Thursday 23 January 2014

Carrot Milkshake | Carrot Shake

A simple filling milkshake would make anytime a joy. I love milkshakes as it fills the tummy in seconds and it is very easy to prepare and of course tastes heavenly. Badam shake has always topped my favorite list, you can check out the recipe here. Today I have shared another simple milkshake using carrots, those who do not wish to eat carrots raw can try this method and trick their taste buds. Even kids who make a fuss to consume vegetables in any form will relish this drink, it will be an easier way into feeding the goodness. The vanilla ice-cream, carrots combo will make a very rich and creamy drink that anyone would love for sure. This will be a filling, lip-smacking brunch time milkshake or even a snack time drink. If you do not wish to add ice-cream you can substitute it with a ripe banana and skip out sugar also. It will still taste great!! 


Serves one person
Total Preparation Time - 5 minutes 
  1. Carrot - 1 (Medium sized) 
  2. Vanilla ice-cream - 2 scoops 
  3. Milk - 200 ml (Preferably chilled) 
  4. Sugar - 1 tablespoon (optional; add according to your taste)


  • Wash carrots and scrape off the dirt. Wash again and chop into smaller pieces.
  • Blend carrots, vanilla ice-cream, milk and sugar until smooth. 
  • Pour into a tall glass and serve. 

TIP 1: Instead of Vanilla ice-cream you can also add kulfi ice cream (badam ice-cream), it will taste too good. You can also avoid ice-cream and use bananas. 

TIP 2: Do not add too much of carrots it will make the drink bit gritty. 

TIP 3: Always use chilled milk (boiled and then chilled) and skip adding ice-cubes to get a non-diluted milkshake or drink. You can even freeze the milk and use it, but check whether your blender can handle frozen milk and then proceed. 


Lip-smacking and filling Carrot milkshake is now ready!! 


  1. I am going to make it tomorrow since I have boiled carrot puree ready. It is good that you have used the raw carrot.

  2. Yummy shake dear and love the final shot

  3. Healthy milkshake, vanilla ice cream surely added more flavor to it.....yummy!!!

  4. Lovely combo looks super tempting sis and beautiful clicks love it

  5. wow that an super creamy and so delicious milk shake :) looks so tempting and irresistible !!

  6. Creamy and delicious shake....wish I could have some right now

  7. Very healthy and colorful milkshake, very beautiful clicks...

  8. Delicious Milk Shake & Very healthy...

  9. awesome presentation ...beautiful clicks Divya...

  10. Easy and delicious, and the clicks are too good..

  11. This drink looks heavenly delicious.....Very enticing pics......


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