have tried this method but a baked ones ;) lovely post da...kalakita :)

  15. Wao its yuum &perfectly made..nice click 😋


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