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Corn on the cob roasted or grilled or steamed, has been almost everyone's favorite street food. Whenever you visit beach sides in Chennai you would never have missed to spot the roadside vallas roasting these corn ears in a fiery flame. The smoky roasted corn is dabbed with lemon and a hot spice mix that makes your taste-buds tickle with sizzling flavors. This is the same simple recipe, but I've used sweet corn instead of Indian corn (makka cholam) as I love it more. It is the same procedure for Indian corn too. I used the ordinary gas stove top to roast the corn and its too simple, that you have to just show the corn on direct flame and roast until the corn gets charred. This will give a nice smoky flavor and it can be done in minutes. Make note to cook the corn completely else it will be difficult for your system to digest. Though we get corn during all seasons, I've heard that the corn you get in summer tastes better, so this is the right time for you to try it too. Corn is loaded with fiber and will best suit, if you are working on your diet. This is such a guilt free, low-fat food or snack, that makes you feel full, which thereby curbs your appetite, you can confidently indulge in and be free from worrying about the extra calories. 


Total Preparation Time - 8 to 10 minutes
  1. Corn - 2 (Sweet Corn or Indian Corn) 
  2. Red chilli powder - 1 teaspoon
  3. Salt - 1 teaspoon 
  4. Lemon wedges - Few 


  • Mix red chilli powder and salt and set aside. 
  • Pull down the husk gently to the end of the corn. Do not rip the husk fully, just bring them down, this will help you hold the corn while roasting) 
  • Remove the corn hair / silk. 
  • Switch on the stove and hold the corn over medium flame. 
  • Turn corn at regular intervals and wait until it gets charred. (i.e getting burnt and seems blackish; it is not necessary to burn the corn all over, just see that it gets cooked well, as uncooked corn cause bloating and difficulty while digesting. Cooked corn will turn golden yellow) There will be some popping sound while roasting but do not worry. 
  • Once done remove from flame. (Do the same with the other corn.)
  • Dab a lemon wedge in the red chilli powder, salt mixture and rub over the roasted corn when it is still hot. (squeeze the lemon simultaneously while rubbing) 
  • Serve as such. (You can alternatively break corn into smaller pieces, insert into a wooden skewer, then dab with lemon chilli powder mix and serve; instead of serving whole) 

TIP 1: You can follow the same method to roast Indian corn (maize). 

TIP 2: You can brush some butter after roasting the corn, and sprinkle salt and use pepper powder instead. Just play with the flavors and optimize according to your wish. 

TIP 3: The husk will help you hold the corn while roasting, so do not remove it completely, just pull till the end. 

roasted corn 054

Smoky, hot, juicy roasted corn is now ready!! 


  1. Never thot f trying ths way. I always steam them. Gud effort nd thnku

  2. one of my fav from my childhood.. nice clicks

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  4. One of my fav snacks ever.....fabulous post and pictures :)

  5. what pictures, divya... awesome!!! thanks for sharing this method...

  6. My fav. snack.. looks perfect and lovely clicks.

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  9. Beautiful clicks Divya! I love corn in any form.. :)

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  11. Looks good. Childhood memories recollected...


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